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Meet Purgatorius, Humanity’s Most Distant Known Relative

Researchers have identified the earliest known primate; a small, squirrel-like mammal that lived nearly 66 million years ago, during the twilight of the dinosaurs. The fossils belonging to this most distant human relative were initially uncovered in the Fort Union Formation in northeastern Montana in the 1980s. Consisting of five


Due to Unchecked Climate Change; the North Atlantic Ocean’s Currents are Speeding Towards a Tipping Point

According to more than one recent study the ocean currents in the North Atlantic are in more precarious shape than was previously realized.  It is now extremely likely that our climate crisis may further impair the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC)—now at a 1,000-year low—sooner than anticipated, calling for immediate

Coronavirus Vaccines Show Real-World Effectiveness, While the US Death Toll Surpasses 500,000

    Recent studies out of the UK are showing that the new COVID-19 vaccines are showing real-world effectiveness that is in-line with the numbers reported from their clinical trials, welcome news in a coronavirus-weary world. But with COVID-19’s death toll in the US having surpassed a half million souls,

Geomagnetic Flips Might Be More Disruptive Than Previously Thought

Although assumed that reversals in the Earth’s magnetic field has little noticeable impact on the living organisms on this planet, the discovery of well-preserved trees dating from the last geomagnetic reversal 42,000 years ago suggest that such an event may cause major disruptions for both the climate, and the planet’s

Have Megalith, Will Travel: Stonehenge May Have Been Relocated From Wales Nearly 5,000 Years Ago

It would appear that Stonehenge was built about 400 years earlier than originally estimated—albeit on a site in western Wales, 225 kilometers (140 miles) from Wiltshire, England, where the iconic megalithic formation stands today. When Stonehenge was first erected sometime around 2,900 BCE it looked vastly different from the familiar

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