A Legendary Photograph from the Calvine UFO Case Appears to Have Been Recovered

One of the highest-quality photographs known of a UFO has been recovered, after having disappeared during a government investigation that took place into the sighting more than three decades ago. Described as “by far the best UFO photograph I have ever seen” by UFO researcher Dr David Clarke, the photograph


Paradoxically, the Loss of Key Vocal Structures Spurred the Evolution of Human Speech

Researchers have identified the evolutionary changes to our larynx that enables humans to produce the complex sounds necessary for the development of speech, while our primate relatives are unable to do so, despite having similar physical vocal structures. Paradoxically, the changes that occurred didn’t involve an increase in the complexity

Global Warming has Stolen Precious Milliseconds from Our Days

If it seems like the days are running by faster than ever before, that’s because they are…  June 29 of this year was the shortest day on record, with the Earth having spun 1.59 milliseconds faster than the 86,400 seconds that pass in a typical day.  Although the rate of

James Webb Space Telescope Has Possibly Imaged the Oldest Known Star and Most Distant Galaxy

With the ability to peer deeper into the universe—and by doing so deeper back in time—than its predecessors, the James Webb Space Telescope has discovered what may prove to be the oldest known star, and also what might be the most distant known galaxy… or at least, so it seems. One of

UK Scientists Declare Nessie ‘Plausible’ After Freshwater Plesiosaur Fossil Discovery

A new discovery regarding the nature of ancient plesiosaurs has prompted several scientists to declare that the existence of the legendary Loch Ness Monster is “plausible”, at least in regard to the elusive cryptid’s chosen freshwater habitat. The discovery in question involves the recovery of small plesiosaur fossils in a 100 million-year-old

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