Trained to Hear God

June 10, 2019
Psychological Anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann has written an excellent book about Evangelical Christians who train themselves to hear and feel God called, When God Talks Back. In this episode, we talk to her about the ins and outs of that and... continued

Strangeness Among Siblings

May 2, 2019
Sometimes technology goes haywire. If you're an experiencer of high strangeness, you might suspect that the reason is paranormal, or perhaps involves government surveillance. When you find out that there is a normal, mundane explanation, you might breathe a sigh... continued

A Trip to Egypt Leads to a Discussion of All Sorts of Things that Go Bump in the Night

April 5, 2019
Leprechauns, deities, UFOs, psychic predictions, and the dead. A trip to Egypt leads to a trip to ancient Egypt and past life visions without regression. Experiencer Kathy Colgiano takes us on a tour of her life touring the world's sacred... continued

In the Sky and In Our Minds

March 2, 2019
One of our last guests, "Crystal," was introduced to us by her brother, "Robert." Now, we meet Robert and learn about a UFO encounter he had with his then-wife that really gets to the heart of the question so many... continued

Mysterious Interconnections: A Roundtable Discussion

January 31, 2019
On this extra long episode transitioning us from a weekly 1-hour show to a monthly 2-hour, an ensemble cast of previous guests join Jeremy Vaeni to dissect their experiences and find the intersections and interconnections of high strangeness and spiritual... continued

Resurgence of High Strangeness

January 26, 2019
Do certain elements converge in a lifelong experiencer to create periods of time when activity amps up? Is that happening right now with host Jeremy Vaeni? We explore this together in the first half and then subscribers have some of... continued

Unicorns: You Will Believe

January 18, 2019
When this week's guest got married, she found herself in a lot of physical pain, which led to an out of body experience, which led to an amazing week of blatant interdimensional activity. And editing this show has led to the host... continued

ET Roundtable

January 11, 2019
When you have a man with the last name "Knight" and a man named "Excalibur," naturally, you have a roundtable. But instead of going medieval, this one goes into the heart of all high strangeness experiences. Carol Fong, Shay Trias,... continued

Ethics for Experiencers

December 20, 2018
Did host Jeremy Vaeni predict the surprising Kilauea volcanic eruption that ran from May to August 2018, back in August of 2014? Maybe he did; maybe he didn't. The importance of this uncertainty springboards us into a vast discussion of... continued

Ethics: the Missing Piece of the UFOlogical Puzzle

December 12, 2018
What starts as an apology for missing a blatant ethical issue that flew over the host's head during last week's interview ends in a call for adopting a universal code of ethics in ufology, because that's what is needed for... continued