Debra Jordan-Kauble, a Life of Extraordinary Contact

July 28, 2021
Debra Jordan-Kauble is the author of Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond Intruders. This remarkable book goes far beyond the headlines and clickbait in this new era of UFO reporting. This book is her journey, and it plays out as remarkably hopeful.... continued

Yvonne Smith Explores Hypnosis and Healing

June 9, 2021
Mike Clelland's Unseen Podcast: Certified hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith explores the hidden memories of close encounter witnesses. She has been working with experiencers for over 30 years. Her work began with a focus on PTSD, and this soon overlapped with the... continued

Richard Dolan and The Alien Agendas

April 19, 2021
Richard Dolan is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State. And also UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, an overview of the entire subject and all its complexities.  His most recent book, Alien Agendas is... continued

Joshua Cutchin and the Overlap of Experiences

March 15, 2021
Joshua Cutchin is a bold and thoughtful author, and he joins Mike to explore UFO contact and its strange connection to a long list of of seemingly unrelated experiences—things like remote viewing, shamanic journeys, OBEs, NDEs, the faerie realm, bigfoot and... continued

Susan Demeter and the Role of the Cosmic Witch

February 21, 2021
Susan Demeter has had lifelong paranormal experiences with what she refers to as Cosmic Forces, and this includes UFOs. She is a Canadian-born author, scholar, and artist.  She is also a practicing witch! And the focus of this conversation is... continued

Laura London, UFOs, and Carl Gustav Jung

January 19, 2021
Laura London is the host of Speaking of Jung, and this remarkable podcast series explores the life and work of Carl Gustav Jung. Each episode features in-depth discussions with certified Jungian analysts, and there is a remarkable depth to these... continued

Shanelle Schanz, granddaughter of Kenneth Arnold

October 28, 2020
Shanelle Schanz is the granddaughter of Kenneth Arnold, the man who unwittingly coined the term flying saucer. He saw nine silvery objects in the sky on June 24, 1947. This happened while flying alone in his private plane near Mount... continued

James Fox, The Phenomenon, and the Tipping Point

October 21, 2020
Director James Fox’s explosive new documentary is being hailed as the most persuasive and revealing film ever made about UFOs. The film includes never-before-seen testimony from high-ranking government and military officials, NASA Astronauts, and Senator Harry Reid.    Dr. Jacques Vallee says... continued

Jennifer Sodini and the Role of the Healer

October 13, 2020
Jennifer Sodini is an oracle card reader and healer. She has also had a series of profound UFO experiences. In this episode, she describes her own deep immersion into spiritual practices and tradition, and its connection to her healing work.... continued

Audiobook Excerpt from THE MESSENGERS

October 7, 2020
Author Richard Dolan said this about The Messengers:  “I would characterize very few UFO books as beautiful, but this one is.” The owl has held a place of reverence and mystique throughout history. And as strange as this might seem,... continued