A combination of rising water temperatures and ebbing El Niño conditions in the Pacific have prompted the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to forecast a potentially record-breaking hurricane season for the North Atlantic, with the expectation of at least 13 hurricanes to form over the season. “This season is lookingread more

The world’s largest carbon dioxide capture facility has begun operations in Hellisheiði, Iceland, a pivotal milestone in the development of what is known as direct air capture (DAC), technologies that are aimed at scrubbing the atmosphere of excess carbon dioxide. Although a drastic reduction in the amount of human-based CO2read more

A proposal to amend the current five-level scale used to measure the severity of hurricanes to include a sixth category for the most powerful of tropical cyclones has been put forward, as a method of improving the classification—and thus the communication of—the destructiveness of a given storm, especially as weread more