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What is it like to be an experiencer at a conference where the experts on stage are talking about your situation? A situation they’ve likely not been in? And what is it that the nuts-and-bolts alien proponents have been overlooking when interpreting these experiences? We get into that and more in this cutting room floor extension of the "Medusa Snake Girl" interview from the sixth episode, A Lesson In Hierarchy.

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  1. Medusa Snake Girl spoke about
    Medusa Snake Girl spoke about conversing or not with folks who are not experiencers….
    One of the greatest values of UK is the opportunity to write(talk) with people who are experiencers, and read(hear) their comments as well. It is a form of validation and a classroom. I cherish it for the kindness and care, wisdom, and acceptance by the folks who are part of this community. Whitley, Anne, William Henry, you Jeremy, and the posters have made this possible.

  2. Spot on. The answers lie not
    Spot on. The answers lie not in the conventions or the guest speakers, but in the questions of introspection of Self, of Soul. Relying on authors and guest speakers at lectures to answer “your questions of contact” merely places more distance between the Soul and the ‘journey’ of the Experience.

  3. (I liike that you have two
    (I liike that you have two i’s in like. Seriously, don’t change a thing.) // I am one who has expressed a distaste (to Paratopia: Jer and Jeff) for too much negativity about the UFO community. I much preferred absorbing new stories of people’s experiences because that helps me process the breadth of this phenom. And that’s the point of this show – so, perfect! As for this episode, this is still adding personal experiences to the pile (rather than detracting, usually the skeptic’s domain) and I dont consider this snide or whinging at all. On the contrary, it was very interesting. I share snake-girl’s anti social bent and noticeable growth/change from youth as compared to my peers. // Sync! I just defriended Brinkley. He kept liking these super-conservative articles that were littering my Facebook feed. Over it!

  4. Jeremy and Medusa Snake
    Jeremy and Medusa Snake Girl….

    Medusa Snake Girl…..I am with you on many levels.

    A thought…..I am thinking that many people who attend these lectures/conferences/workshops are newbies and yes probably repetitive in their search/quest. You on the other hand have had the advantage of being the experiencer since childhood. Most people, at least at some point in their search should have a feel for when they have had enough.

    At that point (STOP) and do what EDGAR CAYCE suggested,”BEGIN WITH WHAT YOU ARE!”

    It is time to use what has been learned/feels right, THEN assimilate those understandings into your/our own life.

    Teachers on any level can only take us so far and perhaps SOME but NOT all of these conference presenters are stymied as well; not knowing how to proceed, feeling their own disenchantment. We ALL need to take responsibility for our own development. Could the presenters get stuck too and cover it with arrogance? Unfortunately, “THE SNAKE OIL SALESMAN” still exists in the form of some of those presenters. Simply beware.

  5. One reads in (2015) media
    One reads in (2015) media that “those reports of abduction and similar ‘alien contact’ experiences have all but disappeared.” Not really true, but even if partly true, it only means that persons who have such experiences simply do not report them, seeing the unreceptive and even mocking responses that media or government officials have given to those who do make reports.

  6. Great show… Medusa Snake
    Great show… Medusa Snake Girl your honesty is wonderful to hear. All things have the seed of awakening within them. Whether that seed grows is up to us. I can relate to a lot of what you said. A wise woman I know said that when we do travel into space “We will find what ever is in our mindstreams” In other words if you have compassion & love you will see it reflected outwardly. Same goes for our life on Earth. Keep watering that seed. Just listening to you made me happy. Jeremy thanks for always delving into the mystery from all angles.

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