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Shape-Shifting Hunters and Their Prey Are Depicted in Humanity’s Oldest Cave Art

Researchers in Indonesia have found what may be the world’s oldest rock art in a cave on the island of Sulawesi. The scene depicted in the 44,000-year old painting is of a hunting expedition, complete with images of a menagerie of animals being stalked by part-human, part-animal hunters, making the


Plants Make High-Pitched Sounds When Injured or Stressed

Having been on earth for about as long as animals, plants have evolved numerous senses similar to our own that allow them to perceive their environment and react accordingly: plants sense light to better gather energy from the Sun, pick up on the sound of a buzzing insect, and even

Saving the Ozone Layer May Have Inadvertently Reduced Global Warming by Half

A new study has discovered that the current state of global warming could have been a lot worse if the world’s nations hadn’t successfully agreed to take measures to save the planet’s ozone layer, and phased out the production and use of numerous ozone-destroying chemical compounds. And the temperature difference

Wild Winds & Rogue Waves: Parker Solar Probe Proves How Little is Known About the Sun

NASA has released the discoveries made during the first two orbits of the Sun-skimming Parker Solar Probe—now the fastest known artificial object to orbit the Sun—revealing high-speed solar winds and powerful rogue plasma waves, revelations that point out that we have significant gaps in our understanding of how the Sun

Nimitz Encounter Witness Launches New UFO Research Group

One of the witnesses to a series of UFO encounters involving the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group in 2004 has launched a new UFO research group that involves individuals from NASA, Silicon Valley and former military personnel. As a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer and radar operator, Kevin day was

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