Final Quarter Just Beginning, 2023 is Already on Track To Be the Hottest Year on Record

Although we’re only nine months into the year, five preeminent meteorological services have already declared that 2023 is on-track to become the hottest year on record—by a wide margin, at that. Although there is the outside chance that ’23 mightn’t reach this ignominious landmark, it would require global surface temperatures


Two “Nazca Mummies” Have Been Presented to Mexico’s Congress, Likely Were Removed From Peru Illegally

The mummies of alleged non-human creatures recovered in Peru were presented to Mexican lawmakers during an unofficial Congressional hearing regarding the existence of UFOs that saw presentations from numerous experts from around the world on the topic; meanwhile, medical professionals in Mexico are carrying out their own examination of the

The First Signs of Life May Have Been Found on an Exoplanet

In what may be the first sign of life detected beyond our Solar System, the James Webb Telescope has detected the signature of a chemical compound that is known to only be produced by biological organisms, in the atmosphere of an exoplanet 124 light years from Earth. Although its detection is still

The Climate Bill Is Coming Due: Who Should Pay for the Damage Caused by Global Warming?

One of the major consequences of the advance of global warming will be the financial cost incurred from the effects that climate-based catastrophes, such as extreme weather events and sea level rise, have on humanity, including our health, property and infrastructure. So far, that financial burden has been borne by

A Year After AARO’s Launch, There’s Still No UAP Reporting Process Available to the Public

  More than a year after the establishment of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) there are still no official channels for civilian UAP witnesses to report their sightings, leaving many who could potentially provide high-quality reports to government investigators with little other option than to divulge their experiences to

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