It’s Official: No More UAP Videos Will Be Released by the US Navy

The US Navy has announced that it will not release any UAP videos in the future, saying that doing so “will harm national security,” according to a Freedom of Information response received by The Black Vault. This may mean that the three videos leaked to the public in 2017—”FLIR1″, “Gimbal”


Three Devastating Storms, Fueled by Global Warming, Strike Different Parts of the Planet Over a Single Weekend

Three massive storms have caused widespread damage around the world over the past week, with two typhoons causing havoc in Alaska and Japan, while Hurricane Fiona has caused massive damage in Puerto Rico and neighboring islands such as the Dominican Republic and Guadeloupe. Each storm featured unusual characteristics such as

As The Thwaites Glacier Melts, Scientists Hypothesize the Weight of its “Doomsday” Effect

A new study of Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier has revealed that it appears to be melting even faster than previous estimates indicated, with the face of the ice sheet now retreating at a rate twice as fast as previously recorded. Nicknamed the “Doomsday Glacier” by the researchers that study it, the Thwaites Glacier is a

A Philosophy of Science Professor Asks: Are Plants Conscious?

Do plants possess a consciousness?  – A philosophy of science professor at the University of Murcia, in Spain, is trying to devise new ways to answer this seemingly unanswerable question.  Although they lack something like the brain and nervous system that animals possess, many plant species physically react to their

James Webb Space Telescope Takes Its First Image of a Distant Alien World

The James Webb Space Telescope has taken its first direct image of a planet in a distant star system nearly 400 light years away, producing an image with a clarity that exceeds JWST’s designers’ expectations by about ten times. HIP 65426 b is a Jupiter-sized gas planet 385 light years away

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