Whitley Strieber Interviews Dr. John Mack

March 29, 2013
On November 14, 1999, Whitley Strieber interviewed Dr. John Mack for Dreamland. Prior to this presentation of that program, Whitley has added a discussion of his friendship with Dr. Mack and his support of him during the terrible time when... continued

Dr. Brian O’Leary Discusses the Mars Face and Tells of His Experience at the Strieber Cabin

November 24, 2011
In this vintage Dreamland from 2001, Dr. Brian O'Leary, who conducted the only analysis of the Face on Mars that was published in a scientific journal tells the story of what he and his colleague Dr. Mark Carlotto discovered. He... continued

Ruins, Caves and Tunnels

November 10, 2011
An absolutely terrific show from 2001 entitled Ruins, Caves and Tunnels. On it, David Hatcher Childress describes actually walking mysterious tunnels under the Andes, Konstantinos and two witnesses describe the results of an internet seance. Linda Moulton Howe reports on... continued

Vintage Dreamland: 2002 Crop Circle Special

December 7, 2002
In honor of our visit from the Sherwoods and the start of what promises to be a spectacular crop circle season, we revisit Dreamland's crop circle special from December 7, 2002. No 800 numbers, advertising or special offers in this... continued

Vintage Dreamland: 2002 Andrew Collins

November 23, 2002
a GREAT vintage Dreamland--Andrew Collins's first show, 11/23/2002 that made him a true Dreamland star and one of our most popular guests! Amazing information, still as fresh as tomorrow read more continued

Vintage Dreamland: Jose Arguelles, 09/21/2002

September 21, 2002
Listen as Whitley interviews one of the pioneers of harmonic convergence, Jose Arguelles. (This archived program is available for listening to Unknowncountry subscribers. If you wish to subscribe, click here. If you are a subscriber, log in to listen.) read... continued

Vintage Dreamland: Halloween Special 10/27/2001

October 27, 2001
This vintage Dreamland is an all-time classic! It is one of the eeriest discussions of monsters than you will ever hear. read more continued

Vintage Dreamland: Lost Science of the Soul 10/20/2001

October 20, 2001
For our subscribers, a special treat: an all-time classic Dreamland from October 20, 2001 on the lost science of the soul. This early William Henry interview remains one of the most important Dreamlands ever broadcast. In it, William explores for... continued

Vintage Dreamland: Paul LaViolette on Galactic Signaling. 7/28/2001

July 28, 2001
Dr. Paul La Violette believes that pulsars-- rapidly pulsating stars that are scattered across the universe- -may not be natural objects at all, but rather communications beacons created by unimaginably powerful extraterrestrial worlds.Dr. La Violette's website is Etheric.com read more continued

Vintage Dreamland: Colin Wilson, 4/01/2001

April 1, 2001
Riveting information from the early days of crop circle research. Colin Wilson at his fascinating best. read more continued