It’s Looking More and More Like the Matrix is Real. If so, then WHAT ARE WE??

December 3, 2021
Is our world a simulation? If so, then what are WE? MIT computer scientist Riz Virk explores these amazing questions with Whitley this week. Why are they amazing? Because they need to be asked--and can be asked--at all. Advances in... continued

The Afterlife Frequency–and Yes, YOU can Tune In!

November 26, 2021
Most of us have tried to communicate with the dead. Some have succeeded, many have not. BUT just as the relationship of mankind with the visitors is changing, so is our relationship with human consciousness, which includes what we think... continued

Are the Movies at War with the Archons?? We Uncover some Deep, Deep Secrets

November 19, 2021
In this amazing episode of Dreamland, Robert W. Sullivan IV returns to talk about movie symbolism--and it turns out to be one of the most powerful and provocative shows we have ever done! Robert not only clues us in to... continued

Somebody is Here–So Why Can’t the Establishment Face the Truth? PLUS for Subscribers, a Touching Documentary about Anne Strieber

November 12, 2021
Now that there has been an official admission that UFOs/UAPs are real objects and a genuine unknown, what about the close encounter experience? New York Times reporter Ralph Blumenthal has published an important article in the Debrief discussing this very... continued

Multidimensional: Peter Maxwell Slattery, A Contactee with Verified Video!

November 5, 2021
Peter Maxwell Slattery has a deep connection to the strange intelligence we call "aliens" or "visitors"--and he has the video to prove it. Don't miss miss his wonderful wisdom and great story! In this stunner of an interview he tells... continued

One of the Most Important UFO Books Ever Written

October 29, 2021
Journalist George Knapp and Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP) director Colm Kelleher join Whitley to discuss the incredible new book that they have written with program director Dr. James T. Lacatski to discuss this amazing program, just revealed... continued

UK MoD UFO Expert Nick Pope on the Latest Reveals

October 22, 2021
Former UK MoD UFO expert Nick Pope joins us to discuss everything that is happening in the fast-changing world of UFO/UAP disclosure and government acknowledgement of the reality of close encounter and abduction high strangeness. Nick tells us of his... continued

Betty Hill’s Niece, Kathleen Marden, Became One of the World’s Leading UFO Investigators. She Tells Us Her Powerful Story

October 15, 2021
UFO researcher Kathleen Marden is the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, who were the subjects in 1961 of one of the best documented of all abduction experiences. Not only were physical traces left behind, Barney remembered much of what... continued

Famed Psychic William Stillman in a Show so Powerful Whitley Tears Up!

October 8, 2021
Are you a psychic? Do you go to psychics? Would you like to but don't know quite how to find the right one? Or are you thinking that you might BE a psychic? If so, this warm and wisdom-filled edition... continued

An Intelligence Officer You’ve Never Met Before with an Important Story to Tell

October 1, 2021
With 25 years of experience as an intelligence officer, John Ramirez has extensive knowledge about how the US intelligence community collects information, which agencies collect which kind, and how to use FOIA requests effectively to gain access to information that... continued