Ed Conroy and The Report on Communion: The Facts Behind the Most Controversial True Story of Our Time (Part 1)

April 5, 2021
Ed Conroy joins us in this fascinating discussion on his book of investigative journalism: Report on Communion.  New Observations and Ed discuss how he came to research and interview numerous subjects on Whitley Strieber's life and ET experiences as well... continued

Our Exopolitical Future: A Conversation with Alfred Lambremont Webre

March 29, 2021
New Observations welcomes Alfred Lambremont Webre to the podcast as we have entered into a positive timeline for our future. They discuss Alfred's new project, the Living Project for a New Earth. More and more people are waking up and... continued

The Shaman Next Door

March 15, 2021
New Observations is delighted to have photographer and filmmaker Phil Borges to our podcast this week.  Mia Feroleto first watched his TED Talk, several years ago and has watched it five or six times since.  Phil's work rang a bell... continued

The Cards Never Lie

March 8, 2021
New Observations welcomes acclaimed tarot reader Mark Van Sickle to their podcast.  Mark discusses his life and experience along with the history of tarot.  Mark then does a reading on our current situation in America and, card by card, discusses... continued

Lucinda Laughing Eagle Comes Home to Her Soul Group and Receives her Name in the Process

March 1, 2021
New Observations Magazine is delighted to present the life and work of Lucinda Laughing Eagle Morel, a shamanic practitioner and multi-dimensional healer whose life includes contact with ETs, animal mutilation, and how she found her "tribe" or soul group.  Her... continued

A Monk Trades the Windy City for a Monastery in the Mountains of Virginia

February 22, 2021
Dennis O'Neill spent decades as a community organizer in the city of Chicago, working with people of all colors to build a better life.  His spiritual journey led him to the Forest Dhamma Monastery in Virginia where he has lived... continued

A Warrior for a Warrior

February 15, 2021
Paulette Dauteuil is the former director and now co-director of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.  She has spent her life as an activist and has played an important role in Lakota society as one of the leaders to free... continued

Space Rider Ati Maier

December 15, 2020
New Observations is delighted to share the life and work of German artist and filmmaker Ati Maier.  In this interview we focus on her series of four short films from the Space Rider Series, where her alter-ego character the Space... continued

The Wisdom of Sophia

November 27, 2020
With a current exhibition at the Brattleboro Art Museum in Brattleboro, Vermont, Rachel Portesi discusses with Mia Feroleto the Divine Feminine and the role of the woman artist post Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo and Jeffrey Epstein.  Her stunning photographs portray the... continued

COVID, Creativity and Consciousness: The Inspired Struggle of Daniel Rothbart

November 16, 2020
Sculptor Daniel Rothbart and his wife fled Manhattan early in the year to avoid exposure to the COVID virus.  His work has been seen internationally and combines an interesting combination of spirituality, ET imagery, and whimsey.  Rather than keep the... continued