Are there people with superpowers? Are YOU one of them?
Returning guest “Shawn” has another amazing time slip, but this one isn’t random. It serves a purpose. It serves life. Not only has Shawn figured that out, he’s also found out that he’s not alone. 
Welcome to the relaunch of The Experience!
The image of Sean’s double-teleport diagram  shown here will make sense when you listen. In fact, it will be very useful as you do so!
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  1. So good, thank you Jeremy, I loved that question you asked about if life is precious vs. it’s an illusion….

      1. Yes! The answer was great….how you said what we do in the moment, it’s about where we are right now….and oh lord where I am right now! Dealing with my very sick dad🙏🏾😳

        1. Sorry to hear about your dad. Just your being there for him helps him immensely I am sure.

  2. Jeremy, I’m tucked in and ready to rumble and listen to the show…you better do a damn good one! Ditching us all in the fun of this year, skedaddling off. If it doesn’t satisfy, I know where you live and as penance you’ll find me waiting in your house after your daily swim with the grand dolphins of Hawaii…a bottle of bourbon in my hand…and I’ll pour you a drink and gently annoy you to enough to listen to David Jacobs *and* Stephen Greer on audible for *hours* mixed in with Coast to Coast AM callers talking about how their kids are indigo star children here to bring us into the Galactic Federation. And ya know, other stuff that’s germane, legit.

    Joking aside, in all seriousness glad you’re back! (Just sent you a message on another platform to let you know who this is 😉 ). Maybe if I get an inspiration I’ll buzz you about about coming on your show again. I think Jeff Ritzmann and I could have one serious one on one staring contest into the depths of cynical scrutiny? Fun show theme?…

    Alright listening I get it…looking forward to your new book, too (literally ordering it AWS). 🙂


    1. Stephen Greer fast-talking us on Audible… if he could do that into a windmill, it might just be the free energy device he seeks.

      Thanks and Thanks!

      1. Well no fear of that…loved the show.

        Though frankly I think in retrospect a more perfect hell would be audio clips of Greer introducing people over and over immediately followed each time by Coast to Coast AM callers and guests talking about their Indigo Children who are you know perfect, advanced for their age, who “really see things others don’t. My son Danny is a starchild from Arcturus, who decided to incarnate here. I think they’re all here to bring us up in vibration as a people, a species, George.” Basically what every parent thinks of his/her child, except with a lovely, passively-aggressively vain twist.

        I always want to ask those knuckleheads what they mean scientifically *exactly* by “vibration” because I’m pretty sure it’s just a catch all term for “stuff, and stuff…you know stuff, being better stuff, rainbows, galactic sun, raising our density, whatever.”

        1. EL OH EL.

          Whelp, we could use the brilliance of those rainbow indigo starseed whatevers right about now. So, if they exist, let’s go! Vibrate us the heck outta 2020!

      2. I believe he properly referred to as “Commander” Greer. 😂

  3. I’ve listened to many interesting shows since becoming a subscriber and I was riveted during this one! Thank you!

  4. Good to have you back, Jeremy!

    I had to hear Shawn’s story, especially after seeing the picture posted above of the map with the ‘clover leaf’. I had a very weird ‘time slip’ several years ago, which I won’t go into here, but I have wondered if all the concrete and steel in these massive interchanges, flyovers, and road ways could play a part, especially if one may be in a certain frame of mind. My time slip occurred in a very similar type locale, road-wise, as that posted above. I am not discounting the more important aspects of Shawn’s story, but I did go, “hmmm”, as he told how events unfolded, as it related to my event. Oddly enough, a few years after my ‘time slip’, my boyfriend had a strange situation occur near the same spot where my time slip occurred. I even made a map, very similar to Sean’s, a day after the event happened to me, which I have since misplaced, but I easily could recreate it although there have been some changes in that area over the last few years.

    Very, very interesting interview, and it was also great to catch up with Shawn too as he continues to explore and evolve in this ever-changing reality.

    1. That’s interesting. What do you suspect the relationship might be?

  5. We are not talking ‘natural’ structures at all, but ones that are made by humans. That being said, concrete is made up of water, sand and gravel— and cement. Cement is made up of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron and other things like limestone, shells, and chalk, shale, clay, slate, blast furnace slag, silica sand, and iron ore. (Yes, I looked it up to get the details.) Older human-made structures, such as Stonehenge, for instance, were made from strictly ‘natural’ stone, but there were other things involved in its construction:

    We could also talk about the pyramids in Egypt, but the point may be that there are a combination of factors from ‘ingredients’, to location and time that may set up a resonance that may happen when combined with a certain frame of mind (And I think ancient people understood this, based on their experiences with the natural environment.)

    So, maybe we are inadvertently creating, here and there and with no plan, ‘sacred’ spaces that aren’t so sacred, but have an impact on certain individuals, and their ability to bi-locate or manipulate time.

    1. That’s an interesting theory. I like it it a lot. If I may add to it, ancient Hawaiians knew rocks to be alive and would ask or command them to come with them when they had a job for them to do.

      Lack of understanding of the aliveness of “things,” and therefore lack of communication and protocols, on our part, is likely also a factor.

      1. Yes! I agree— said the woman who has conversations with rocks, insects, frogs—you name it. 😄

  6. Great show! Shawn, I think you are right about the van passing you twice and the change of the cornfield to soybeans. These were dry runs for the loop incident. All three happened while on the road!

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