Secretive Ancient Societies Knew Modern Physics–but HOW?

September 22, 2023
Gnosticism expert Peter Canova joins Whitley to do a deep dive into the incredible connections between ancient Gnostic ideas and modern physics. The result is an eerie, completely fascinating show that makes you wonder not only what they knew but... continued

The Nazca Mummies: The True Story

September 15, 2023
The Nazca mummies recently received a huge amount of publicity when Jaime Maussan presented his version of the story before the Mexican Congress. The weaknesses in this story immediately became an international news sensation. The New York Times picked it... continued

The Why of Intergenerational Abductions and the Trouble this Knowledge Causes

September 15, 2023
Steve Aspin is back with a complete mind-bender of a show about the hidden meaning of abductions and an intergenerational program. Steve believes that human sexual material has been being taken since the late 19th Century. Listen as he explains... continued

The World is Changing Fast. What Do We Do? A Surprising Idea…

September 8, 2023
The idea that we are only bodies and helpless to affect the world around us with anything except technology has been relentlessly drilled into us to the point that we are completely victimized by this lie. But how do we... continued

Are We Going to Go Extinct in a World of Illusion, or is There a Way to Escape?

September 1, 2023
We live in a world of illusion that is collapsing around our ears. Every day that passes, our planet makes it more and more clear: the way we are living now cannot last and we have to find something new.... continued

Why Are Skeptics Balking At Disclosure?

August 25, 2023
Legit whistleblower testimony. Congressional hearings. Military-affirmed UAP footage. What more do skeptics need to believe that alien disclosure is happening right now? In the first half of this episode, guest host Jeremy Vaeni asks Mick West, author of Escaping The... continued

The Universe Loves You

August 18, 2023
Experiencer and UFO videographer John Martin returns with his first book, The Universe Loves You. He goes more deeply than before into his relationship with Jimmy Carter and the president's views on UFOs, then discusses the difficult time the military... continued

Psychedelic Medicine and the Mind

August 11, 2023
Psychologist Dr. Rachel Harris joins Whitley for a discussion of plant medicine and the women who guide explorers on the profound journey involved in its use. We get deep into Rachel's own journey in the world of plant medicine, exploring... continued

Are ‘Aliens’ Timeless Beings? Are We?

August 4, 2023
Are the beings we call "Visitors" and "aliens" more like conjoined twins sharing our own invisible dimensions? What does it take to know them as equals? And is our own universe constantly trying to stop us? These questions may sound crazy... continued

The Congressional UAP Hearing Analyzed Statement by Statement

July 28, 2023
We have broken down 19 specific statements of information made by the three witnesses in answer to committee questions during the historic hearing on UAPs held by the US Congress on Wednesday, July 26 and Whitley has analyzed each one... continued