UnknownCountry.com is among the largest and most popular edge science websites in the world. The site offers lively message boards, an active subscriber area, the blogs of Whitley and Anne Strieber, the podcasts Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland, Mike Clelland’s the Unseen and Jeremy Vaeni’s the Experience, plus daily news and one of the only professionally curated aggregators of UFO reports on the web, Out There. Our visitors are actively interested in UFOs, science, science fiction and everything to do with the paranormal, and it is an ideal place to advertise conferences, radio and TV programs, books, DVDs and products of interest to this audience.

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We offer the following advertising programs:

    • One minute spot on Dreamland: $50.00
    • One spot per week for 4 weeks: $150.00
    • Ad in rotation: $200 per month
    • Ad for 1 month plus 4 spots on Dreamland: $300
    • Newsletter placement for 1 month (4 issues): $200.00
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We offer either announcer or Whitley Strieber reads of commercials at no cost.

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All advertised products and advertising content must be approved in advance.