Two Week Special: Abnormal Psychology and the Paranormal

December 25, 2014
This Christmas-New Year's Special will run for two weeks. You may know Bill Birnes as a UFO Hunter. What you may not know is his extensive background in abnormal psychology. Given what he knows about psychology and the human brain,... continued

Medicating the Paranormal

December 19, 2014
If ancient medicine can invite in the paranormal, can modern medicine block it out? Yes, says our guest "Lindsay" who has had her chronic sleep paralysis and nightly out of body experiences disappear as a side effect of taking antidepressants.... continued

When Two Close Encounter Witnesses Get Married, It Can Get Pretty Strange…

December 11, 2014
When two close encounter experiencers get married, do their experiences change? Does it affect how they view them? We'll get into it with "John" speaking on behalf of his wife and himself. But first... John shares one of the most... continued

The Experience – A Lesson In Hierarchy

December 4, 2014
Some Visitor experiences are like zip files: small and unassuming on the outside, but packed with information. On this edition of The Experience we will hear such a story that changed the experiencer's life... and may change your outlook on... continued

Is the Visitor Experience Evolving?

November 26, 2014
Suzanne Chancellor is a lifelong experiencer whose frightening encounters recently took a turn toward the positive. Now, she's asking other lifelong experiencers if the experience has evolved for them as well. Is there a pattern here? It seems from many... continued

Should We Let Them In?

November 20, 2014
You've probably heard it said--or experienced firsthand--that we can invite Visitor phenomena into our lives. But should we? Is it wise to open the door to the unknown? This is the conversation I expected to have with Karen Cavalli, author... continued

The Visitors and the Dead

November 13, 2014
Is there a link between visitors and the dead? Is there a biological link between the experiencer and visitor phenomena? These are the questions taken up by guest Rob MacGregor. His new book Bump In The Night: Ghosts, Spirits and... continued

Myth and Reality in Hawall

November 6, 2014
The Big Island of Hawaii has been in the news lately for its creeping lava flow. But lava isn't the only thing creeping around this magical, haunted land. Faerie-like Menehune, a ghostly royal guard of Night Marchers, and the volcano... continued

The Experience Premiere: Joe Gooch

October 30, 2014
A message from Whitley Strieber: "I would like to welcome Jeremy Vaeni and his new show, the Experience. The purpose of the program is to explore the close encounter experience and everything connected with it, from the lore surrounding it... continued