Fortified with Vitamin B3, Asteroid Ryugu Contains Compounds Essential for Life

Scientists studying soil samples returned from asteroid Ryugu have confirmed that the near-Earth object is home to a slew of organic compounds, most importantly one that is essential to the formation of DNA, along with the metabolically-essential vitamin B3. This discovery suggests that life on our planet may not have


Whitley’s new book Them Published Today

Whitley’s explosive new book Them is now available on Kindle and in paperback. It will be published in hardcover and as an audiobook read by Whitley as soon as possible. Them is not about his personal experiences, but rather offers completely new insight into close encounter, both civilian and military.

‘Organoid Intelligence’ May Be the Answer To Developing a Truly Human-like Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to creating a truly powerful artificial intelligence that has cognitive powers that might be considered on-par with that of a human being, software developers have a problem: our computer technology just isn’t that good. Admittedly, the integrated circuit technology that modern computers are based on has come

Canada’s Federal Science Office has Launched a New UFO Study

Canada’s top scientist has launched a study aimed at evaluating who is collecting UFO information in Canada, how they are collecting the information and what analysis is being performed on the gathered data, according to a document obtained by a major Canadian news outlet. This study, the results of which

Intelligence:  New Assessment Reveals That Havana Syndrome Victims Were Not Targeted by Foreign Adversaries

An in-depth investigation by the U.S Intelligence Community into the cause of the mysterious affliction commonly known as “Havana syndrome” has found evidence that the individuals stricken with this debilitating ailment were not the targets of foreign adversaries, such as Russia or China. Investigators hailing from seven different intelligence agencies

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