Former guest turned guest host, “Crystal,” leads her own all-female experiencer roundtable discussion! Then, for subscribers only, Jeremy addresses the listener blowback to the previous episode and then drops a bombshell announcement that is either horribly or perfectly timed. He reports, you decide. This is, in the not-paranormal sense of the word, the most surreal episode he’s ever produced!

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  1. Thank you “Crystal,” and your own all-female experiencer roundtable discussion! Such a delightful/informative interview.

    Jeremy, thank you for all of the comments plus your insights. I WILL MISS YOUR INTERVIEWS AND OPINIONS. PLEASE COME BACK ON OCCASION. PLEASE!

    Cosmic Librarian. I have missed reading your comments and had no idea you were ill. My prayers are with you and for your full recovery.

  2. I knew this was coming. You will be deeply missed, Jeremy! I appreciate your honesty, intelligence and integrity. Your refusal to play games like “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Will be moseying over to Our Undoing.

  3. Author

    He plans on doing specials. Hopefully once a month. He’s been doing this weekly for years. He needs a rest. You never know, maybe he’ll be back full-time sooner or later.

    1. You and Jeremy are the best. Can’t see going without either one of you!

  4. Jeremy, I have enjoyed your show. Please do come back for “special appearances” when you can. Your intelligence, honesty and humor … are refreshing. Au revoir!

  5. Jeremy, I agree with you completely. The film “evidence” was ridiculous. I fear there may be some mental health issues which would explain his Mothers reaction. Some people see what they want to see, and some believe what suits their beliefs, facts and reality be damned.

  6. Thank all the Women of the Round Table. That was wonderful. I was very excited to hear Marie again, your previous interview remains for me, a favorite. Jeremy, thank you for all your efforts and offerings. You have given so much, and I am grateful for it all. I am thrilled that Marie and Jeff will be on the next show, truly a dream ending to this podcast. We hope to see you back in the future. Many blessings to you and your family, including the critters.

  7. Hey Jeremy,
    in this regard, i did identify balloons as balloons. i also supported your take on the subject. we have had some rough patch about hypnosis, but i would like to leave it at “we agree to disagree.”
    As for me, thanks for doing an interview with me. Thats my 10 seconds of sharing stuff that most people would tell me “only a F* idiot would believe that.”
    And I got to share here. it was like therapy. Thanks for the “rant.” As i posted some time ago, I think you have the answers to all this stuff, but its buried and you rake for it the best you can.
    As for my filters, I look/listen to others and weigh what may be a stretch for me and remember that my stories like the Angel in taco bell … if its real to them… (except for the balloons). it may not be real to me.
    I appreciate your take on most things. This was a good spot. Thanks,
    much luck,
    Harley Gaus

  8. I finally got to listen to the show along with Jeremy’s closing comments. In there, he referenced my (lengthy and I think nuanced) post in which I used the word “racist”. I’ll say this not as a defense, but I meant to refer to what I hear as a sharp divide between western culture and indigenous people’s cultures in Tiokasin Ghosthorse’s commentary on the state of the peoples of the world and their futures. However in retrospect, using that loaded word was reckless, as it’s often used to label a person as hateful and intolerant. That was not my intent nor is it my opinion of Tiokasin or Jeremy. As such I don’t blame Jeremy for saying he found it offensive, and for that I am sorry and I sincerely apologize. I may not always agree with Tiokasin or Jeremy on the polarizing heart-vs-head culture characterizations, but I take both he and Tiokasin to be good, peaceful people who, like the rest of us, want a healed, sustainable world.

    I’ll also point out that a big part of that same post from me defended Jeremy as 100% right about his interpretations of Christopher’s video “evidence”, which he kind of ignored in his comments but that’s OK. I’m sure it’s hard to put oneself out there on a show like this and not feel hurt when it’s not all love that one gets back from what must seem like the faceless masses of armchair critics.

    I also completely agree with Jeremy’s comments that the crux of the Christopher Peters case is that he offered video evidence that called everything else he said into question. Maybe some other claims out there are benefiting from the fact that they just stick to a good story and know bad video when they see it. I mean, to me Christopher otherwise sounded extremely believable, sane, and even discerning. So should we, in our own discernment, demand evidence or not? That goes to my comment last time about Madame Pele, which Jeremy also referenced here. As much as I like or love the person or find them credible, I cannot fully invest in their extraordinary claims unless I get something that passes a little bit of scientific muster, which doesn’t necessarily involve something as concrete as video or some other artifact. I guess that’s my western mind talking.

    As I said last time, I have loved listening to Jeremy’s shows (going back to Paratopia), and highly respect the integrity and intelligence, and perhaps most of all humor he has brought to all of his interviews and commentary. I also thank him for having me as a guest on his show, and I wish him nothing but the best in future endeavors and also quick healing of the knee problems. Sounds from your description like you *might* have a torn cartilage, which I suffered with greatly for maybe 20 years of my life before western medicine totally cured me with a quick, arthroscopic procedure. Still great 20 years later, and it literally changed my life for the better (as did Lasik surgery 2 years ago). My advice is get an MRI and hopefully solve the mystery.

    In summary, I hope you, Jeremy will reappear here more frequently than it sounded likely in your closing comments. The reality is, your regular contributions will be greatly missed.

  9. I agreed with your assessment, Jeremay, of your previous guests videos. I started watching the videos before the end of the podcast and was glad to hear your impression of them. So glad that, you, Jeramy are not loosing it!

    On another note, I too have heard something in your statements that sounds a little over harsh. After a conversation with you, I understand better what you are expressing and appreciate you more than ever. We are all so unique in our ways of expressing and understanding, running both through the filters of our own experience. I’m listening to this podcast as I type. You just mentioned filters. My husband doesn’t think I can do two things at once. I think I can.

    I really appreciate your commitment to working your way to the truth. I’ve come to a place where I simply listen and watch. There are so many shows on this website that I have no idea what the truth is, in most I have no experience with the subject matter, and yet it’s absolutely fascinating to open myself to it. It changes me. That, to me, is the most important part.

    Looks like I’ll have to find you on Our Undoing.

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