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Imagine that you’re the captain of an oil rig in the heart of one of the worst oil spills in human history. Imagine that you’re also a lifelong experiencer of Visitor phenomena. Imagine what happens next…. Karen Cavalli returns to talk about her latest small, impactful book: Captain Chris: A Tale of the Sea, the BP Oil Spill, and the Evolution of an Experiencer.

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  1. Jeremy,
    Talk about


    Talk about synchronicity…Protecting the planet and UFOs. Just this morning I was talking to my sister on the phone when she revealed that her husband, and a whole playground of other children at school once witnessed a UFO when he was a kid (Don’t worry, I hope to follow up on this story personally with by brother-in-law in the future!) That reminded me of an incident back in 1994 involving a UFO and school children at the Ariel School in Zimbabwe. (They were also given ‘messages’ about the environment) This case was so intriguing that the late, great John Mack made a special trip to visit with the children and staff at the school about the incident. Now it it over 20 years later and I discovered after my conversation with my sister that a new documentary is in the works about the incident and follow-up with witnesses all of these after it happened.

    I would love to hear more about this new film and any new or significant information being contributed to the film. This case has stayed with me for years, and I am just disappointed that John Mack is no longer with us to be a part of the follow-up, but possibly an interview with the producer or director of the documentary, or someone from the John Mack Institute? This is a clip from 1994 when John Mack visited the school, for those not familiar with the case:

    This incident had a profound impact on the children at Ariel School. Also, I just realized that even the name of the Ariel School has significance. Ariel is known in metaphysical circles as the Archangel of nature, protecting and healing plants and animals, and also inspiring people to take care of the earth.

  2. What better then high emotion
    What better then high emotion to shake us to our core. The truth of who and what we are exists in our core. Anything that can bring us to the depth of our being, can only bring us to the truth of what is.

    On the other hand, fear can be resistance to the truth of what is. Maybe we are shown reality again and again until we get so used to it it’s no longer frightening and we can then really see what we are being shown.

  3. There is so much great stuff
    There is so much great stuff in this interview, it’s difficult to comment on.
    One statement made by Karen was “(I’m)…learning not to fight, what seems to me, to be a continual shedding of who I am in the world.” Sort of says it all. And the idea that a by product of that process is becoming a defender of the Earth rings very true to me as well.
    An integration of the feminine aspect of creation which Jeremy, you labeled as Understanding. That was an excellent choice of words considering that’s one of the names for the left hand or pillar in the Kabbalah.

    I think Cosmic L pointing out that the name of the Archangel Ariel or Uriel as connected to the earth has profound meaning as well. Uriel isn’t just the angel of nature, Uriel is the great power ‘of’ nature, personified. And as that personification, He is also the angel of initiation. His name means ‘Light’ or “Lamp’ of God and is the the Transmitter of Magical Force. Tradition states that it was the Archangel Uriel that was sent to destroy Atlantis.
    And He destroys that in us that keeps us from our true selves.
    Well…maybe. Sorry to go on a bit.

    Great show Jeremy and Karen!
    With love and respect.

  4. great interview Karen &
    great interview Karen & Jeremy.
    Cosmic Librarian, Onelivinlove, and More Light- great posts! : )

    “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Don’t know who wrote that, but there is truth there.

    Perhaps the teacher is always here, and the student is now ready and able to see and learn. Perhaps these experiences are teaching. It may follow that we bring them to us when we are ready…some kind of inner signal? Is it something agreed to before we are born into the “experience lifetime?”

    Are we waking ourselves up…one at a time until “critical mass” occurs and everyone knows? A snowball rolling downhill effect – each story/experience is part of the snowball. Each piece contributes to the whole of humankind.

    Since these are not the first time anyone has ever spoken of experiences, i wonder, if it is inherent as part of this beautiful home, Earth. Are we and all life here and the planet which is alive…all One?

    Think of an infant as it grows it sees it’s hand waving around. Soon enough the baby comes to know “that thing” is part of it. Did our hand also come to know it is part of the baby? Is there separate “mind” in each part of a body? I recall reading something a while ago which raised that question… transplants affect the person who receives them in adding/changing likes and dislikes of foods and other things. Perhaps we are “hands,arms,legs,etc” of Earth and we are coming to awareness we belong to each other and Earth.

  5. The good news is everybody is
    The good news is everybody is an experiencer. We all go through the same thing, just differently. Great show!

  6. There did not seem to be much
    There did not seem to be much about the oil spill in relation to UFO’s / experiencers in this interview. It seemed that the oil spill and the devastation it caused was but briefly mentioned. I did not get a sense of the book mentioned in the show title, or much about Captain Chris – or did I miss something?

  7. Jeremy,
    It doesn’t appear

    It doesn’t appear that the message board is accepting new members, even IF one is a subscriber to

  8. I agree with Mikhael East
    I agree with Mikhael East (above). The name of the book and its content did not correlate.

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