This is part one of the two-part show, and it is deep. Host Jeremy Vaeni, his long-time former broadcast partner (and soon-to-be author) Jeff Ritzmann, and returning guest “Marie” talk about their experiences in ways rarely heard on podcasts like these. Prepare to think differently. This is the last scheduled edition of the Experience. Future shows will appear occasionally. This is the 196th episode of the Experience on

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  1. Jeremy:
    Great episode.
    I’m glad you’re not disappearing but will be back on this website periodically… as a one time “creative” I chuckled at the observation regarding openesss to “experiences” and the reaction of “vanilla humans”… I’ve learned not to share. LOL.

  2. Thanks! … And what a terrible lesson to learn. Understandable, but sorry to hear.

  3. Jeremy, Jeff Ritzmann and Marie, I really enjoyed this interview. All of you, THANK YOU…….Jeremy, looking forward to the next interview.

    1. Thank ya, kindly! The next one is amazing, in my opinion. A great one to go out on.

  4. Good show, looking forward to next. Have listened twice and somehow keep missing story of weird man on train. Anyway, I too see the wisps of fabric. I see it as more of a plasma. I have also seen the “smoke” coming off the trees. This I believe is energy as I’ve seen it streaming off other living things as well. I work very closely with people for long periods of time in a dimly lit room. Having said that, I see a lot, mostly when I get very into my work and my mind is relaxed. I have seen flashes of light with no source, shadows moving about the room, and most importantly orbs. small balls of a plasma looking light that moves around the room. sometimes it comes out of the person, and some times it goes in. The most common is coming out from the chin area and re-entering at the abdomen. These things are common place. On several occasions co-workers have also seen. So, I guess my point is that there is so much more going on around us all the time that we can’t see. This thing we call reality really is a mystery.

    1. Marie told the weird man on the train story in the April 2, 2015 episode entitled, “Close Encounters of The Public Kind.”

  5. Very telling that Jeff has withdrawn from the public forum. Very understandable as to why; it’s a goat rodeo.

    Absolutely wonderful show. I have listened to it several times. I found it relevant, frank, funny, and spot on. 🙂

    You guys are a treasure trove of realism and sanity; please keep up the good work.

    Please get together again and discuss the role of creative imagination, and creativity. Would love to hear about that.

    Best regards,


  6. I certainly enjoy these kind of shows… just chatting.
    “..Architects of your world.”
    “..Construct of this reality.”
    “’re not supposed to know the script or you blow the whole plan.”
    you know, Ive come to the conclusion that this is all a video game. If you’ve ever played an online MMO game, you’d understand. Trolls, devs and such.. new content, new challenges. “Its all just a game.” Anne Strieber.
    Just like your chum there, Jeff R., who SAW outside the universe and the guy standing there in the labcoat….
    And its all about “waking up?”
    do they want the avatars to “wake up?” maybe so.
    I could go on and on, but as mentioned around 1:25 about
    disappointment in reaction. Im just crazy.
    “Live in joy.”
    “Happy go lucky” vs terrifying? Negative is easier to believe. its like asking, “whats the best color?”
    Is there a best color?
    Again, Jeremy, when you get into these roundtables, theres super cool thought flying around. It makes one stretch those thoughts.
    And lastly, being creative means you have space in your dictionary to add things into, accept. If you are creative, you have the imagination to grasp and form the unusual better than someone who needs a meter or measurement to describe something.
    whats the best color? Like experience, its personal.
    Thats why most of us listeners are open enough to say that its possible.
    “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet.

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