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A ‘Hyperactive’ Hurricane Season Is Forecast for 2020, but How Do We Handle Mass Evacuations in the Era of COVID-19?

Four separate climate research teams are forecasting that the 2020-21 North Atlantic hurricane season will be busier than normal, predicting that roughly 20 named tropical cyclones will form in the North Atlantic Basin, and possibly as high as 25 storms, according to Penn State’s predictions. The four teams, from AccuWeather, Colorado State


Physics-Defying Particles Detected in Antarctica Might Be Evidence for a Parallel Universe

A puzzling discovery made by an observatory at the end of the Earth has scientists scratching their heads as to how a series of high-energy particles managed to pass southward through the entire Earth to emerge through the ice in Antarctica, to be detected by an observatory there. As each

Eight Official Hazard Reports Involving UFO Encounters Have Been Released by the U.S. Navy

A Freedom of Information Act request filed by news outlets, including The New York Times, have resulted in the release of eight unclassified “hazard reports” that outline sightings of unidentified aircraft made by Navy aircrews, including incidents that nearly involved midair collisions, and the sighting of a U.S. Navy ship that

For Skywatchers This Month, the Early Bird Catches The… SWAN?

Comet Atlas may have fizzled as it came ’round the Sun, but its replacement, C/2020 F8—better known as Comet SWAN—has fared better in its approach to the center of the Solar System, and although it is likely to become just bright enough to be visible to the naked eye, skywatchers will

Do Our Genes Hold the Key as to Who Is Susceptible to COVID-19?

Health experts around the world are trying to unravel the puzzle as to why COVID-19 infections appear to be relatively benign in some individuals who contract the disease, while others have potentially fatal—and all too often outright deadly—reactions to the coronavirus. Toward that end, researchers are looking to the DNA

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