Whitley describes the sensing exercise as he has been using it since 1970, and which unexpectedly opened up the contact experience to him. He offers a brief history of its origin in Tantric Yoga, then describes his experience with it, briefly reminds listeners of why it works to facilitate contactread more

Yorkshireman Paul Sinclair is back with us on Dreamland, fresh from more adventures in the extreme high strangeness regions of east and north Yorkshire. Join us on a journey along foggy cliffs and down into haunted tunnels beneath an “abandoned” RAF base where Satanic symbols cover the walls. UFOs biggerread more

One of the most extraordinary events at the Dreamland Festival each year is Whitley Strieber’s meditation, and this year he presented one of the most powerful that any of us have ever experienced, guided by him or anybody else. Listen as Whitley reproduces this marvelous mediation, and you, also, can experience its great power and deep peace.

From Whitley:"No two meditations are ever the identical, but I will approximate what I did at the festival. The effect will be the same."