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New Mutated Coronavirus Strain May Be More Infectious Than the Original Chinese Variant

Lab-based research conducted on the most dominant strain of the coronavirus appears to indicate that this variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is more infectious than the version that first emerged in China late last year. Although this mutation doesn’t increase the severity of COVID-19’s symptoms, it has the potential to


Global Warming has hit an Arctic Town with a Triple-Digit Heat Wave

A small town in Siberia’s far north has recently gained the dubious distinction of breaking a record-high temperature for the Arctic, hitting 100.4°F (38.0°C), a temperature typically only experienced in heat waves that occur much farther south. Although it’s only a small community of only 1,100 people just north of

A Long-Lost Massive Megalithic Structure Has Been Found Near Stonehenge

Researchers in England have discovered a long-lost subterranean megalithic structure near Stonehenge, a massive circle of large vertical shafts arranged in a miles-wide circle that may prove to be Britain’s largest prehistoric monument. Led by the University of Birmingham, the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project is a survey of the environs around Stonehenge

Coronavirus Cases Numbers Surge Across the Majority of U.S. States—and the First Wave Isn’t Even Over Yet

A dramatic surge in the number of COVID-19 cases has inundated the majority of states across the U.S., with Arizona, Florida and Texas poised to become the new epicenters of the pandemic. Over the past few weeks numerous other states have reported overwhelming numbers of new cases and record numbers

Senators May Have Been Disturbed by UFO Report

Senate Intelligence Chairman Marco Rubio has tabled a bill that calls for the Director of National Intelligence to produce an unclassified report on what information the U.S. military has gathered regarding UFOs, or what the bill refers to as “Advanced Aerial Threats.” The bill also specifically calls for the report

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