A few years ago, Hollywood producer Christopher Peters watched a UFO put on a spectacular show over his house. He paid attention and now finds himself living a more fulfilling, interconnected life among space family. The story he tells is detailed… but does that mean it’s real? More importantly, does it matter either way if the result is a more fulfilling life?
Check out Christopher’s UFO footage and much more on his Youtube channel.

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  1. I took a chance and listened to this show after avoiding it for months.
    The interview was excellent. As soon as the interview was over, Jeremy decided to give his editorial slant. At that point, Jeremy you lost me.
    It is like going to church and listening to Sermon from a cleric you absolutely cannot stand.

      1. Not preachy Jeremy.
        It was a good show until your guest left.
        At that point you took an ax to his videos and disrespected the guy that you spent an hour interviewing with no animosity.
        If you want a show like that, do your homework. Look at the guys endeavors and castigate him to his face while you are doing the interview.

        I pray you never do that to a guest again.
        I looked at his videos. I think he had something going with them.
        I hope you do not become a hate podcast. This site never disrespects anyone’s views.

  2. I have been a subscriber for a long time now, and I have never heard a podcast from Unknown Country like this one. 
    As Eugene said, the interview was excellent, but “the editorial” that followed – stunk (My words, not his).  Why did you even have him on if you had already watched his footage, and had made up your mind concerning his claims?  To humiliate him? 
    As Whitley likes to say, the subscribers here are a pretty sophisticated group.  And, I, for one, don’t appreciate anyone telling me what I should believe or disbelieve.  He was simply telling his story, and cutting him down on your podcast was horrible …
    Christopher is bringing a message of positivity, of hope, and he is trying to change the world.  Whether or not I believe everything he said is not the point.  I congratulate him for his work in trying to make a difference. 
    It seems like you were setting him up.  Jealous?

    1. I went back and looked at his videos.
      They cannot be easily swept under the rug.
      He did not deserve the disrespect Jeremy showed him after the very positive interview.
      Quite frankly it was a stab in the back.

      1. After reading thru a lot of the comments, I came across the idea of the Trickster.
        I suppose if you are weak minded something like a Trickster may exist.
        My experiences in life have tended to be black and white with very little gray.
        I know when I am in the presence of good.
        I definitely know when I cross evil. I have had bone chilling experiences with evil.
        I do not mean to be judgemental. I do have a protective attitude towards gentle people. Your guest was a gentle soul.

  3. This was surely one of the most interesting episodes of The Experience ever.
    I see a couple of other comments here, and regarding those I’m going to partly come to Jeremy’s defense. And partly not.

    Like Jeremy, I’ve had friends whose interpretations of things seem to fall somewhere on the scale of being unhinged, regardless of their education or other “normal person” criteria. One friend I had years ago, a respected insurance auditor, would more often than not think airplane landing lights or navigation lights at night were actually cigar shaped UFOs. In such cases, once you see how their mind is working, it’s natural to doubt every other part of their paranormal stories, or at least their interpretation of events. Much more credibly, I had a friend in college who had an encounter with 3 large, green orbs on the Blue Ridge Parkway that freaked him out so much I could barely get him to tell me any part of the story. You could see the hair on his arms stand up. He did not interpret, nor did he embellish or even embrace the subject. It just was what it was, a profound (and to him frightening) mystery and preferably forgotten for him. His story I believed 100%.

    The biggest problem with Christopher’s fascinating story , as I think Jeremy pointed out, is the set of videos he presents as supposed evidence. As Jeremy says, there’s nothing there. I see dust in sunlight alleged to be light beings and spirit orbs, I see what are most likely Mylar balloons in the sky said to be sky beings, I see what could be ordinary aircraft said to be non-ordinary craft. In several of the videos, I see nothing at all. Now, witnessed in person these things might have been more compelling, I can’t say. But if Christopher’s stories of calling in close encounter favors from his star family (for some of his friends and family) are true, why can’t he ask them to fly a little closer for a truly compelling video? There’s a logical disconnect there.

    Like Jeremy said, I think it’s clear that he is not lying and believes his own story. However, without better evidence and considering what he asserts as evidence, I (like Jeremy) cannot buy into his interpretation of events as based in reality. I welcome any better evidence he can provide, including testimonials of his Dad and others that some of those other stories really happened (but I still don’t believe there are craft 20 to a few hundred feet over our heads pretending to be stars all over the place, for any number of logical and scientific reasons.) As always, my mind is open, but I have discernment.

    All that said, I’m not going to let Jeremy completely off the hook. I love him, I love his show, but we all have our flaws. I suspect part of his problem with Chris’s story is that it’s coming from a Western white guy. The same kind of story told by a native American, native Hawaiian, or some other “indigenous heart culture” person may have been greeted with, I’m speculating, a much lesser degree of snark in the closing attitude. We’ve heard various related claims on the show from persons he holds in heart culture regard, like about the true existence of Madame Pele who is the goddess of the volcanos, with not the slightest bit of balking. In fact, more like reverence. And was Chris’s message for the future dream for humanity so different that Tiokasin Ghosthorse’s, other than Chris’s being arguably less racist and including all people, not just “indigenous” people?

    Further, in this show as in others, Jeremy seems to keep asserting the Trickster theory and its tenets about anti-structure as a precursor to paranormal events. Personally I never bought into that theory as having much use, the supposed evidence for it, and certainly not the existence of a Trickster phenomenon as a sort of grand unifying theory of the paranormal. It sometimes feels on these episodes like Jeremy is trying hard to prove it with his leading questions, maybe not so differently than a Bud Hopkins asking leading questions trying to prove an alien breeding program? Jeremy is very critical in cases of the latter, I wonder if he can see any similarity that I do. (Yes, I acknowledge there’s an important distinction in that Jeremy’s guests are not under hypnosis.) Isn’t it extremely common for people to have structural disruptions in their lives, challenges and so forth, in fact maybe more common than uncommon if we use his often broad brush for what passes as anti-structural? It’s like asking people who say they like dogs, “Do you know anyone in your life with a birthday in January?” The results will no-doubt strongly indicate that, in most cases, an affinity for dogs can be closely associated with knowing January birthday people!

    Finally, I suggest we think about the differences and similarities between Christopher’s story and Whitley’s. Both claim to have been triggered by a turning point type of event in mid-life, which they eventually realized went back to childhood and a lifetime of encounters. Both claim to be in a sort of communion with non-human, possibly non-physical beings who have some kind of intimate relationship with us. Both claim other witnesses (although Whitley’s have been independently verified, I’m not sure about Chris’s.) Neither has any truly compelling physical evidence to back up their stories. (While climate change is certainly real, that is not evidence of Whitley’s story, IMO.) Whitley’s story has been much more extensively documented, mostly by himself but also with others, and he has the advantage of being a fine author to begin with who writes with a convincing intellect. Should that matter? The biggest difference I see on the surface is that Whitley’s story is essentially an apocalyptic one, and Christopher’s is more on the opposite “space brothers” side with assurances that everything will be fine. I have observed that people tend to scoff at the latter, but resonate with the former. Why is that? Does it say more about us (and Whitley, and Christopher) than it foretells the ultimate truth of these phenomena? My gut feeling answer is: yes.

  4. Author

    The enormous difficulty that all witnesses have is to avoid connecting dots that really can’t be connected. You find yourself in psychological freefall. You need something to hang onto. When Anne and I first started the experiment of attempting to write about my experiences, she was acutely conscious of this and attempted from the beginning to guard against it. I found that tremendously helpful. It disciplined my mind in a way that I have attempted never to lose. But it’s hard. It’s a tremendous emotional challenge. To sleep at night with a question this provocative that is right in your face and often in your life is not easy.

  5. Ok. Firstly, Thanks jeremy for having Christopher on. I havent heard anything quite like that…. it IS fascinating.
    Now, given the comments above AND I looked at one of the prominent videos posted at Chris’ website…AND hearing Jeremy say a string of balloons…..
    At one point in the video, the string of balloons turns and the top one was a long narrow balloon formed into an arch.
    Now as for Chris’ claims…. seriously, we all have some kind of experience, wether or not anyone else believes, they are yours. No one can take that away. Kinda like my angel in taco bell… I saw that. If anyone else saw it that was inside the building they surely would have reacted.
    Yeah, I could hear those voices saying … he had drugs built up in fat cells and they just happened to burn off at a certain time and Chris saw some kookie nonsense. Listen, I see little christmas lites that dart across the room from time to time. They are usually a yellow white to almost orange, but i see them. Mind you, they dont stop and chat…. but in all honesty, I cant discount anyone’s story of their experience; because I really dont know. the balloons in the vid… yeah. So, I give Chris the benefit of the doubt as well as jeremy’s take on it.
    It would be supercool to have that happen… maybe someday we all can. Anyway, as stated… it is a lovely sentiment and it is a great thing to be open and aware of other things that exist here that we generally cant see.
    Like those energy eaters that love negative emotions.
    Its all good.

  6. Not trying to be mean but personally – after a lifetime in the movie industry – I think Christopher has lost the plot in his own story. This was a waste of 2hrs of my life that I wish I’d spent listening to something else.

  7. Jeremy, I’m sure experiencers are lining up to do your podcast after hearing you tear Christopher down.

  8. I posted the question to Eugene asking what he found preachy soon after he posted, but there was an issue with my posts not showing up. We finally got the issue solved, but not before the great pile-on of other upset listeners. So, I’ll wait ’til next episode to answer you all.

  9. Well, this one was a real double-edged sword, wasn’t it? On the one hand, we have a rather endearing character, with a fascinating story and heart warming message… and then on the other we have a collection of related videos, that, at least to me, amount to the square root of ‘you-know-what’. So the question is whether the videos negate what he had to say… to which I would suggest the answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. He clearly had an experience that fundamentally changed him and his outlook on life, which is a wonderful thing and arguably the most important part of any super natural experience…that part of his story I thought was compelling but to the content of the subsequent videos and the suggestion of what they represent, from my objective position, I would suggest he is at best mistaken… at worst, deluded – at least about most of them. I hate to say that, because from what I’ve heard of Christopher, I really like the guy. If I had seen those videos first, I very much doubt I would have wanted to interview him. As a whole, they certainly don’t do him any favours… as what I saw was dust, planets, insects, bats, balloons, aircraft… which were conversely interpreted by Christopher as a whole host of light / day beings, orbs ect. and even UFOs that were masquerading as aircraft. Maybe I would have thought differently had I been there – and I can’t fault Christopher for his enthusiasm – but from my armchair, my gut reaction was profound disappointment… and maybe even a bit of embarrassment for the guy – rightly or wrongly. As to Jeremy’s post-interview comments, I can understand how some people may have felt it rather unkind…especially after hearing such a sincere, warm-hearted guy speak about something that had clearly changed him profoundly…and maybe Jeremy should have left it at that, to let everyone make up their own minds… but given the content of those videos, I personally don’t think his comments were unreasonable, as they spoke to the need for ‘discernment’ as J has mentioned on many occasions… but in the end, whatever we might think looking from the outside, all that really matters are Christopher’s experiences, how he interprets them and how it subsequently changed him.

    Anyway, talking about interpreting events in nature, some of Christopher’s reactions reminded me of a mild version of the ‘double-rainbow’ guy in that infamous YouTube vid. Enjoy 🙂

  10. While I don’t usually comment, I feel compelled to say something after this interview. Like many listeners, I have a lifetime of experiences and yet I still cannot say what the phenomena is about in any definitive way. The very nature of it seems to raise layers and layers of questions- at least for me. That has had a profound impact on me and challenged me- continues to challenge me. While I really empathize with the desire to neaten everything up, I feel an internal red flag when I hear people suggest that they understand what is happening in this way. I have said that I do not feel it is productive to try to describe this experience as “good or evil.” I still feel that is the case as it reflects a kind of simplification of a complex phenomenon. This, of course, reflects my own opinion. The guest’s clear joy in describing his experiences came through in his narrative and I appreciate that whatever is happening to him is having a profoundly positive effect in his life. That is lovely. However, I don’t think it is the period on the end of the sentence. I would like to see how we could move deeper into this conversation and how we might help each other to recognize our filters and perhaps at least glimpse what lies beyond.

  11. Author

    Anne said “the human species is too young to have beliefs. What we need are questions.” She is so right. Without a ground of truth, beliefs are just too unreliable.

    “I would like to see how we could move deeper into this conversation and see how we might help each other to recognize our filters and perhaps at least glimpse what lies beyond.”

    Well said!

  12. After reading thru a lot of the comments, I came across the idea of the Trickster.
    I suppose if you are weak minded something like a Trickster may exist.
    My experiences in life have tended to be black and white with very little gray.
    I know when I am in the presence of good.
    I definitely know when I cross evil. I have had bone chilling experiences with evil.
    I do not mean to be judgemental. I do have a protective attitude towards gentle people. Your guest was a gentle soul.

  13. After reading thru a lot of the comments, I came across the idea of the Trickster.
    I suppose if you are weak minded something like a Trickster may exist.
    My experiences in life have tended to be black and white with very little gray.
    I know when I am in the presence of good.
    I definitely know when I cross evil. I have had bone chilling experiences with evil.
    I do not mean to be judgemental. I do have a protective attitude towards gentle people. Your guest was a gentle soul.
    This is not a duplicate comment.

  14. this topic is never easy to comment on or “to bring to the light”, it started with reading in The New York Times of Dr. Donald F. Klein death (his obituary), usually I don’t read them, but it wasn’t until the end of day the connection. I asked my husband to retrieve my well worn copy of Communion,”I don’t like touching that book” he said (my son would flip it over hiding the front cover.. I would read it yearly in the fall since 1987) finally the connection; the same Dr. Klein. I delayed reading The Communion Letters until 2016……

    I went back and listened again to the interview with Christopher Peters after finishing up the interview Jeremy Vaeni announcing he was leaving. It was hard reading the comments on this thread. It was good Whitley Strieber was weighing in.

    I have always felt comfort in Anne Strieber. Always saying to the affect “keeping things in the question”

    Before I returned my well worn copy of Communion to the bookshelf, I pulled out The Communion Letters and turned to front dedication. (i am not going to repeat it here if you don’t have a copy get one and read it and with that closed the circle)

  15. I am new to the site and just listened to this podcast yesterday, I’m a late bloomer as they say, but it was definitely one of the most thought provoking I’ve come across yet. Chris is very genuine, detailed and passionate from the interview. I mean wow, you could have had another whole interview with him in all the government stuff he just touched on in the end. However I don’t find any of his videos or even his channel on YouTube, taken down by now no doubt. From what everyone who has seen them describes, there’s nothing there. For beings as advanced and benevolent as described and who just want to spread a message of love and oneness you’d think they could make something appear on film. My bigger point is if there never were any videos I would have believed everything he said and probably followed him online and inquired about healing sessions etc. If he is being sincere, and there’s zero proof, where does that leave us? Mental illness, psychosis, delirium? I know everyone on here will start arguing it doesn’t matter what we believe, maybe it’s real for him etc. But for plain folk like me I’ll always remember this to pull me back to reality the next time I find myself down a rabbit hole. Thanks Jeremy for having the courage to call it like it is. You didn’t tell anyone to believe or not, you just gave your opinion and what’s wrong with that.

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