Six cattle have been found mutilated across three counties about 98 miles (158 kilometers) north of Houston, Texas, over the month of April, with each body featuring textbook cattle mutilation injuries, such as precision cuts, removed tongues, a bloodless carcass and indications that the bodies were dropped from the air. On April 19, the Madison County Sheriff’sread more

Canada’s top scientist has launched a study aimed at evaluating who is collecting UFO information in Canada, how they are collecting the information and what analysis is being performed on the gathered data, according to a document obtained by a major Canadian news outlet. This study, the results of whichread more

A last-minute amendment to this year’s National Defense Authorization Act could force the Pentagon to uncover previously undisclosed documents regarding UFOs that may have been filed away for decades. The Act directs the Department of Defense to review all available records on UAP (now referred to as unidentified anomalous phenomena) datingread more