Physics May Have a New, Fifth Fundamental Force of Nature

Independent experiments conducted on both sides of the Atlantic have started to find major cracks in the Standard Model of physics, suggesting that a previously undetected fifth fundamental force guiding the mechanics of the cosmos may exist. Within the Standard Model of physics there are four known fundamental forces governing interactions throughout


NOAA Forecasts Droughts Will Continue Across Western U.S. This Spring

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released their U.S. Spring Outlook for 2021, and is forecasting an increase in the drought conditions currently plaguing the western half of the country for the next few months. On the bright side, the Eastern States, while not quite as dry as

Stonewalling From Government Agencies Delays Congress’ Unclassified UFO Report

The unclassified report on what the US government knows about UFOs that was ordered by Congress last summer may wind up being delayed past its June due date, thanks to the resistance of numerous military and intelligence agencies that are resisting the order to disclose their own information on unidentified

105,000 Year Old Calcite Crystals from the Kalahari Desert Upends Theories of the Origins of Human Culture

A crystal collection dated at 105,000 years old was recently unearthed at a sacred site in the Kalahari Desert; upending our present-day understanding of the origins of human culture.   It was previously assumed that inland cultures were less progressive than those on the coasts.   Using optically stimulated luminescence dating techniques, an

The Nearest Known Star Cluster to Earth Has a Case of Vanishing Stars

  An invisible force has been pulling apart one side of  the nearby Hyades star cluster, leaving the tail of the stellar group partially devoid of stars.  The astronomers who noticed the phenomenon suspect that a dark matter structure with the mass of 10 million suns is behind the mysterious

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