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  1. I’m not sure what has happened to my account.

    Our credit card was just recently billed for another years subscription, and I do not understand why I’ve not been informed on what my account will be on this new site.

    1. Author

      Please send any and all questions like this to Legacy subscribers were sent an email explaining how to enter the new site. It may have gone into your spam folder or not been opened.

  2. I just sent an email to the effect that I am unable to log on to the new site. I have a recurring subscription. I’m sure it’s just one of the many glitches that happen with any new website. I only hope it gets fixed quickly. I want my UNKNOWNCOUNTRY back!!!!!!!!!

    1. You sent us an email on May 27, 2016, and our subscription manager, Nikki Thomas, replied to it. This is a copy of her reply:

      Your account lapsed while we were in the old site and because it was
      broken, it did not inform you. You will need to start a new account in the
      new site. You will not be double-billed and your old account doesn’t have
      any time left on it.

      Go to and sign up under Subscribe Now.


      Nikki Thomas

      > I am a subscriber (or I thought I was) and was always able to log on to
      > the
      > old site in the subscriber section. I have a six month recurring
      > subscription. Today I opened the site and saw that the new website had
      > come on line, and I thought that was really great. I’ve been looking
      > forward to it for some time now. When I tried to log on however, it did
      > not recognize my login information. I tried several times to login but it
      > failed every time. What do I do now?
      > Jim Dollar
      > (olegrumpy)

  3. Now I’m convinced Mr. Streiber’s a Texan. When he mentions brisket as the penultimate food, especially its dry seasoned flavor… I think contacting Philip K. Dick on the other side would be far more profitable than contacting Elvis.

  4. I have no issues with registering or login.

    I have to offer my condolences to Whitley Strieber’s wife Anne’s passing. I had just read about it. She is in a better place and still communicating with her beloved Whitley and others.

    I will buy their new book about this. I am not one of the ones who ever laughed at your work or experiences.

    Stay strong and I am with you.


  5. I was wondering how I can get your show in the UK. I can get back programs on tunein radio but would love to listen live. Enjoy all Whitley’s broadcasts and would love to listen in real time. Yours, Stewart


    1. I am Al Harlow. I provide site tech support. Our subscription manager, Nikki Thomas, has replied to you. You have either not seen or chosen not to open her emails. You either did not see or chose not to open the original email we sent to legacy subscribers about how to enter the new site, nor did you either see or open the follow-up to that email. As you can see from the instructions on this thread, subscriber issues should be sent to, not posted here.

      I am posting a copy here of an email I sent you this morning out of my personal account, since you apparently do not see emails from our subscription manager. It contains a copy of her last email to you. The password has been removed because this is a public posting space. If you would like to obtain the password, email or you can simply enter your account and get a new password for yourself.

      I am trying to reach you out of this email system in hope that you will see it.

      Al Harlow

      Here is a copy of her most recent email to you:

      I saw your comment on our board and have updated your subscription. We
      sent an email to our long-time subscribers on May 2 explaining how they
      can enter the new site. It appears that you did not see this email, nor
      the follow-up sent two weeks later.

      All of our legacy accounts now have the email address as the username.
      Your username no longer appears on the site when you comment, only your
      nickname, which you can change in your profile.

      Your username is:

      Your temporary password, given to you in May, —–
      I have checked this pair and it is working normally.

      In future, if you have a problem with your subscription, please email
      . I will take care of you immediately.

      If you would still prefer to cancel your subscription, let me know, and I
      will close it out and cancel your last payment.


      Nikki Thomas

  7. Author

    The shows are pre-recorded, not live. You can listen on the site anytime.

  8. Author

    Just a reminder: Do not post subscriber issues here. Send your questions/problems to and you will receive prompt support. Posting them here means that our subscription manager may not see them immediately.

  9. I just wanted to state that having rejoined after being a non-subscriber for a time that I really like the new format for the site. I am especially happy to see the message board back up and functioning.

    Thank you for all that you do and will continue to do to continue the tradition of transparency, voicing curiosity, and informing where other information outlets fail.

  10. cannot access my account..just subscribed yesterday and info says my account has expired. Subscribed by credit card has been charged.

    Brenda Staresnick

    1. Author

      This has been fixed. It may have happened because you do not accept cookies, or have a firewall that interfered with the completion of the transaction. If neither of those things were the cause, it was a failure of handshaking between our subscription system and your bank. This happens from time to time, and we’re sorry for the annoyance.

  11. I was just wondering, that while not a subscriber, you use to be able to share some of the stories and information to Facebook. I enjoyed doing this with my friends who followed, especially about UFO’s. Now however, for some reason I can’t share the stories. Was there a change regarding this? Thank you.

  12. Author

    We have made no changes that would cause this. It’s something to do with FaceBook. I have no idea how to fix it, or why it is like that.

  13. Could you tell me how I can download subscriber podcasts to my iPod Touch? I want to be able to listen to the entire subscriber show, but all I can download is the free version.

    Any help will be most welcome.

  14. Author

    Our subscription manager Nikki Thomas replied to you via email. She copied me. Here’s her reply:

    It sounds like you might not be logged in. After you go to the site on
    your iPad, are you logging in with username

    If so and you are hearing only part of the show and it is stopping, you
    don’t have enough memory to stream on your device. Get the File Manager
    app and log in and stream through the app. This will solve this problem.

    If you have cookies suppressed in your browser, this could also cause your
    problem. Be sure you are accepting cookies, otherwise the site cannot see
    you and will cause your login to default to a non-subscriber status and
    play the free show. Our cookies disappear when you log off. We are not in
    the business of tracking people.

    Please respond to me at rather than on the site.


    Nikki Thomas

  15. Some things that cant be explained to me and my lack of education is preventing me from explaining what visitation I have in my room I just want to feel that my diagnosis in mental health is going to over ride what is really going on that is not the norm

  16. Whitley, since 2002 your books have transformed my life and are treasures to me. In your search and how you process your experiences, I found a like-minded soul, though I sadly don’t have any experiences of my own, that I remember, at least. But I’ve always been drawn to exploring our universe and yearn to have such experiences. I can’t wait to read your latest book, and I subscribed a few days ago to Dreamland. Your work is important, beautiful, and urgent. I hope more and more people subscribe and help you keep afloat. If I were wealthy, I would happily donate enough to keep this going indefinitely.

  17. Also, I love your beautifully written novel The Hunger. I am baffled that it doesn’t get more attention in the vampire literary world. I would LOVE an in-depth podcast or interview of you discussing all aspects of it: the conception, writing, philosophies, influences behind it. The film is a beautiful opera, though not representative completely of your book. Catherine Deneuve was hypnotic. How did you feel about her as your Miriam Blaylock?

  18. Hello Whitley,

    I have not yet read any of your books but I was horrified to hear that you were made fun off and was laughed at for reporting that you had been raped by extraterrestials. There is absolutely nothing amusing with that whatsoever. People are beyond cruel! Perhaps less now, but certainly common some years ago, women were often ridiculed and blamed for sexual assault and rape so believe me – it hit home.

    I myself had a small grey appear to me when I was a kid of around 7-8 years old. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. The fear is so huge you almost die. For weeks afterwards I would have strange dreams where I could sense them but I could not hide anywhere. They would see me no matter what, no matter where I was. There didn’t exist any place or spot in this world where any form of privacy was possible. I was in an alien fish bowl. My every thought and actions were being monitored and observed, physically, mentally, emotionally. All in all.

    1. Author

      This is indeed a fishbowl, but not so sure they’re aliens. I don’t know what they are. Also, I agree with you about that fear. We seem to be somehow hard wired to experience that level of terror around them. It has taken me most of my adult life to get used to it. And thanks also for your thoughts about what I went through with the rape. It was pretty awful to experience that level of cruelty day after day, month after month, year after year when all the while I was experiencing pain from the scarring. In fact, to all too many people, I’m still the rectal probe man, ha ha.

  19. Hello Whitley please would you process the deletion of my account.
    Thank you for your services.

  20. What happened to the 3/27 Dreamland Podcast with Katherine Austin Fitts? It’s no longer available for download. Instead there is an interview ith Dr. Heather Lynn. Is this a time slip? How odd.

  21. Zoom is asking for a password to connect to Saturday morning meeting this week.
    Can’t find one listed anywhere?

  22. JPS, I have the same problem. I have the meeting ID 658139425, but we also need a Meeting Password for Zoom. I think that is to eliminate gate crashers. Selecting “enter through web browser” doesn’t help because it just goes to Zoom, with same problem.

  23. Author

    I am so sorry this happened. Zoom unexpectedly began requiring a meeting password. We were not prepared for this. If this has become their default, you will see a meeting password for next week’s meeting in addition to the meeting ID. If we can turn this off, we will, in which case you will see only a meeting ID next week and be able to log in without a password.

  24. I am brand new here and have paid a 6 month subscription. I am confused because I thought that would pay for entire shows here. On the recent Oct. 5th John Hogue show, the last half of the show where he was going to give his presidential prediction, the show ended, right when he was going to talk about Trump. Only got half of the show. I thought I was a subscriber? Do I have to pay more to hear all of the shows? I thought I had all access to Dreamland and all the shows on here? Thank you

  25. Hi Whitley,

    Thank you for everything you do and have done. I love Dreamland and find it a much needed refuge of enlightenment. Today I was looking to re-listen to your podcast with Elana Freeland on her book Under an Ionized Sky, but it isn’t on the website. Did it get deleted?

    Thank you again for being you

  26. There was an error while working on the backend that caused some material to disappear from various areas. I am sorry to say that this must have been one of the deletions.

    I’ll have our webmaster see if we can find it in a backup. If so, I’ll have it reposted. Thanks for mentioning that it is gone.

  27. I have donated $30 for a pass to the upcoming psychic gallery and have not received a zoom invite/passcode. Can you advise as to next steps. Thank you.

  28. All participants will receive an email on the morning of the 16th giving them the password. The event will be held in our usual video meeting room. To find that room, log in to the site, mouse over Subscriber Home, then scroll down to Video Meeting Room to enter.

    For your privacy, I have removed your email address above.

  29. Do I stay logged in each time? I’m not sure how to get my podcasts.

  30. Hi Guys;

    Just a quick query/heads up. The ‘Stories from a Life’ archive mp3’s seem to be in rather a jumbled state.

    For example, we have four number 8’s, then a 9 and mysterious jump to 15 then to 18. I understand this is likely just a titling omission.

    These are such a valuable and important part of the archive. Would it be possible to correct and clarify the Stories from a Life archive into proper chronological order?

    Just love those shows but somehow worry about the order of them all. Thanks for hearing me out.


  31. Please help: My credit card cleared for $39.50 on Sept. 25th and your web site says there is a problem with ONE OR MORE OF MY SUBSCRIPTIONS (?????) and it says I am not active.

    Please fix. Otherwise, refund my money. Thank you.

    Colleen Slater

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