UFOs over Poland. Expect to be Amazed!

February 18, 2016
American ufology takes it as gospel that gray aliens are here abducting people onto their ships. If this is true, then why isn't it happening in Poland? Why don't they see grays? Why don't experiencers feel as though they are... continued

The Paranormal and…Martial Arts! (Who are We, Really?)

February 12, 2016
Last week we met "Jim" and talked about his Visitor and paranormal experiences from an analytical point of view. This week he returns to narrate his time spent studying under a martial arts master from a spiritual point of view.... continued

The Bridge Between the Worlds

February 4, 2016
We often think of experiencers as a bridge between our reality and another. But what if we're really a bridge--or perhaps a super highway--for our world and several others? This week's episode focuses on the experiencer who compartmentalizes various paranormal... continued

Not Only Didn’t Dr. Kokjohn Walk Out Last Week, He Came Back for More!

January 31, 2016
In this sequel to last week's episode, microbiologist Tyler Kokjohn returns to parse out what is known and perhaps scientifically knowable in the realms of high strangeness. We cover topics that have come up on the show and some that... continued

Incredibly, a Scientist DOESN’T Walk Out on This Interview!

January 22, 2016
Get ready for a tough interview the likes of which you will hear nowhere else.... Dr. Tyler Kokjohn is a microbiologist and a professor at Midwestern University. He is also an esteemed member of the Project Core team along with... continued

Visitors: a Buddhist Perspective

January 14, 2016
People with different religions and different cultural backgrounds have very different experiences of the close encounter phenomenon. This week we talk Visitors and Buddhism with a Buddhist experiencer. We also get a sense of what the experience is like and... continued

Past Lives, Other Lives and the Secret of the Self

December 25, 2015
Astrologer Anne Beversdorf joins us for a serious discussion about her own past life visions and what they may tell us about ourselves. Visit Anne online at Stariel.com. continued

Dark Night of the Soul

December 17, 2015

Caryl Dennis: Vanishing Twin Syndrome

December 10, 2015
In a previous episode, "Kay" came on and spoke about her deceased twin sister living inside her. Caryl Dennis is an author and researcher of Vanishing Twin Syndrome who heard the episode and reached out to explain that this is... continued

Adjacent to Bentwaters

December 3, 2015
UFOs. Oneness experience. Concept Therapy. Where to begin with this one? How about with the fact that perhaps the only difference between this week's guest--a former U.S. Airman stationed in the U.K.--and the airmen involved with the Rendlesham Forest Incident... continued