Elana Freeland’s Alternative Vision: Chemtrails, Nanotechnology, the California Fires and COVID

October 12, 2020
Elana Freeland researches and writes on Deep State issues like geoengineering, MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons (Nexus, October 2014). She is best known for Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (Feral House, June 2014) and Under An Ionized... continued

Hemp Farming and the Spirituality of the Hemp Movement

October 5, 2020
Doug Fine's newest book, "American Hemp Farmer" is Amazon's #1 new release in agriculture.  Mia and Doug discuss the industrial hemp movement after 70 years of being banned in the U.S. and the spiritual dimensions of cannabis while hemp and... continued

Sev Tok’s Brilliant Response to Her Abduction Experience

September 15, 2020
Author of "You Have the Right to Talk to Aliens," Sev Tok brings her observations from the Consciousness and Contact event in Wasta, South Dakota to our listeners as well as her life experiences and advice for manifesting and letting... continued

James Tunney and the Mystery of the Trapped Light

September 7, 2020
James Tunney is a searcher and an evangelist for a new approach to life, the spirit and the mystical world.  In this powerful interview, he shares with Mia and with us his thoughts about how we can escape from the... continued

Master Dowser and Earth Geometrician Peter Champoux

August 31, 2020
Peter Champoux attributes the knowledge he brings to fore the result of consciously splitting rock into stone in a 25 year career as a classical stone mason. Working the rock of Massachusetts he saw the angle in rock fracture matched its river... continued

The Woman Beside the Man

August 22, 2020
New Observations has the privilege of presenting an interview with Paula Looking Horse, wife of Chief Arvol Looking Horse and partner in the work of bringing the White Buffalo Calf Woman teachings to the world.  Paula and Chief Arvol joined... continued

Consciousness and Contact 2020: An Amazing Conference, an Amazing Discussion

August 17, 2020
Consciousness and Contact 2020 was a very special conference. This week, Mia Feroleto and 3 more participants discuss their often extraordinary experiences! New Observations is delighted to present this discussion with three additional attendees. This discussion includes Siri Dana, Desiree... continued

Consciousness and Contact 2020: Attendees Discuss Their Discoveries

August 9, 2020
New Observations is delighted to present this discussion with four attendees from the conference on Consciousness and Contact from July 23rd through the 27th, 2020 in Wasta, South Dakota.  Due to the virus, several of our speakers were replaced at... continued

Ray Grasse Astrology and Our LIves

August 4, 2020
Ray Grasse is a Chicago-based writer, musician, photographer, and astrologer. He worked for ten years on the editorial staffs of Quest Books and The Quest magazine, and has been associate editor for The Mountain Astrologer magazine since 1998. He received... continued

Meet the Therapist Who Met the Hybrids

July 9, 2020
New Observations is delighted to welcome Barbara Lamb to our podcast.  Barbara is recognized around the world for her extensive work with ET/Human hybrids and bringing forth necessary information on the benefits of peaceful interaction with beings from other dimensions.... continued