This week on Jeremy Vaeni’s The Experience: Shawn, our guest on the first episode back from hiatus, told us about a group of people who have come together to hone their psychic ability to teleport. He mentioned someone in the group with far more experiences than he. This week? She joins us! 
Get ready to find out that superheroes are real!
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  1. I appreciate what her group is doing. There is something about the human mind — we have to see the impossible done to believe it CAN be done. Like breaking the four minute mile, or climbing Everest. Things are only impossible because we’ve been taught they are. Someone has to teach us otherwise.

    After all, these so-called “superpowers” are just us returning to our natural state.

  2. I’m a member of the public Facebook group that’s discussed in this show, and I’ve learned a lot from it so far. While listening, I thought about the old Disney movie, “Escape To Witch Mountain”, and the “normal” people who wanted to harness the kids’ superpowers for their own use. Proceed with caution! Enjoyed the show!

  3. It’s not known to the general public, but the transgender cohort has a very high degree of genetic variation – mutation – and has some other characteristics worth investigating. For example, based on reading the comments from the 15,000 person user base in the Male to Female Hormone Group. I put the average IQ of the posters up around 125-130. If true, there are either a lot more transwomen out there than we suspect, or transgenderism is comorbid with high intelligence. There also seem to be too many Autodidact Polymath Geniuses out there in the brush; I’m betting on the comorbidity.

  4. I’m having trouble expressing how incredible that interview was.

    One thing that really rang a bell with me, was the mention of hearing conversations just before sleep. It’s a strange one – the more tired I am, the more I can hear it, generally. Years ago, when I was in the worst throws of OCD, before I’d figured out what it was, I was in an incredibly stressful state – I remember lying in bed being able to ‘hear’ what sounded like thousands of voices overlaid on top of one another. Every now and again a conversation would bubble to the surface and I could hear it really clearly – about all sorts of random things…and none of them sounded like me, some Male. some Female. None of the ones I heard were from children – all adults. If that was my own consciousness, then…well, I have no idea what is going on in there.

  5. “Oh yeah my brother can levitate” But he hasn’t bothered doing it for about 20yrs. What has been doing that’s more impressive than that for the last two decades?!! That made me laugh.

    1. Love this! I’ve asked him the same thing. He’s pretty amazing, hoping to persuade him into talking with Jeremy.

    1. You’re welcome. Next week… Winter is coming. The elusive woman behind the group steps out of the shadows. (Or something less dramatic!)

  6. Jeremy, thank you for coming back and bringing into wider light such an extremely interesting guest and topic! I really look forward to hearing the interview with Winter, and hopefully Victoria’s brother too.

    One criticism:

    How could you not ask her “How she does it” my guy, Jeremy Vaeni!?

    From pushing play and onward I listened eagerly through the show waiting, and waiting, for you to ask her the “How” question.

    At around 38 mins in you started to ask how did you develop it, but the question quickly blended into a focus if she ever had any fear developing these abilities. And the question if she’s ever had fear over these things is what she answered.

    Outside of you, for years I’ve been frustrated how with any kind of psychic phenomenon experiencer interview that there’s no real serious investigation, examination, or curiosity to flesh-out:

    “So what are you doing in your mind when you make this happen?”

    Maybe more than any other kind of paranormal topic I’ve been fascinated for years by these rare stories of teleportation. I so deeply want to know more about how a person occasions such a thing.

    But Jeremy, I enjoyed the interview! Awesome guest! And I’m glad you’re back!

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