Unicorns: You Will Believe

January 18, 2019
When this week's guest got married, she found herself in a lot of physical pain, which led to an out of body experience, which led to an amazing week of blatant interdimensional activity. And editing this show has led to the host... continued

ET Roundtable

January 11, 2019
When you have a man with the last name "Knight" and a man named "Excalibur," naturally, you have a roundtable. But instead of going medieval, this one goes into the heart of all high strangeness experiences. Carol Fong, Shay Trias,... continued

Ethics for Experiencers

December 20, 2018
Did host Jeremy Vaeni predict the surprising Kilauea volcanic eruption that ran from May to August 2018, back in August of 2014? Maybe he did; maybe he didn't. The importance of this uncertainty springboards us into a vast discussion of... continued

Ethics: the Missing Piece of the UFOlogical Puzzle

December 12, 2018
What starts as an apology for missing a blatant ethical issue that flew over the host's head during last week's interview ends in a call for adopting a universal code of ethics in ufology, because that's what is needed for... continued

Alien Protocols

December 6, 2018
Can a rational case be made that ufological high strangeness experiences add up to aliens? "Buddy" from Alien Protocols says yes. Further, he has set out to communicate with them and document his steps. In this episode, we walk with... continued

How Has the Visitor Experience Changed You?

November 29, 2018
Riffing on a brief conversation the host had on Twitter, Jeremy Vaeni answers the question of whether his encounters with, and research into, Visitor phenomena has made him more fully human. Can it? Is there a concrete answer to this?... continued

Hypnosis, Shamanism, Memory and Trance

November 16, 2018
The Experience returns next week. Happy Thanksgiving! Hypnosis. What is it doing? What is it not doing? What else is it like? These questions are but a few, for certified hypnosis practitioner James Hazlerig, in this episode host Jeremy Vaeni names... continued

Thad McKraken: Called to the Occult

November 8, 2018
Some people feel called to preach. Others, called to an occupation. Thad McKraken feels called to the occult. Perhaps "feels" is the wrong word to use when a shadowy being in a cloak materializes and snaps you out of your sense... continued

Ben Moss on the Lonnie Zamora Incident

November 3, 2018
Ben Moss is Chief Field Investigator for MUFON, in Virginia. He's been researching UFOs for over 20 years and is unimpressed with the evidence that aliens are behind ufological phenomena, Now, he's taking a fresh look at the classic Socorro... continued

Regan Lee: the Orange Orb

October 26, 2018
Regan Lee has had numerous experiences that would commonly fall under the "alien abduction" umbrella. But are they that? Or is something far more unexplainable puncturing her life at intervals? Why is this happening at all? Let's explore! If there... continued