Losing the Plot and Its Characters

August 10, 2018
Is it time for experiencers to lose the title, because we've already lost the plot? What does that question mean? We'll get to it. But first, let's answer some subscriber questions and comments!   continued

Do Experiencers Have a Responsibility?

August 3, 2018
This week's episode is a solo show that asks the question--and really does keep it a question--Do experiencers have a responsibility in how they articulate the phenomena happening in their lives, or even in what they present that could affect... continued

The UFOlogy Charade

July 27, 2018
Host Jeremy Vaeni invites ufological reporter Jack Brewer onto what was going to be a solo episode, to unpack his new hypothesis that ufology was redesigned in the 1990s, by a U.S. intelligence agency, to be a controlled breeding ground... continued

Steve Neill Goes Deeper with Jeremy!

July 19, 2018
Hot on the heels of last week's Dreamland, famed experiencer, visual FX wizard, and author of But Something Is There, Steve Neill joins us on The Experience for the first time--and for a completely new round of questions!   Find out... continued

Paul Dean’s Experience of UFO Document Research–What Has He Found??

July 14, 2018
Paul Dean is a meticulous researcher of historical documents pertaining to UFOs. Admittedly, he does the dry work few others dare, a thankless task to be sure. What makes it worth his time? What has he found? And how has... continued

Shared Close Encounters of Siblings

July 6, 2018
Angela and Alexander are siblings with a lifetime of experiences. Some are shared. But do they share the same outlook on what is happening to them? We'll get into it. And in the process, host Jeremy Vaeni will reveal a... continued

The Afterlife Revolution

June 28, 2018
Revolution is a strong word. Are there any revolutionary ideas presented in Whitley Strieber's latest work? It just so happens, there are. And they may have come from his dearly departed wife, Anne.    Join Whitley and Jeremy for the... continued

The Dark and Personal Aspects of Transformation

June 16, 2018
It's time to go deep. It's time to get heavy. It's time to get personal. It's time to talk about the suicidal impulse that often goes hand-in-hand with sustained mystical contact, its origin, and why so few researchers and talk... continued

Who are the Visitors Visiting?

June 9, 2018
We're constantly asking who the Visitors are. We're always debating why they're here. Rarely do we ask who we are, as if 50% of this equation doesn't matter or is answered. But it does matter, precisely because it isn't answered.... continued

One of the Great Paranormal Podcasters Looks Back on His Career and Forward to the Future

May 31, 2018
Popular podcast host Tim Binnall has retired his long-lived Binnall of America show. He returns to The Experience to look back on how his views have grown through interviewing guests in the paranormal fields--and also, to look forward to where... continued