June 2019 was the Hottest June on Record

June 2019 is officially the warmest June on record since record-keeping began in 1880, according to new data released by NASA. And on top of this dubious distinction, the first half of 2019 was the second hottest such period on record, second only to 2016, with each of the last


Increasingly Unstable Antarctic Glaciers may be Reaching their Point of No Return

A new report published by the National Academy of Sciences is warning that glaciers in Antarctica may have already reached a tipping point that will continue to see the destabilization of its ice sheets, even if rising global temperatures were to stop immediately, a development that could significantly accelerate the

Tropical Storm Barry Makes Landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane

Tropical Storm Barry escalated into a Category 1 hurricane when it made landfall on Saturday, and is expected to pour up to 20 inches of rain on eastern Louisiana, accompanied by a storm surge of several feet along the coastline from the mouth of the Pearl River to Morgan City.

The US’s Largest Wildfire is Currently in Alaska, Fueled by Record-Breaking Temperatures

As a consequence of a long stretch of record-breaking high temperatures, the state of Alaska is currently the site of the largest wildfires in the United States, with the Hess Creek Fire consuming 145,321 acres of woodland as of July 9. The size and rapid spread of the fire has

Astronomers Have Traced a Mysterious Radio Signal Back to its Extragalactic Source

The mysterious astronomical phenomenon known as fast radio bursts has yielded a new breakthrough, in that astronomers have now been able to trace one of these mysterious signals back to its source, having originated a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away—over three and a half billion light-years

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