Halloween is coming. But for some of us, it never leaves….

Tina Sena has had a number of high strangeness experiences in her life, but perhaps none as bold and obviously Hollywood as the time the street went dark, the people around her disappeared, and a werewolf showed up. When she ran home to tell her mom and sister, her mother didn’t want to hear it. But her sister believed. She had seen one, too.
When you’re done with this episode, please go listen to Tina and her all-female roundtable podcast on paranormal and true crime, called, The Cauldroncast, here: https://open.spotify.com/show/15RMgYRFCf3ItVTGmeLLPf

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  1. Jeremy and Tina Sena…….Tina when you described the white and blue lights in the doorway where your dead grandfather stood, I was reminded of an incident from years ago. I was in bed and dreaming (not really an accurate description, more like an out of body experience but still sort of dreamlike).  In this altered state I was able to see through my bedroom wall and into the living room. The living room was filled with white and blue swirling lights. I am now standing in the living room and go over to a window where the lights seem to be originating. My apartment at that time was located on the second floor, so I looked down onto what looked like a vehicle. There were lights on the top of it, so I assumed it must have been a police car. 

    THEN, I am aware of two men dressed in tan clothing at my back door. I AM VERY NERVOUS ABOUT THEM BEING THERE. I call out to them and say, “I am NOT what you are looking for.” Fast forward now since I have not included the whole dreamlike experience. The following morning I am at my workplace when my neighbor calls to inform me that our neighbor Lou passed over during the night. THIS I BELIEVE IS WHO THOSE TWO MEN DRESSED IN TAN CLOTHING WERE COMING FOR. NOT ME, BUT I WAS OUT OF BODY AND I THINK THIS CONFUSED THEIR MISSION???????

  2. beeeeeeeep! Ha! that was funny. Especially the one at the very end.
    Great interview. It made me think of American Gods too. Going to check out Tina’s pod now, thanks!

    1. Thanks. I should do more easter eggs for those who stick around past the end song.

  3. Jeremy, so glad your back. I missed you terribly. Interesting and thought provoking as always.

    1. Awe, thank you! I’ll do my best to keep ’em thought-provoking.

  4. Hey, Jeremy, welcome back, and with a great show! Normally, I’m bored by stuff like werewolves, but your sense of humor and your searching questions made this one a must listen!

    Looking forward to more Jeremy, and MORE!

    1. Thank you, kindly. Glad you braved the waters of a topic you weren’t too keen on.

  5. I may be atypical in that I am an experiencer yet have never had the slightest interest in horror flicks as I, too, always felt they were stupid, unrealistic. Interesting show.

  6. Such a fascinating show! It brought me back to the time in 1977 that I encountered what I could only describe as Mictlantecuhtl, Aztec god of the Underworld. Alternatively, the appearance may have been of the god Chalchiuhtecolotl, Lord of the shadows. I only put the names to what I saw after a little investigation. I didn’t know what in the world was going on. Like Tina, I only remember seeing the head. At the time, why I saw this vision was a mystery to me as I had little to no knowledge of the Aztecs. The question remains, “Are these really gods or is there something else behind them?” I found this link to be quite interesting, particularly the Harry Potter definition of a boggart: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boggart

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