An Underwater Environmental Observatory Has Mysteriously Disappeared Without a Trace

A one-ton underwater observatory that had been installed off the northern coast of Germany has mysteriously disappeared without a trace, leaving behind nothing but the tattered end of the data cable that allowed the unit to communicate with the mainland. On August 21 at 8:15 p.m. local time, the GEOMAR


Our Solar System’s Second Known Interstellar Visitor Appears To Have Arrived

Astronomers have discovered what may be our Solar System’s second known interstellar visitor, a comet that is moving too fast on a highly eccentric orbit to be bound by the Sun’s gravity. This follows the passage of the asteroid (or perhaps spacecraft?) known as ‘Oumuamua through our Solar System in

Congress is Accusing the Navy of Stonewalling Regarding UFO Information

The ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee’s Intelligence and Counterterrorism subcommittee, Congressman Mark Walker, is accusing the Navy of withholding information from Congress regarding reports on encounters with UFOs, after having officially requested more data on the subject earlier this year. In July, Walker requested that Secretary of

China’s Yutu-2 Finds Goo on the Moon: The Latest News from La Lune

The Israeli and Indian space programs may have suffered setbacks with the recent loss of their lunar landers, but China’s Yutu-2 rover is still crawling across the surface of the Moon, and it made an odd discovery recently. On July 28, Yutu-2 stumbled upon a perplexing sight: shortly before powering

The Results of a Genetic Survey of Loch Ness Are In: Has the Riddle of Nessie’s Identity Been Solved?

The results of a new genetic survey of Loch Ness have been released, offering a possible explanation for the Loch Ness Monster, better known as “Nessie”, that probably shouldn’t be that surprising. First, the bad news: the survey, first announced in 2017, didn’t turn up any evidence of DNA that

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