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When last "Stephen" was on the program, he shared with us a dream he had that seemed very real–a dream of visiting an afterlife weigh station. Now, he returns with an update. After a bit of research, he has found the people he spoke to in the dream. They are real. And they are dead. And this is only the jumping-off point for a fascinating discussion about the afterlife, reincarnation, and the Visitors.

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  1. Jeremy, another great show.
    Jeremy, another great show.

    I am so grateful for how you do these shows.
    You listen carefully, and give the guest as much time as s/he needs to respond. Yet, you don’t ever seem to get caught without enough time and do a “mad dash” at the end.

    You treat every person with dignity. You do not use the condescending “i believe that you believe this happened.” That response is a “shut down” and i figure it comes from either a loss of connection or fear in the listener.

    You ask appropriate questions.

    Most important, you ask the person him/herself to interpret/explain what their experience means. You allow them to think and speak without being judged.

    Experiees are partcular with a person, but can be broadly applied as we are all human. Stories teach because they connect to who we are and what it means to be human. I think that is why experiencers re-view things that happened a “long time ago.” New levels and insights to understand because “ordinary/regular” life gives more by which to measure and interpret.

    Children ask for stories to be read over and over – they are learning… how humans behave, think, feel, and what is ok or not ok based on outcomes. Children review their own selves with these parameters. Ask them and they may not be able to explain it at all that way. Remember your own childhood, and see if that was some of what you did.

    I am so glad you open it to all variety of experiences. There is so much we keep hidden. Time to learn, grow, and we have much work to do.

  2. I think that Stephen’s story
    I think that Stephen’s story is good to hear. So much is made to deny “truth” and connection of dreams to “reality.” Many folks…maybe all… have dreams that stand out because they teach something important to the dreamer.
    Traveling to a different “time” – maybe “now” is the time of those we meet in dreams. And in awake life, we forget it is always now? Maybe reality is “where we go in our dreams” and here is the dream(as so many stories and movies point out.) Answers are revealed because we are our true selves and open. Surely, dreams reveal that we are not “alone” -there is more “life” than this physical experience. We matter both here and there. We are all connected in many ways. Some are called to teach, all are called to learn.

  3. We are so fortunate to have
    We are so fortunate to have Jeremy and “The Experience”! It’s getting better all the time!

  4. Ooh, three regular knocks
    Ooh, three regular knocks signaling intelligent intentionality, nice one! I love it.

  5. Ascension- let’s take turns-
    Ascension- let’s take turns- and God laughs and plays.

  6. Great show. Concerning the
    Great show. Concerning the question of why have all these great beings been back in history and not now. As a Buddhist I can tell you there was a historical Buddha, but countless beings have in the past and have currently achieved Buddhahood. So as far as Buddhism goes it is not a dead religion. It really isn’t a religion but more of a technology with a method that produces results. As far as why would “visitors” be concerned about mundane things like eating sugar or anger issues, I think it might be that simple things like that keep us stuck where we are.They may be saying “Take care of your issues, your habitual tendencies and then we can talk.” Hard to see the big picture if we are constantly concerned with the small “me”.

  7. Stephen’s dream experience of
    Stephen’s dream experience of seeing someone in the afterlife having died 500 years in the future seems to have an interesting implication. Doesn’t that imply that we all exist in the afterlife as we will all die in the future?

  8. “A little taste of
    “A little taste of everything”. That describes many of us and our oddball experiences. I agree that as soon as we latch on and hang on to any one of them too tightly, we may cut ourselves off from other opportunities to go up the scale of spiritual learning. Also, dreaming of the dead as Stephen has done can also occur during meditation, and after time when some of us are in a ‘normal’ waking state. That is what began happening to me several years ago. I still have it happen every now and then, but no, I am not willing to go ‘pro’. Just call it another tool in the in toolkit. When a perfect stranger is cutting your hair at the salon, and her aunt starts showing you pictures of herself, her special apron, and asking you to say “hi” to Rose, it can be somewhat awkward. Then you find yourself saying those words that many of us have used before, “You might think this is crazy, but…” and hoping that Rose doesn’t slip with the scissors. She doesn’t, she cries a little, then validates everything you have just described.

    Timeslips, UFOs, ghosts, etc. Season them all with an open mind and they make a wonderful stew for your consciousness to chew on and digest slowly.

  9. Jeremy, a most intriguing
    Jeremy, a most intriguing interview. A DREAM that truly sets itself apart from the normal processing dreams that we all experience from time to time…..

    I would like to post this dream since it too was not an ordinary dream.

    03/24/1996…..I had to find it in my collection of dreams, type it out, then try to find an image on the internet that only SORT of represented it.

    This dream starts out abruptly. Only a voice at first that says, “as to what we call the SOUL, it is a PATTERN or DESIGN; it is unchangeable. THEN, I saw something resembling a blackboard/chalkboard. There is an image on it that looks American Indian in design, resembling this. (SQUARE not round Labyrinths/Mazes)?

    Figure 8

    Figure 19

    The Symbol of the Emergence “The whole myth and meaning of the Emergence is expressed by one symbol known to the Hopis as the Mother Earth symbol. There are two forms, the SQUARE [yellow above] and the circular [red above].

    None of the above is an exact match but I have included the websites just for the visual. The pattern in the dream had broken lines.

    Then the voice says, “look,” and I see an image on the blackboard with symbols looking like this….. L L L L L L L L L L. The voice says, “these are the many incarnations of the same soul but the pattern never changes.

    SHIFT: I am with my sister-in-law (Rose) explaining this concept to her; we are standing at a sink washing dishes. I explain to her that she must go with the desires of her heart OR urges because it has been built into her pattern from the beginning of time. This is the thing we do best/excel in. Each one of us has a built in talent for
    SOMETHING. No pattern exactly the same.

    For no apparent reason this statement slipped into the dream and it is something that Edgar Cayce said…..


    The voice continues and says, “the Native Americans knew this and could recognize patterns; this is how (through their knowledge) they were able to call in any spirit they chose; they knew how to call in patterns or I should say the whole soul from the beginning of time.

    I am trying to capture this vision-dream experience but cannot, writing it down and dreaming it is not the same. The feeling of the dream goes much deeper. The dream experience ends here BUT while still in bed I wrote down these feelings. Such as…..

    ז ז ז ז ז ז ז = The PATTERN that never changes.

    Incarnations = The MARK that remains the same such as, born to be a Cook, Dancer, Preacher, etc. The heart’s desire to be what you were created to be.

    The whole pattern = ALL of the other experiences we gain from sojourns on other planets (perhaps other dimensions). Still the MARK remains the same. It is a real GEOMETRIC SHAPE AND IN SOME WAY PART OF THE SOUL OR I SHOULD SAY A GEOMETRIC SHAPE INFUSED INTO THE SOUL.

    Years ago, my friend created a beaded replica for me (turquoise and silver), although not exact it is a fair representation.

  10. Great show Jer and
    Great show Jer and Steve.
    reminded me of some of me dream experiences:
    I too had a dream that had a basis in reality that I didn’t have prior knowledge of, but it was more confusing and of much lesser importance!
    I dreamed one night of a youtube account by the name of ‘Olyena’.
    In the dream I saw the account name in red.
    When I awoke I googled the name ‘Olyena’, though I didn’t know if was even a real name, and the very first result that came up was a youtube account! (it’s still the third result if you try it today)
    Unfortunately, it is a Russian account which posts mainly videos of what look like business or government meetings.
    Why would I dream about that?
    It was interesting that it was in waking life, a real youtube account, and at the time the very first google result,but what would be the reason or take-away meaning for it?
    The next dream experience Stevens interview made me think of was dreaming of being in the past, ‘present’, future and having multiple viewpoints at the same time, and it feeling totally natural.
    It seemed there was no actual ‘present’, it all depended on where my focus went defined the ‘now’.
    That’s what it makes me think of when people say we have a notion of time to stop everything happening at once, but everything IS happening at once, it’s just our focus is; here.
    So in Steve’s experience of being in the afterlife, he, like all of us, is already there and in fact, never left, it’s just his focus went seemingly from this life to the realm of after.
    If that makes sense?
    I also have many other dreamtime experiences, dreaming music, having dream deja vu, where I have a deja vu experience in waking life but i remember I dreamed what the deja vu relates to some time ago.
    When we dream we are un-tethered from this perception of time and now and or focus is free to explore and have experiences, such as receiving music, which can be brought back and manifested in waking life.
    Maybe that’s what ghosts and other ‘paranormal’ experiences are: bleed-throughs and glitches in our focus?

  11. Enjoyed the show , I would
    Enjoyed the show , I would like to chat with Stephen and put in touch with others as well .
    Is this possible ?

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