Demons and–Oh, Yes–Angels!

November 20, 2015
We started this week's edition of the show with the intention of speaking about sensory deprivation chambers but we never quite got there. Why? Because this week's guest, Mark, has had a series of incidents wherein he thought he was... continued

A Haunted Man

November 12, 2015
This week we talk with "Bob," a man whose high strangeness experiences run the gamut of paranormal/ufological phenomena. As a bonus, he is from a city neighboring host Jeremy Vaeni's hometown within the infamous Bridgewater Triangle. They have much to... continued

Two Souls, One Body

November 5, 2015
Twin sisters. One dies at birth, but she's still alive... inside of her sister. It sounds like a tabloid headline, but for Kay it is the most real thing she has ever known. On this episode, we start by exploring... continued

Wrong Place, Right Time–a Terrifying Ghost Story…or Was It Even Worse?

October 28, 2015
Just in time for Halloween.... It's a ghost lore cliche: an old covered bridge. The ghost of a woman who committed suicide there shows up at midnight to unsuspecting travelers. Now imagine that you go there to see if it's... continued

Sandy’s Version of the Secret School

October 22, 2015
Dreamland listeners will remember "Sandy" as the retired veterinarian who is a lifelong experiencer. Her story was featured in Rob MacGregor's book, Bump In The Night. In this episode of The Experience, we catch up with Sandy and find out... continued

The Spiritual Ordeal of Jeremy Vaeni: Final Installment

October 15, 2015
In this, the fourth and final installment of host Jeremy Vaeni's experiences, we learn about a second type of energy that has come upon him three times as of yet. And the third time was the charm. continued

The Spiritual Ordeal of Jeremy Vaeni

October 7, 2015
As if growing up with Visitors and high strangeness weren't enough, in Jeremy's adult life something new unfolded and became him. A spiritual energy that came and never left. A pathless path he walked and never stopped to rest along... continued

Jeremy Vaeni Tells Us About His Experiences Part 2 – Adulthood

October 1, 2015
Picking up where he left off last week, host Jeremy Vaeni shares with us his visitor encounters from adulthood and gives us his latest thinking on how some of them may have come about. But first, he explores synchronicities and... continued

Jeremy Vaeni Tells Us about His Own Experiences Pt 1-Childhood

September 24, 2015
Listeners have been asking for a chronicle of host Jeremy Vaeni's experiences. This begins a miniseries on them starting in early childhood, bringing us through high school and ending on an adult experience with broad, elegant implications for how reality... continued

The BP Oil Spill & The Evolution of An Experiencer

September 17, 2015
Imagine that you're the captain of an oil rig in the heart of one of the worst oil spills in human history. Imagine that you're also a lifelong experiencer of Visitor phenomena. Imagine what happens next.... Karen Cavalli returns to... continued