Bizarro Muppet Show

July 20, 2017
Ghosts waving, "Hi." UFOs that respond to thought. Grays floating in air. A lifetime full of... a town full of... experiencers. But for one man it all started with a childhood illness. And an otherworldly Muppet Show.  continued

Hawaii Origins Roundtable

June 29, 2017
The Experience is on hiatus this week. Check out Jeremy's new website Hawaii is as enchanted a land as you've heard. But why? Where did Hawaiians come from? And who are their gods? How does this nature culture view... continued

The Key Revisited

June 22, 2017
Much has been made of Whitley Strieber's book-that-won't-quit, The Key that brings to mind 2 simple questions: How do we discern an experiencer's truthfulness when they bring forth extraordinary claims with no direct evidence? And, What are our motives in asking? If... continued

Mystical Interludes: An Ordinary Person’s Extraordinary Experiences

June 15, 2017
Emily Rodavich, author of Mystical Interludes: An Ordinary Person's Extraordinary Experiences, is an experiencer of Near-Death... and so much more! Join us for a conversation that gets to the heart of just how interconnected we all truly are.   Please visit... continued

The Experience of Being Whitley Strieber

May 31, 2017
You knew this day would come. Finally, it has. And it is as special as you'd hoped. Host Jeremy Vaeni's all-time personal favorite interviewee Whitley Strieber joins us for a conversation that begins with what it's like being a famous... continued

A WItness Describes a WEIRD Predator Being Seen in Hawaii

May 26, 2017
Is there a creature on the Big Island of Hawaii that camouflages itself by bending light, to an effect not unlike in the movie Predator? Is it a shapeshifter? This week's guest has had multiple encounters with just such a being--except... continued

Questions, Answers and New Experiences

May 18, 2017
Host Jeremy Vaeni flies solo, answering subscriber questions and sharing new thoughts on old experiences, as well as some new ones.  continued

Kundalini Alive!

May 12, 2017
"Lindsey" returns to update us on her life's paranormal unfolding. What began as sleep paralysis and out-of-body experiences quelled, for a while, by antidepressants, evolved into encounters with shadow people. Now, finally, she has had a breakthrough moment and is... continued

Ayahuasca and The Trolls Out of Time

April 27, 2017
This week's guest, artist Lachlan Wardlaw, takes us on a journey to the Amazon by plane and to the mind of Nature by ayahuasca. What we find there is nothing short of an exact parallel to, of all things, Visitor... continued

The Glue Between Worlds

April 21, 2017
Aliens, angels, dragons, fairies, messenger birds. If we could see the substance that holds together dimensions, would we see beings occupying it? Would those beings be real or a "living" representation of the stuff of our minds? This week's guest... continued