New Progress in Generating Energy From Atmospheric Humidity

A team of researchers has found a way of generating electricity literally out of thin air that they are calling “Air-gen”, a device that not only requires no rare or toxic chemicals to run, but instead runs on the ambient humidity that typically lingers in the air. The Air-gen device


UFOs Caused Two Air Traffic Disruptions Over One Weekend

Air traffic in Türkiye and Taiwan was disrupted by the presence of UFOs that appeared close to major airports in those countries on May 20 and 22, respectively; although the interruption was short in the case of the Taiwan incursion, operations took half a day to resume in Türkiye, while

Locals Prepare to Evacuate as Mexico’s ‘Smoking Mountain’ Popocatepetl Amps up Volcanic Activity

This Sunday; Mexico raised the alert level for a volcano in the center of the country that has been spewing ash and smoke at accelerating levels since about May 15, resulting in officials closing schools and public parks, as locals prepare for the possibility of evacuating. Ash from Popocatépetl volcano,

“We’re Not Alone”; Former USAF Officer Releases Statement Regarding Back-Engineering of UAPs

Part of the UAP directives laid out in the National Defense Authorization Act 2023 (NDAA) to aid the UAP Task Force in its duties was a provision protecting potential whistleblowers that might come forward to tell about their experience in either handling or working on technologies recovered from crashed UFOs, shielding them

A Mysterious Low-Frequency Sound Has Been Recorded High in the Stratosphere

  A fleet of DIY solar-powered, high-altitude research balloons have recorded a mysterious low-frequency sound high in the upper atmosphere that repeats a number of times each hour. The sound occurs in the infrasound range, meaning it’s below the threshold of human hearing, only occasionally spiking as high as 25

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