A Key Stem-Cell Breakthrough Could Allow Mammoths to be Cloned

A biotech company that is working toward the Jurassic Park-style cloning of woolly mammoths has announced that they have made a crucial breakthrough in producing elephant stem cells, a key step in recreating the furry pachyderms, a species that has been extinct for over four thousand years. According to a statement


A Covert Russian Intelligence Squad May Be Behind Havana Syndrome Attacks

A five-year investigation into Havana syndrome, conducted by television news magazine 60 Minutes, has uncovered evidence that individuals stricken with the debilitating condition may have been the victims of deliberate attacks using directed energy weapons, conducted by members of a covert Russian assassinations squad. Although the evidence presented does not appear

2023 CO2 Emissions From Power Generation Hit Record Levels, but the Rate of Increase Is at a Historic Low

Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions hit record levels in 2023, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), with the increases coming from some regions having to resort to using fossil fuels out of necessity. However, the report also states that despite the record-high output recorded last year, the rate of global

A ‘Stellar Nova’ Is Expected To Appear in Our Night Sky Over the Next Few Months

Earth’s night sky could have a “new” star blaze into the firmament over the next few months—despite humans having already seen this star a number of times throughout our history—in the form of what is known as a recurrent nova. Located between Hercules and Boötes, this recurrent stellar nova will

The U.S. Air Force Acknowledges That Langley AFB Was Swarmed During ‘Multiple Incursions’ by Unidentified Drones

The United States Air Force has acknowledged that in December 2023 Langley Air Force Base was swarmed by waves of mysterious drones on multiple occasions over the course of the month. Although they did not disclose the behavior or apparent capabilities of the drones, the incursions prompted the scrambling of

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