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"Claire" has never shared her high strangeness experiences with anyone until now. She does not wish to belong to the experiencer club, so to speak. But does she have a choice? This is one of those riveting, and at times gut-socking, discussions that begins with a dead girl telling her what we all need to hear. Sometimes the secret to existence is elegant even if the delivery system is complicated!

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  1. Love this woman, Jer. Thank
    Love this woman, Jer. Thank you, for sharing Claire (((())))

  2. Another Wow
    Another Wow interview.
    Claire, i am moved by your story. I am amazed with the strength and courage, Claire and Whitley and other experiencers have shown in both living through and then revealing their stories.
    The care, gentleness, and matter of fact acceptance of things said, as you deeply listen and help each person to reveal their experiences, is a gift, Jeremy.

  3. A difficult heartfelt
    A difficult heartfelt interview to to listen to,but thank you Claire for sharing your life, your experiences with all of us. That could not have been easy. And again,does traumatic experiences, such as violent crimes, divorce, and anti- structural events in our lives bring “the other” to the forefront and in Claire’s case , possibly help her through her “dark night of the soul”?

  4. A wonderful interview. Thank
    A wonderful interview. Thank you Claire for sharing these stories and experiences and for trusting the Experience listeners with the most personal and difficult of them.

    With regards to the fear element in some experiences, it just made me think of that section in the movie ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ where Godfrey of Ibelin cuffs Balian with the back of his hand after recounting the Knight’s Oath and says..”And that’s so you remember it”.

    I just wonder if the fear element is a device that is used by the visitors to enhance the remembering of the event, therefore causing it to sit more prominently in the mind…ultimately forcing it deeper into the soul, if you will? They surely must know how fear affects us…from the stories I have heard, they do not strike me as particularly naïve.

    I certainly know I have had a some very vivid dreams that have stuck with me a lifetime and they tend to be the ones with a strong fear element…but interestingly, they have also contained some kind of esoteric message, or training of some kind…whatever the source (as they were not always visitor related) it seems the intention was for me to remember them…and I have.

    Thanks Jeremy for another great addition to ‘The Experience’.

  5. I am not a member of the UC

    I am not a member of the UC Notes from the Edge, but once in a while I check it out. Jeremy posted this there:

    Hey, Gang:

    A mutual friend came across this piece of the performance Tiokasin gave here on the Big Island. Enjoy!

    I wrote ‘Into The End,’ ‘Urgency.’, and ‘I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land!’ Now I’m writing to you. Why can’t I stop writing?

    1. Thanks Jeremy! How
      Thanks Jeremy! How wonderful!

  6. A fantastic interview. Thank
    A fantastic interview. Thank you Claire for sharing your experiences. You have all our respect and support.

  7. About the feeling of knowing
    About the feeling of knowing the mantis being, or the feeling that there was a relationship, the impression I got from Claire’s description was that perhaps she sensed that the being had a long-term interest in HER, and not so much that she had a long-term knowledge of or interest in IT. In other words, I think she was sensing its feeling towards her, and then somewhat internalizing it.
    BTW, that was a beautiful story about the girl, what a beautiful gift she gave Claire.

    Further thoughts about the mantis being trying on ridiculous hats to appear less scary, Jeremy had raised the question of how could it be so obviously bad at it, and sensed a hidden motive behind it. I think the motive, or message behind its behavior was that it was acknowledging Claire’s repulsion, but that its superficial efforts to conceal it was a message that her repulsion itself was superficial, so, superficial problems require superficial solutions.

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