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When Jack Brewer was a child he had a UFO sighting that forever altered his perspective. Now, as an adult, he reports on the perspective-shapers within ufology. But here on The Experience, he also shares with us what, if not science, it may take to seriously engage UFOs and high strangeness phenomena.

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  1. A really good interview. At
    A really good interview. At the beginning i wasn’t sure where it was going. All of a sudden, i was hearing such deep and clear reflection by Jack. He had put together some things that i didn’t “get” before. A window opened for me. Thanks, both of you.

  2. “How many times can I say, ‘I
    “How many times can I say, ‘I don’t know’ before you get mad at me?” – Jack Brewer

    Lol! Great episode, as usual.

  3. Why don’t the Aliens give us
    Why don’t the Aliens give us Wormhole technology???

    Would you give your 10 year-old kid the keys to your car just because they thought they knew how to drive? (Not!)

  4. We do not need the ‘aliens’
    We do not need the ‘aliens’ to give us wormhole technology, because we already have it, and it is within each and every one of us. The only thing that the ‘aliens’ may be doing is attempting to wake us up to that realization. Since they are just one more aspect of ourselves, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

    The only thing that I am 100% sure about in this reality is that everything and everyone is connected. Nothing is outside of us, but that perception persists among the majority of human beings.

  5. A terrific discussion with
    A terrific discussion with you and Mr. Brewer Jeremy. It is truly all about perception, memory ,the melding of the two, and the stumbling blocks along the way investigating, researching,and trying to bring some kind of “truth or true recollections” of the actual core of events that people are experiencing, to the surface( without the use of hypnosis).
    And again, is it the experience itself or what those experiencing it do with it?

  6. One of the things that is
    One of the things that is important about ‘The Experience’ is the fact that by having people relay their stories to others, more people feel comfortable telling their own stories.

    For the most part, I keep my strange experiences to myself, but occasionally i will get into a discussion with others and the next thing I know, they are spilling their guts about the high strangeness in their own lives. It is uncanny, and I have never, ever had anyone tell me that I am crazy or be ugly to me. It’s probably because in my day-to-day life, I am very grounded and also considered very trustworthy.

    I once attended a Regional meeting for the public health division in our state. There were probably about 40 people in attendance, and at the beginning of the meeting the Regional director did the typical tour around the room asking each person to introduce themselves, name their local health dept., and tell a little personal information about themselves. By the time they got to me, I was weary of hearing, “I have a great husband, 3 children, and I just love soccer!” When it was my turn, you could have heard a pin drop when I said, “…And I really do talk to dead people.”

    During the break about 10 minutes later, you would not believe the number of people that surrounded me and started telling me of odd events and stories in their own lives. No one made fun of me or questioned the authenticity of what I said, but they did want to know more.

    Yesterday, our IT guy and co-worker for the last few years made a joke about some odd things going on with my computer, and said maybe a ‘ghost’ was playing with it. I told him that there was a little boy hanging around and that I knew exactly who it was. He then asked, does it happen to be —-? I won’t reveal the name, because this little boy is a high-profile child abuse case in our state. The conversation took off from there, and the next thing I knew, he was telling me some fascinating stories that had happened to him and his family. If he hadn’t received a phone call, he probably would would have hung around a while longer and said a lot more.

    I do feel it is so important for people to engage in these conversations and personal stories. It is another way to wake people up, and also help them to see the connectedness of everything, and expand their minds, hearts, and consciousness.

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