Binnall of America host and Coast To Coast AM writer, Tim Binnall, joins us to discuss whether or not more people have been reporting paranormal experiences than normal since the COVID outbreak. Then, we take a deep dive into some shallow conspiracies that have come to the fore in recent years. 
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  1. Thank you for this interesting podcast. It’s understandable that your guest mentions thinking that we would all be able to get thru COVID-19 “quicker” if we all wore masks. In reality, however, universal mask wearing does not hasten the end of this pandemic, only vaccine(s) will do that. The power of universal mask wearing is the drastic decrease in disease and death from this pandemic. And yes, I always wear a face mask during this pandemic when away from home.

    In addition, your guest raised a question about spontaneous human combustion (called SHC in parapsychology). In her book Secrets and Mysteries of the World, psychic Sylvia Browne (who died in 2013) reported that “Francine,” her contact on the Other Side, informed her that SHC is caused by a buildup of phosphorous in the human body, phosphorous being a highly flammable substance. It might be interesting to find out if SHC is more common among different ethnic groups, in other words is it more often associated with particular diets or with certain medical conditions?

  2. Part 1
    I listened to this episode, and gave it all a few days to simmer…Nothing came to me right away, but then this morning, it did!

    In the early days of COVID here in the U.S., when doctors and researchers were trying to figure it all out, and get clues about it, I had a very vivid dream. The dream was about an old ‘Star Trek’ episode, ‘Operation Annihilate!’ In this particular episode, some critters were causing a form of deadly mass insanity in humans. (And victims included Kirk’s brother and his family). To make a long story short, they discover that the critters can be killed by sunlight. In my dream, I was told that this also worked with COVID. The next morning, I told my partner about it, and I also felt that this might be a factor in so many assisted living facility deaths—people that were old, infirm, or ill—and also not getting much sunlight or vitamin D. I posted my dream on Twitter, and waited to see if I would get any validation down the road. You’ll love this! A few weeks later, Jack Brewer tweeted an article to me, asking, “Have you seen this?” Since then, Vitamin D has taken on more importance in the battle against COVID. It’s not a cure, but getting adequate Vitamin D before you get COVID may keep its severity in check.

    …And do we even want to address the ‘insanity’ associated with COVID how some people have reacted to it (Not wearing masks, social distancing, etc)?

  3. Part 2

    Let’s talk human behavior and conspiracy theories…

    By the time I reached high school, I had started to notice a lot about behavior in people that was disturbing to me. I had been a very quiet little kid, which also meant that I was keeping my mouth shut—and just paying attention to how people treated one another and how they reacted, even to me.

    I remember one day talking to a friend of mine about how teachers often had mindsets about certain kids, how some were ‘good’, some were ‘bad’, and how it painted their treatment of both sets of kids. I was not a trouble maker at all, but was honest and spoke my mind by that age, but kept it respectful. Some kids didn’t always engage in really ‘bad’ behavior, but the teachers never cut them any slack. To prove my point, I told my friend that I could do something ‘bad’ in class, but the teacher would not care. My friend insisted that I was wrong, and that I would be reprimanded. So, during English class, I did something a bit disruptive, but no bid deal, overall. We were having a quiet reading time in class that day. I took out a paper bag, blew it up, then produced quite the loud ‘bang’ when I broke it. Everyone in the class paid attention, including the teacher. She looked right at me, saw the torn bag, and said didn’t say a word! No one else did either, but my friend was but pretty impressed when we spoke later. Dumb, right? There were some other kids (all boys) that would have gotten in trouble for that pretty harmless stunt.

    Now as to gullibility and the lack of discernment in some people—I noticed that at a young age too. In those days we didn’t have social media, but we did have chatter—and lots of gossip (You don’t hear the term ‘gossip’ much anymore). I also noticed that people often heard what they wanted to hear, and had no qualms about passing it on to anyone willing to listen. People have not changed, but due to social media, the ‘gossip’ spreads worldwide in no time flat, along with lots of lies, and very questionable ‘information’. Include various hidden agendas and politics and soon you have what we have now, with people’s minds and souls ripe for the picking, but on a large scale.

    So, here we are—but where are we headed, and what’s the end game?

    Someday I’ll talk about another social experiment that I tried in high school involving the bumblebee fur industry. Not kidding…people will believe just about anything, and the lack of discernment paired with an ignorant-and- proud- of- it attitude displayed by many human beings is frightening. Humans seem to go through cycles of ‘dark ages’ and ‘enlightenment’ over and over again, and through various cultures. Indigenous cultures seem to have been the exception for a long time, but now they are being drawn into it too as their own cultures have shrunk, due to be taking over by Western cultures.

    1. Good call Cosmic. At times it appears that there is not much independent, critical thinking going on with some folks. Or as your current president said “we’ll all get herd mentality,” or something to that effect. Not sure what animal species he was referring to, but count me out of that one.
      Rickety Man

      1. With talk of independent and critical thinking in decision making we must not discount our emotions and the role they play. Analytical thinking in of itself without recognizing our own emotions or those of others is just as concerning as being easily swayed be one’s emotions. Jeremy, you mentioned that you don’t like it when a show or movie manipulates your emotions, especially those that touch your deepest ones. I find you to be a very analytical thinker, but don’t discount your emotions, they complete your being. Whitley talks about the need to reconcile these parts of us, to put them in balance and in the process to rise above.
        Tim’s comment about needing to acknowledge the emotional reaction that people have when hearing about the claim that infants are being abused or killed is a very important one. To me it shows the compassion of those individuals. The main concern I have about claims made by sources such as Q-Anon is that they may be manipulating people’s emotions for some ulterior purpose. If the proponent was truly sincere in their cause then they need to come out from behind the curtain of anonymity and stand behind their words. Otherwise their voice is probably one of deceit and malice.
        Rickety Man

        1. “Jeremy, you mentioned that you don’t like it when a show or movie manipulates your emotions, especially those that touch your deepest ones.”

          When did I say that?

          1. I must apologize Jeremy for putting words in your mouth. At about1:03:40 you said you railed against emotive documentaries and I read to much into your statement. I guess I was projecting my own thinking realizing how often my emotions had been manipulated in the past. I no longer view shows or movies with violent content as I feel that they pull my soul down. A good tear jerker is Ok once in a while. I want to be lifted up.

            Too old to soon, too smart to late.
            Rickety Man

  4. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to post this on ‘The Experience’  OR ‘The Unseen,’ so decided to post  in both places……..

    Do not know if anyone is interested in this investigation but thought I would post it thinking some listeners might???,missour.html

    This ongoing event took place in 1973. Here are a few things I copied over since it is a pretty long article. I remember when it was happening as I still had family connections in that part of Missouri.

    “Small balls of glowing and pulsating light were observed to move over towns, farms, homes, roads, police stations, and even tv and radio stations.”

    “Rutledge started by convincing SEMO astronomer Milton Ueleke to accompany him to the Piedmont area to take a cursory look at the events and talk to a few local officials who had been involved in the events. Rutledge informed the University President (((curiously named Dr. Scully))) of his plans and added another physicist, Dr. Sidney Hodges, and two senior students to his initial team. On April 6, 1973, the project began.”

    “Rutledge retired from SEMO in 1992 and died at the age of 80 in 2006. He did give a presentation at a MUFON conference and his work was occasionally noted in MUFON publications, but essentially his statements about plasmas and overall work is dismissed by ufology, which prefers to believe in something else entirely.”

     (As a footnote, Bone tragically died from a rare disease in 1977 at the age of 48, but his story never wavered.)

    The Yakama Tribe, like many others, has legends and an oral history that seemingly takes the UFO-like activity on their reservation well back into time. For example, they have stories of “little people” known as “stick Indians” and legends of light forms. However, the earliest documented UFO report that I can find from Yakima comes from 1957. The report was gathered by Greg Long in an interview of Larry George, who was then stationed in a no longer existing fire lookout on Simcoe Butte on the southern extreme of the 1.3 million acre reservation. George was scanning the forests for fires when he saw a light in the sky, about the size of Venus, suddenly dip into a canyon. During the next years George had more sightings, but the vast majority of reports came in the early 1970s. Another article by Long, published in the July/August 1994 IUR Journal, related that fire lookout Dorothea Strum was reporting the strange lights as early as 1960.

    I received this video from my niece last night and feel it is a good way to close this out.


  5. So, if the elite’s and the Reptilians are all eating babies, where are all the babies coming from? That would explain why some are fighting so hard to ban abortion/birth control. ; ) I’m very disturbed by the level of stupid I see daily. As a society we seem to have failed in teaching critical thinking skills.

    1. And why don’t Tom Hanks and Bill Gates look younger?

      The whole point of eating babies or baby fear is eternal youth, isn’t it? And yet it’s old white men (and Hillary) doing the gobbling. They ain’t gettin’ any younger, are they?

    1. He eats babies, too. Anyone even remotely liberal, at this point, is snacking on delicious baby fear. For… um… youth.

  6. I had decided not to comment on this show, even though I really wanted to at the time. Obviously, I changed my mind! One observation: it continues to boggle my mind how some people that are involved in this web site have completely open minds about the subject of visitors, aliens, and the paranormal, but are totally closed minded when it comes to the faintest possibility that the US government isn’t always being straight with us about events, yes, even the pandemic. You have no trouble discussing the huge UFO cover up that the government has been engaging in for decades, but they would never keep any information from us regarding diseases or elections! I’m not a hard core conspiracy theorist, but I try my best to keep an open mind on all subjects and not be so black and white. And for someone who isn’t an experiencer, some of the things I hear on here are a stretch for me!
    Also, if you’re going to bash other people on your show, like David Icke, at least get what he says right. I don’t claim to believe all he says, but again, I try to be open minded. He says the reptilians are inter-dimensional beings who shape shift from a human appearance to a reptilian appearance; they aren’t running around like Bigfoot in the woods. So it would do no good at all to try to hunt them down with pitchforks or whatever else was mentioned in that remark. I usually enjoy this podcast, but not this time.

    1. I don’t believe everything the government says about anything. But within reason. The U.S. government isn’t telling us about the pandemic in a vacuum. It’s global. Globally, scientists are in agreement we have a dangerous pandemic on our hands and social distancing + masks are our best bet to keep it manageable. On the other hand, not only have I not seen any conspiracy theory that strikes me as credible regarding this, all I’ve seen are selfish people who will come up with any excuse not to wear a mask.

      As to elections, the only candidate who kindly outlined exactly how he planned to throw the election was Donald Trump. He told us everything. Still, it didn’t work. It didn’t work because voters overwhelmingly chose Biden by about 5 million votes and, it turns out, he couldn’t simply will the mail-in ballots illegal because he wanted them to be.

      So, his cheating couldn’t throw it. And if you believe in a world where Team Biden has the power to somehow rig the system in several states, including Republican-controlled states, wouldn’t you think he’d have swung the Senate and not lost any seats in the House, too?

      Unless you’re sticking with the hidden hand theory that it’s all pro wrestling. There’s one New World Order entity at the top puppet mastering all of it. But I think Trump has disproven that. He clearly was in charge for 4 years and we’re all paying for it, literally and figuratively.

      If you’re more upset with an offhanded mischaracterization of David Icke’s completely baseless assertions about reptilian shapeshifters than the fact that this man’s nonsense is so popular in a topic you take seriously and wish others would take seriously, I don’t know what to tell you.

      Open-minded is good. But it’s got to be in service to weighing the information and discerning whether something is garbage or not. Doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a final answer, but it sure saves you from going down nonsense paths that make charlatans money.

      I won’t be persecuted for having discernment, sorry. There is no point in even engaging these phenomena if we’re going to pretend that no one claiming to have information/experiences is delusional, no one is lying, and no one is just plain wrong. I’m open until such a one shows me it’s time to close it.

      1. Many of Unknown Country’s viewers are not Americans and our respective countries have their own infectious disease experts who have come to the conclusion that the Covid-19 virus is deadly and deserves our respect, just as have your country’s experts. At some point we need to place our trust in those who are trained in their respective fields and that they have our best interests at heart. Otherwise one’s life becomes filled with paranoia and fear, one hardly worth living.

        Regarding the matter of personal experiences described by guests and Dreamland members, yes many are a stretch. I too have had many strange experiences that I think most would find hard to believe. For me, I find great value in hearing others who have had incredible experiences, some of which mirror my own. It just adds to the wonder of my own experiences.

        Take care and remember that we are all in this together.
        Rickety Man

  7. Bravo Jeremy! You may have lost a fan, but you sure gained one!! If only more people had your intelligence and good sense, and your awesome way with words!

    1. Thanks, George. Are you sure you’re not me using a fake account? lol

      1. Author

        Ha, George is definitely a subscriber with a paying account.

  8. 1 – Jeremy didn’t lose a fan. I stated that I didn’t particularly enjoy this podcast, not the entire show.
    2- I’m not upset
    3- I have discernment
    4- I don’t necessarily trust experts, they are human beings and therefore fallible. My life is not filled with paranoia and fear
    5-I will continue to be open minded, knowing that I never have all the information on any subject
    6-I have plenty of intelligence and good sense
    7-I won’t be intimidated into not expressing my opinions

    1. This comment was supposed to be deleted as I wanted to offer a more thorough reply, but apparently this didn’t happen.

  9. Quite a few assumptions here, so I’ll try to clarify my original post. My intent was not to put you on the defensive. I was not upset when I wrote the post; I truly am puzzled by openness to some subjects and not to others.

    I chose elections and the pandemic as examples of areas where the government may be withholding information. I am not a Trump supporter who is looking for the election to be overturned. I also am not a Biden supporter. In fact, I do not support people at all. I support the principles that this country was founded on.

    I do not believe that COVID 19 is a hoax. I personally know people who are hospitalized and near death’s door right this minute. I adhere to all of our local ordinances to wear masks and practice social distancing. However, I do think it’s very likely that the disease has been used to achieve political goals.

    The point that I am attempting to make is this: For a major portion of my adult life, I searched for certainty. I searched for answers. I envied people who seemed to know exactly what they believed and why. I couldn’t figure out why I was unable to claim my own beliefs and stand for them. Several years ago, I accepted that I’m not going to get there and I have been working since then to be okay with uncertainty. Yes, my “truster” is broken. I don’t know the reason why and I probably never will, but it has been broken since as long as I can remember.

    “Experts” in fields are human beings, just like me, and therefore subject to error. So I try to allow for the possibility of literally anything. Does this mean I live my life being hoodwinked by charlatans or in paranoia and fear? No, it does not. I am neither paranoid nor fearful and I take everything I read and hear with the proverbial grain of salt.

    So George Pelly, Jeremy didn’t lose a fan. I only stated that I didn’t enjoy this podcast, not the entire show. And I suppose that having an IQ score of 123 on the Stanford Binet Intelligence Scale (which I studied while earning my undergraduate degree) doesn’t make me Mensa material, but I think I can claim to be intelligent and I know I have plenty of good sense. I am also a decent writer, having made top grades on scientific papers, and having written articles for publication, as well as dabbling in a little fiction of my own. I’m not one to blow my own horn, but people seem very willing to make unfounded assumptions here.

    I wish you all a good day!

  10. This was a very down to earth, sensible show, making me miss the loss of civility, intellect, and normality in America. These are the kind of people I would like as neighbors and friends.

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