In this final episode of the regularly-scheduled edition of The Experience, experiencer and professionally-trained hypnotherapist Diana King joins us to talk about the Visitor phenomena in her life. This is the all around perfect episode to go out on as it touches on most of the themes brought up on the show through the years. Plus, we make a little news with an exclusive true story involving Rod Serling! 

The Experience is NOT gone. It will return on an irregular basis.

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  1. Diana King, it feels like you have balanced your life well but have only shared bits and pieces of many more experiences. I am looking forward to a round table discussion with you included and to hear more about your life.

    Jeremy do not forget about us here at UNKNOWNCOUNTRY……..

    ” The Experience is NOT gone. It will return on an irregular basis.”

    1. I’ve had a person already ask to be part of a roundtable with her, so perhaps this will happen sooner than later.

  2. Jeremy will be interviewing me on dreamland shortly about a new world. He can’t leave his sight. And chose him in the first place and confirmed that at Esalen a couple of years ago Dash after she had died!

    I’ll put more details in a journal entry soon.

  3. I liked the aboriginal idea about “dreaming into reality” kind of thought. The “dream” interacting with us.
    what if ….
    there is a metal ring at the center of all with ropes attached to it. Every living being has their own rope to pull on. Thats what its like manifesting AND… at some point all our “realities” overlap into some kinda soup. How about that?
    And then theres that guy outside reality, the universe and all, looking thru his microscope at us. Lets test these bacteria and see their reaction.
    I’ll be listening for ya Jeremy. Great interview. Had to listen more than once to gather the, for me, the complex stuff. Im closer to Jack burton than I am Enstien.

    1. Glad you cared enough to listen twice! Not sure if this was featured in a Dreamland Newsletter. If not, many probably haven’t listened once.

  4. Excellent show! Definitely worth a 2nd listen! I really like your guest.

  5. I liked the sound of Ms. King’s voice and her enthusiasm came through. Unfortunately I couldn’t hear most of her words clearly. Maybe she was on a cell phone. I was using headphones and heard Jeremy very clearly.

  6. Diana King’s interview conveyed humbleness. The interview included twists/turns that I enjoyed. I’m looking forward to her return and to Jeremy and Whitley’s interview.

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