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"Shannon" is an experiencer who has put a lot of thought into the fear factor of her experiences. In this episode she shares with us her findings and, perhaps no surprise to this audience, they bring us straight into the heart of the question: Who are we?

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  1. Jeremy…..
    A very HAPPY


    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Mr. Virgo (September 3rd) and many, many more.
    Hoping you have a ‘Rice Krispies Treat’ kind of day…..


  2. Very Happy Birthday,
    Very Happy Birthday, Jeremy!
    You’ve ably taken over the slot that William Henry occupied here at Unknown Country. Your interviews are amazing, your guests unique, and your informal style sets them at ease, and makes for a wonderful listening experience. (No pun intended).
    Please keep up the excellent work!
    Dave Garf

  3. Jeremy and Shannon. (Please
    Jeremy and Shannon. (Please do come back Shannon for another interview, this was GREAT). I do not know when this interview was recorded but I received this OWL video from a friend in my dream group in the afternoon of 09/01/2015.

    Milky eagle owl in slow motion…..

    On the same day but in the morning at 4am, I woke up with this dream.


    (Biology of humankind)

    DREAM: I am sitting at a desk in a classroom setting with other students. On the chalkboard are the answers to a test that all of us will be taking. I AM IN A PANIC. Although all the answers are here, I have not studied the book the answers came from. How could this have happened? (In reality I was always a good student but ALWAYS had to study to achieve good grades).

    The pressure is on as I see others taking the test. (Pencil and paper). I am so in a panic that I cannot even process the answers on the chalkboard properly. I am trying to copy the answers down on a lined yellow note pad but cannot. I cannot seem to write down anything that makes sense but probably because in this panic state I am not able to comprehend.

    All of the c/board information is relating to male/female. NOT the outward physical bodies but the inner workings of humankind. It is not currently understood but MUST BE understood if humankind is to move forward.

    Now the teacher (female) is standing over my desk. I want too but do NOT tell her that this is not me, I am always prepared for knowledge BUT do not want to appear as a whiner. Somehow she understands and tells me that she wants me to copy down all of the information from the c/board. It will then be projected onto multiple screens so that the other students can get a better view of the answers. If I can do this, she will give me a passing grade. She tells me that this is the first time she has ever made this exception.

    I am trying now to do this but cannot. Again, I am having trouble writing things down. I also see there are multiple possibilities to a few of the answers. For instance one question might have four or five possibilities.

    I am about to give up when all of a sudden my luck turns around. I am no longer struggling to do this writing, it is as though someone else has taken my hand and the words are like magic. I have done it. Now that this has been completed, I turn to the teacher and tell her that I am going to find the text book with the information so that I have a better understanding of the answers. I need to do this for myself.


    NOTES…..I woke up hearing GOTHAM CITY. Batman?????

    Until the very end of this dream, I felt like a failure. I was supposed to be helping all of these students understand HUMANKIND. It felt like a real language on the chalkboard but one that I did not have the ability to write until my luck changed.

  4. Carolee, Thank you for the
    Carolee, Thank you for the exquisite video. What do you think your dream means, and what do the various aspects of it say to you? Has there been someone/ something that has said or implied you may be a teacher?

    Jeremy and Shannon, yes to part 2 in the (near) future.
    The questions you both worked with on many levels, are important. Fundamental in fact. I think we can learn from others who share their explorations of these things, but each must do their own journey and own their “own” answers. “Life experience” – is it the journey and the destination? For whom?

    1. not so much dreamer…..

      not so much dreamer…..
      AND ShannonH…..Believe me Shannon H, I have had lots of those frustrating dreams too.

      The feeling from the dream is researchers have missed a critical point/difference that separates the male from the female genetically. Once understood this new and vital information (a mark)? should open up new pathways.

      One person in my dream group suggested that it might be a melting away of traditional sexuality as we have always known it to be. (C/board, pencil and paper, all from the past). That in the future we as humankind will be creating through thoughts or perhaps a kind of Asexual reproduction.

      For sure I have this strong feeling (some will probably disagree) but the future has now been written. The answers are there within grasp BUT we all need to understand how we got there. The only way is to read/comprehend and understand what lead up to the CHANGES. I WANT THAT BOOK WHEREVER IT MIGHT BE.

      For me it is about surrendering/letting go and giving the higher source a voice.

      If I am a teacher it certainly isn’t in the traditional sense. More like everyone else in that we all share life lessons through our own personal experiences. (EACH AND EVERYONE).

      1. Jeremy, sorry i didn’t send
        Jeremy, sorry i didn’t send this sooner, hope you had a perfect birthday.

        Carollee, thank you for sharing your dream and your explanation. I think what you said up until the last 2 paragraphs/3 sentences – is completely explained in those last 3 sentences.

        You are a teacher… for yourself as well as anyone else lucky enough to read your comments in UK or know you otherwise. I have learned so much over the time i have been reading UK subscribers comments. So many folks with so much wisdom.

        Perhaps “luck” is connecting to your inner wisdom and giving the higher source a voice/written word. Perhaps it is the answer to “Why am i (meaning you, Carollee) here?”

        You have not failed… the dream is a statement of your intent and energy and notice you do finish the test. But you know there is more….

        Maybe some UK readers can make suggestions of books that might be appropriate here…

  5. Very cool video and dream,
    Very cool video and dream, Carolee!

    At least you made it to class in your dream, and even reached the goal of writing answers for humanity. In my recurring school dreams I never even make it to class! Instead I stumble through the halls, clutching my class printout schedule, feeling hopelessly late and having no idea where to go. During the last dream I actually made it to the registrar’s office to ask for help– in spite of the fact that I almost became lucid and realized that I’d graduated years ago.

    BTW– I feel that truly having an understanding of the male/female energies in all of us is a critical part of moving forward for all of us, so your dream speaks the truth.

    In answer to your question, we did this interview on August 31st.

  6. Despite the subject matter,
    Despite the subject matter, that was at times quite lighthearted, but as always deeply fascinating…thankyou both!

    On the subject of fear, I would like to recount a simple story of a nightmare I used to have…

    Voice in the Darkness and the Light Switch.

    When I was young, I used to have a recurring nightmare, where I got out of bed in the night to go into the bathroom, but the light switch would not work, or the light went out as I entered. Then as I crossed the bathroom in the dark, a menacing voice started calling my name from the shadows between myself and the door…which generated a kind of sickening fear that rooted me to the spot! What was interesting about this, was that after years of having this same dream, one time within the dream I reached for the bathroom light switch and as usual it wouldn’t go on..but instead of just going into the bathroom in the dark, I started to become lucid…enough to will the light to come back on as I flicked the switch. Fascinating though, that I never had that nightmare again after that, almost as if it were a teaching tool, to force me to become lucid and to realise that I could affect the dreamscape, albeit with a great deal of focused effort. For me, that was quite an eye opener back then.

    I have quite a few more!…but what is interesting is that the ones I remember the most, which tend to have a strong fear element, all seem to offer a lesson in one form or another, which have each taught me something about myself, or about the nature of reality…whatever that might be 🙂

  7. Thanks for the birthday
    Thanks for the birthday well-wishes and the thoughtful posts. After much tinkering, and stubbornly refusing to use a different compressor, I’ve finally got the key to boosting the sound levels in the program I use. Next episode will be clear as a bell. A compressed bell, but a bell nonetheless.

  8. If you don’t think a being of
    If you don’t think a being of higher intelligence invokes fear. Try petting a strange Chi Hua Hua.

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