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The Unseen

  • Shanelle Schanz, granddaughter of Kenneth Arnold
    October 28, 2020
    Shanelle Schanz is the granddaughter of Kenneth Arnold, the man who unwittingly coined the term flying saucer. He saw nine silvery objects in the sky on June 24, 1947. This happened while flying alone in his private plane near Mount Rainier in Washington state. While certainly not the first sighting of its kind, it was ... continued
  • James Fox, The Phenomenon, and the Tipping Point
    October 21, 2020
    Director James Fox’s explosive new documentary is being hailed as the most persuasive and revealing film ever made about UFOs. The film includes never-before-seen testimony from high-ranking government and military officials, NASA Astronauts, and Senator Harry Reid.    Dr. Jacques Vallee says this about The Phenomenon: “Seventy years of secrecy has led to this. The most credible documentary ever ... continued
  • Jennifer Sodini and the Role of the Healer
    October 13, 2020
    Jennifer Sodini is an oracle card reader and healer. She has also had a series of profound UFO experiences. In this episode, she describes her own deep immersion into spiritual practices and tradition, and its connection to her healing work. She’s also had a lot of profound mystical experiences. Jeniffer, in partnership with artist Natalee Miller, ... continued

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New Observations

  • The Wisdom of Sophia
    November 27, 2020
    With a current exhibition at the Brattleboro Art Museum in Brattleboro, Vermont, Rachel Portesi discusses with Mia Feroleto the Divine Feminine and the role of the woman artist post Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo and Jeffrey Epstein.  Her stunning photographs portray the Gaia Sophia wisdom and beauty within each woman and how she has fared during the ... continued
  • COVID, Creativity and Consciousness: The Inspired Struggle of Daniel Rothbart
    November 16, 2020
    Sculptor Daniel Rothbart and his wife fled Manhattan early in the year to avoid exposure to the COVID virus.  His work has been seen internationally and combines an interesting combination of spirituality, ET imagery, and whimsey.  Rather than keep the opportunity of creating a work of art alone near his home in the Hudson River ... continued
  • COVID, Creativity and Consciousness: Leah Poller’s Journey as a Sculptor
    November 23, 2020
    As a way of exploring how the COVID virus has impacted creativity and consciousness, New Observations podcast is interviewing a series of visuals arts to discuss how their own art has been impacted since the beginning of the year when the virus first hit the East Coast.    Sculptor Leah Poller lives in Harlem and was greatly ... continued

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The Experience

  • The Story of Toe
    November 24, 2020
    Aloha, Listeners! Jeremy Vaeni here. The Experience is off this week but will return next week. If I’m not mistaken, though, the episode of Dreamland I recorded with Whitley will air this week. It focuses on my new book, I Am To Tell You This And I Am To Tell You It Is Fiction, which is ... continued
  • Hauntings And Hallucinations In Hawaii
    November 17, 2020
    Hawaii Island is a land of great spirit and mystery. Some people experience that spirit and mystery abstractly and for some, it is in their faces. Meet “Isabella.” She experiences Hawaii both ways. We will speak with her briefly. Then, microbiologist Tyler Kokjohn joins us to talk about what we just heard from “Isabella” before host Jeremy ... continued
  • Teleportation, Future and Past Viewing–The Humans They are A-Changin’: Superheroes are Real!
    November 10, 2020
    This week on Jeremy Vaeni’s The Experience: Shawn, our guest on the first episode back from hiatus, told us about a group of people who have come together to hone their psychic ability to teleport. He mentioned someone in the group with far more experiences than he. This week? She joins us!    Get ready to find ... continued

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  • The Endangered Secrets of the Yazidis
    August 14, 2014
    In today’s Revelations William considers the strange connection between the Yazidis of Iraq, the Peacock Angel, the death of Robin Williams, Mork from Ork, ancient aliens and Don Juan’s teaching on the predators who rule our world, the flyers and the Shining Coat. The Yazidis are among the oldest religious groups in the world, if ... continued
  • Esoteric Mysteries of George Washington
    August 7, 2014
    Was George Washington really an ascended being? Is facilitating ascension the true spiritual purpose of America? If so, what has happened to this version of the American Dream? In today’s Revelations, William discusses some of the amazing beliefs about George Washington. Then, he gives a preview of his upcoming talk at the Conference for Consciousness and Human ... continued
  • Are 10,000 Year Old Cave Paintings Evidence of Ancient Aliens?
    July 24, 2014
    Today, William Henry comments on the amazing report of possibly 10,000 year old cave drawings of gold-robed beings. Are they ets? Angels? Is this more evidence that ancient humans interacted with extraterrestrial beings? Focusing on the golden robes of these beings, he compares them to the accounts of the Anunnaki of Sumerian myth, who also ... continued

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Mysterious Powers

  • Mysterious Powers: Paul Elter’s NDE
    May 20, 2005
    Mysterious Powers returns with TV news reporter and politician Paul Elter telling the story of his near death experience during a hockey game, and the subsequent opening of a psychic door that has transformed his life. This inspiring story of hope will thrill and amaze you, as near-death experiencer Anne Strieber interviews near-death experiencer ... continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Atlantis Rising
    April 29, 2005
    Atlantis Rising is one of the best and most popular ‘edge’ publications in the world, and now its founder and editor, Doug Kenyon, sits down for a chat with Anne Strieber. Doug covers extraterrestrial intervention, prehistoric technologies, and the suppressed origins of civilization in a fascinating new book of the best of Atlantis Rising. ... continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Steven Sora
    April 15, 2005
    Steven Sora tells us all about relics, from the Ark of the Covenant to the Shroud of Turin. Which are real and which are fakes? Join Anne and Steven on a truly mind opening–and mind-bending–journey into the past. continued

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