Roswell, Rendlesham, Gulf Breeze, The Phoenix Lights, AATIP…. What’s left to ask? A lot. Let’s get to it with The Grays Have Been Framed author and ufological reporter, Jack Brewer.
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  1. I highly recommend Jack’s blog, and also following him on Twitter. He is that very rare voice of reason in a field that that often has no sense of logic or reason, whatever direction it takes. Plus, he seems like a nice guy who also has a conscience about the topic and how to treat ‘experiencers’. Thanks for having him back, Jeremy—and to you for being back with ‘The Experience’! Your level-headed style of quirkiness has been missed. 🙂

  2. Author

    I ordered his book. It’s a new voice for me. I found the interview excellent and fun. Jeremy’s lovely, light touch–in depth!

    1. I hope the book meets your expectations, Mr. Strieber. Thank you for your interest.

  3. Excellent show, Jeremy! I am new to this subject so have a lot of listening and reading ahead of me.

  4. Thanks for the supportive comments, folks. I’m glad you find the episode a worthy listen.

    And thanks, Jeremy, for inviting me. Always a pleasure.

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