When Whitley Strieber had his cabin in upstate New York, he often had groups of friends up to see if it would be possible for them to encounter the visitors. On many occassions, extraordinary events took place.

One such event occurred in the Autumn of 1988. The Striebers’ friends Raven Dana and Lorie Barnes had been staying at the cabin, and were awakened in the middle of the night, confronted by the physical presence of the visitors. The events are described in Strieber’s book Breakthrough, and are the subject of a Dreamland special. (This special is not in our archive, which was started in 2004. It is from prior to that date.)

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This is the cabin where Whitley Strieber experienced the December 26, 1985 close encounter that led to the writing of Communion and the long series of encounters and interactions with unknown beings that resulted in the further books Transformation and Breakthrough. The cabin is near Kingston, New York, and is situated in an area where there is a great deal of underground iron.

It was from this bed that Whitley was taken at approximately three in the morning of the 26th. He has never been certain what happened, except that the experience was far more vivid than any dream.

This circle of stones was built at the spot where Whitley’s encounters first started. The circle of stones were later moved, due to vandalism.

This is the living room. In Transformation, Whitley related that he had taken one of his cats with him during an encounter situation, “for a reality test.” He took the cat from the back of this couch.

The ‘cabin group’ having dinner together. Raven Dana, Lorie Barnes and a number of others are present. Most of these people were friends of Whitley and Anne’s before the Communion experience. Many of the people at that table had close encounters at the cabin.

This is Raven Dana the morning after her encounter at the cabin. Her eyes are still swollen from her allergic reaction.

Raven is writing an account of her experience.

Lorie Barnes on the morning after her encounter.


  1. Hello, I thought about contacting you for over 20 years now. I have had an experience with a UFO who followed me home every night. I decided to bring my friend home one night to tell her about these and see if they would come. They did! She was scared to death! Also while I lived in this house these UFO’s have come down very quickly…..the house went dark without electricity….also we followed them around our neighborhood and was lead into a remote area. We did not go. There are many other things that happened that are so extraordinary. My boyfriend (a podiatry student at the time) thought I was crazy. After we separated..he told me he went to a site where he knew that what I told him was true. He always said I was nuts and then all of a sudden he called me after he married his student to tell me he knew that I was right all along. I had an encounter with the UFO in the 70’s….all I had to do was will it to come to me…It did! I was so scared! It came above me right in front of my house….It was the color of silver or gray and it went over my head…and disappeared overhead into the sky. Also I had many other experiences…my younger brother and sister with me….We opened the front door and these things were in the cul de sac across the street from us….I willed them down. My little sister was with me and they started darting down like in a snap…a light year…so totally crazy! My sister said shut the front door. When we did….the lights went out in our home. I have suffered other events. Like men in black driving next to me in cars when I moved away from this area and into NY. They followed. So many stories. I should have written a book by now. You are the only person who can help me….Perhaps you can consider emailing me or calling me. I want to write my story.

  2. Does any of these comments go to Whitley at all? Just wondering. I read of of his books and I was scared to death to go to sleep. Because of my encounters I suffered from thyroid and heart problems and I know it was from these experiences. Every November I look in the skies and wonder if they are there. I think now because I am older they do not need me. My younger sister suffers from experiences when she was young….Indians in her bedroom. Being lifted in her bed. I think she was a victim of these extraterrestrials. I did not give in to them but I think she did. I have alot of info that would be helpful. And perhaps a new book for you. Real live information. My ex would even confirm this even though we have been separated for over 25 years. I need to contact you and talk to you!

  3. Mr. Strieber, I am re-reading Communion, 1st reading was back with Art Bell. The one item I’ve noticed is that all the people you’ve described as adbucted or taken have been people of talent/intelligence and of a passive nature. That’s not a critializem. What I don’t read is of people who taken have an aggressive personality, ie: military soldiers, athlete persons, people who are strong willed leaders. Have you found this to be otherwise? Could the “hive mind” be unable to handle this aggressive nature or perhaps fear it or just interested because “they” know nothing woiuld be productive. Very interesting, No? Also regarding your climate change interest. I am sure you have noticed the geoenginnering spraying in our skies and a daily bases. I’ve witnessed this for over 10 years. No one knows what is sprayed, why or be who and no, it’s not contrails, these streams last hours depending on the high altitude winds. I’v counted 27 trails over the
    sacramento, Ca valley in one day, in all directions and crisscrossing, north, south, east and west. These trails go from horizon to horizon. Perhaps you would go to geoengineeringwatch.org, maybe offer an opinion? Thank you for sharing your talent as an author. Best always, Sharon/Elk Grove, Ca.

  4. I recently heard you do the sensing exercise but cannot find the right episode. Can you send a link?
    Thank you!

  5. Hi Whitley, I have been following you since Communion was published, but my interest in strange phenomena dates back to the early 70’s. I’ve read most of your books and in the nineties I was a subscriber to the Communion letters. However, I just subscribed to the website for the first time today. Please don’t be offended but I intermittently question whether you are a charlatan. Or perhaps it’s that I hope you’re a charlatan. Then I wonder – why would he do this? Why would he reveal such painful events to the detriment of his life and career?
    Anyway, I just want to tell you that if I could pick 5 people from history to have dinner with you would be one of them.
    Although I’m trained in a field that demands adherence to proven facts and honest observation I’m also intuitive. So I’m fascinated and I want to explore. You may find these comments pointless or mundane but I felt compelled to write you. Hopefully I can shake my apprehension, fears and skepticism, and pursue something that just seems to ring true.
    I have some black pages in my book of life. After one of my worst face plants I got myself straightened out and a mentor asked what I thought of myself. I wrote him this:
    Grateful for the opportunities
    Even when I fell
    Learned my lessons and I didn’t go to hell
    In the end I’ll find my place
    A steaming pile of bones with a grin on it’s face
    Honest, unselfish, of service to others
    I found some integrity and I won’t run for cover.

    I know I’m taking a chance and probably sound wacky to your subscribers (forgive me) but I’d like to know directly from you… Any recommendations on next steps for someone like me?

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