“It Will Come Upon Them Unaware”

September 23, 2023
I am in Barcelona for a conference, and as Spain is among the areas hardest hit by climate-change induced drought, I have been reflecting on the situation that we face. The Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East and the American Southwest... continued

UPDATE SATURDAY AUGUST 19: An Ungodly Terror in My Life and Kristin Gillibrand

August 17, 2023
UPDATE as of August 19,2023: I now have a powerful lawyer who is a well-known litigator. He has reviewed the situation and taken appropriate action. He confirmed that Audible is in breach of contract with me. He explained that there... continued

A Season in Climate Hell–Must it Get Worse?

July 17, 2023
As I write this, a massive heat wave stretches across the western three-quarters of the United States, forest fires rage in central Canada, a major flooding event is striking the U.S. Northeast and southern and central Europe are enduring unprecedented... continued

So What Happens to the Close Encounter Community?

June 6, 2023
Now that the fact that the US government has been studying intact UFOs and materials for 80 years has been revealed, what happens next? There is a gigantic social issue involved: they have been lying to everybody, including our most... continued

Thoughts on the Travel Channel Special on My Life

September 5, 2022
A 90 minute show about my life is airing on the Travel Channel. It is also available for streaming on Discovery+. Over the years, there have been a number of attempts to do documentaries like this, but this is the... continued

Climate Watch: What Can We Do to Save our World? (Hint: It’s not Hard or Expensive and We can do It Right Now)

July 24, 2022
I have updated Climate Watch, and I am publishing part of the update here because it departs significantly from previous updates in that includes practical ideas that can be used right now to make significant and useful changes that will... continued

And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

July 13, 2022
Over the past few months, I have been working on the new edition of Communion, and now on my next book. Thus the long silence here. So much has changed! Time seems to be racing, slipping and sliding, leaving great... continued

We Can Do This!

March 27, 2022
Both poles are overheating in unexpected ways, inflation is rising across the world, a senseless war rages in Eastern Europe, food shortages threaten in the Middle East, catastrophic droughts appear to have become permanent climactic features in many parts of... continued

Russia Dreams and Fears

March 12, 2022
It is late at night and I am full of dreams. I travel the vast labyrinth of the mind, these days inevitably to Russia. I live in a world which has no history, and so is ruled by a secret... continued

Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and Russia and Ukraine

March 7, 2022
I think freedom loving people around the world, including most trapped in Vladimir Putin's atrocious dictatorship, have been appalled by his sending the Russian army into Ukraine. I have also been horrified to see certain elements of the American body... continued