The BP Oil Spill & The Evolution of An Experiencer

September 17, 2015
Imagine that you're the captain of an oil rig in the heart of one of the worst oil spills in human history. Imagine that you're also a lifelong experiencer of Visitor phenomena. Imagine what happens next.... Karen Cavalli returns to... continued

At Fear’s End

September 10, 2015
We've asked a lot of questions about the connection between fear and Visitor phenomena these past few weeks. This week, we'll hear from Lee, a lifelong experiencer who confronted his fears and actually spent a night alone in the woods... continued

The Fear Factor

September 3, 2015
"Shannon" is an experiencer who has put a lot of thought into the fear factor of her experiences. In this episode she shares with us her findings and, perhaps no surprise to this audience, they bring us straight into the... continued

“You Have Everything Because You’re Alive”

August 28, 2015
"Claire" has never shared her high strangeness experiences with anyone until now. She does not wish to belong to the experiencer club, so to speak. But does she have a choice? This is one of those riveting, and at times... continued

Jack Brewer: From UFO Witness To Investigator

August 20, 2015
When Jack Brewer was a child he had a UFO sighting that forever altered his perspective. Now, as an adult, he reports on the perspective-shapers within ufology. But here on The Experience, he also shares with us what, if not... continued

Deb Kauble, “Kathy Davis” of Intruders, Looks Back: What Does She Think Now?

August 13, 2015
Subscriber file is now posted. Deb Kauble is perhaps better known by her pseudonym "Kathy Davis" in Budd Hopkins' book Intruders. Most of us are familiar with what she experienced in the 1980s, but what does she make of it... continued

Confirmation: Proof That Afterlife Dreams Can Be Real

August 7, 2015
When last "Stephen" was on the program, he shared with us a dream he had that seemed very real--a dream of visiting an afterlife weigh station. Now, he returns with an update. After a bit of research, he has found... continued

When Skeptics Confront Their Own Psychic Experiences

July 31, 2015
Steve and Shelene consider themselves a straight-laced, skeptically-minded couple with little tolerance for what they consider New Age belief. But that doesn't mean they haven't had high strangeness experiences of their own--including the most recent one involving a group of... continued

What’s It Liike for Experiencers when Experts Talk about Them at Conferences?

July 23, 2015
What is it like to be an experiencer at a conference where the experts on stage are talking about your situation? A situation they've likely not been in? And what is it that the nuts-and-bolts alien proponents have been overlooking... continued

Time and Man: a First People’s Perspective.

July 16, 2015
What is thought? What is time? Who are we? Why is there a striking contrast between the Western mind and the First Peoples mind asking these same questions? We'll discuss it with Lakota activist Tiokasin Ghosthorse before delving into the... continued