Our Christmas Special this year is an hour with Linda Moulton Howe, and she and Whitley cover the world of high strangeness. They start with MK-ULTRA and the possibility that it is continuing. Linda starts with this: "from every direction, I am getting a sense that 2019 could be one of the world’s most tumultuous years, physically from the planet’s point of view, from the environment, from the government and possibly finally getting that headline that we’ve all been waiting for for so long, that we’re not alone in this universe!"

First, Linda Moulton Howe returns with the monthly Howe Report. This month, she tells us the inside story of the Solar Observatory shutdown and the probability that the claim that this occurred because of a child pornography investigation may not be the whole story. Linda will be with us once a month with a half hour report, and will appear whenever events warrant. We’re glad to welcome her back!

Linda Moulton Howe returns with a great show and some great news! The Linda Moulton Howe report is returning to Dreamland. When our new site is deployed, Linda will return twice a month with Linda Moulton Howe’s Dreamland reports.

In this show, she shares her thoughts on what might happen if the ongoing official release of UFO videos causes the media to become curious about the abductions. Will they take the sensationalistic route and cause panic, or will a more measured approach be preferred? And SHOULD a more measured approach be taken, given the intensity of some of the reports?