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Deb Kauble is perhaps better known by her pseudonym "Kathy Davis" in Budd Hopkins’ book Intruders. Most of us are familiar with what she experienced in the 1980s, but what does she make of it all now these many decades later? On this episode, Deb shares her experiences and her thoughts on Visitor phenomena and the link between those beings, paranormal phenomena, and the afterlife. This one goes deep and at angles you won’t hear elsewhere, as we take a look back at the life of one of the most famous abductees of our time.

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  1. As of 6:25AM EST, 8-13-2015,
    As of 6:25AM EST, 8-13-2015, the link for this episode leads to the previous week’s episode, rather than to the Deb Kauble interview.

  2. They could use an increase in
    They could use an increase in dB levels.

  3. As of 9:35AM EST, the
    As of 9:35AM EST, the subscriber link still leads to the incorrect file, although the nonsubscriber live stream is the correct one.

    Also, Jeremy, PLEASE increase the volume level of these files. The last few have been almost inaudible, even with my speaker volume turned up as high as it will go.

  4. Eddie is right – this file is
    Eddie is right – this file is for last week’s episode. I’m logged in as a subscriber.

  5. Sorry, Jeremy, but I have to
    Sorry, Jeremy, but I have to confirm the above. It’s 7:15 PM EDT, and still no Deb Kauble. I know there’s been a poo-storm at Unknowncountry this week, but…
    And more regrettable that I must confirm the audio level problem is back, too.
    Have you considered using a Compressor/Limiter in the signal chain to boost overall levels? By using 2:1 or 3:1 compression, you should be able to get a useful signal out of your equipment. You can find them as a stand-alone hardware item, or a software virtual add-on.
    LOVE The Experience, and your interview technique assures that we get maximum information from some really exciting guests! Please keep up the good work!

  6. All I do is hand in the show.
    All I do is hand in the show. I have nothing to do with the website. I hope at least some of you used the subscriber help form. I assume it will get read quicker by a web master than the comments thread. All of that said, let’s be forgiving this week, folks.

    As for audio levels. I’ll boost them and you tell me how it sounds. It sounds fine as is on my computer. I just don’t want to give you distorted hot audio.

    1. LOL Jeremy, this reminds me
      LOL Jeremy, this reminds me of a computer service call I got a few years back from a laptop user at a VERY well-known engineering university. The problem was described as ‘New computer speaker missing bass’. I figured it was a misspelling of the word ‘base’ and a piece hadn’t been shipped with his external speaker kit.

      When I got there he explained the sound from his laptop was ‘tinny’ and the music didn’t sound very good. Just for laughs I disassembled his laptop and showed him that you can’t expect sub-woofer sound from a speaker the size of a postage stamp!

  7. I didn’t know that there was
    I didn’t know that there was a “subscriber help form”. After digging around I came up with an e-mail address for; I assume you are referring to that. I passed the comments along using that address.

  8. So very sorry to hear that
    So very sorry to hear that Anne Strieber has died. Whitley, it is especially profound to hear the news from you, in your own voice, at the beginning of this week’s Experience interview. Many, many blessings to you and your family as you move through this profound time of transition, and as Anne moves through hers. And good heavens, we know you’ll still be — and are — in touch with her in so many ways beyond the physical! The two of you have worked and loved, as a couple, to understand the non-physical connection, beyond the veils, far more than most. May the rest of us, who are so blessed to benefit from your love and wisdom, help bouy you up to float peacefully on the waves of these new realms you’ll experience.

    Love, peace, gratitude, solace, memories of great laughter and delight, and genuine laughter and delight to come. Sleep and dream well, Whitley! May you feel hugged and supported in all ways you need and hope for.

  9. The sound level is a little
    The sound level is a little bit low.

  10. When i had expected to have
    When i had expected to have been listening to Jeremy’s full length show, i ended up reflecting on Anne and Whitley. Wrote a bit in the memorial on this site. I am going to try to “have joy” as i did when i was young – so many decades ago. Anne’s gift of words and wisdom, i can give to myself and everyone around me. Thanks Anne and Whitley.

    When i logged in, it is the repeat of last week. When i logged out, i listened to the shorter version of the new show. When things settle – and i can hear the full length show, i will enjoy it all over again. Having to wait for something so good, isn’t a negative. Thanks, Jeremy.

    1. Thank you for the link Carol
      Thank you for the link Carol Fong!

  11. Thank you for the post Carol
    Thank you for the post Carol F.; a wonderful way to reflect and appreciate the gift of insight.

    Oh…chandler…take your pill and relax.

  12. Really, chandlersdad — her
    Really, chandlersdad — her death is not an excuse? That might not actually be the reason, but heavens, please give Whitley and his staff a moment to catch their breath! We might all benefit from a few calm breaths.

    The new interview with Deb Kauble DOES play! I was able to listen to the beginning of it earlier today when I posted my first condolence message (several posts above this one), and more of it just now. Try logging out and playing it in non-subscriber mode.

  13. I’m sorry, I don’t have a
    I’m sorry, I don’t have a webmaster. I do this myself and I slipped up. It will be fixed tomorrow afternoon.

  14. Oh Darling Whitley, you don’t
    Oh Darling Whitley, you don’t have to apologise.

  15. interesting co-incidence that
    interesting co-incidence that the show that got stuck had to do with life after death. Perhaps Anne is giving all of us a validation.

  16. I think its fair to say we
    I think its fair to say we all standing by you Whitley and your family and I believe there so much love out there for the Striebers & I hope you can feel it at this sad time. You’ve give us so much enjoyment over the years with Unknown Country and your search for the truth and hope you carry on with your quest

  17. Hi, all!
    Jeremy, sorry –

    Hi, all!
    Jeremy, sorry – didn’t stop to think that once you send the file, it’s out of your hands. Should’ve known; I’ve done voice work and sent files myself. Cyan_Aura made a perfect point with that story. Often, people’s expectations clash with the ‘real’ world.
    And Not So Much Dreamer is right; the non-subscriber file is the correct one, and I’m listening to it now.
    Whitley, I had no idea that you were on your own, as far as posting the shows! My apologies; I know that this has been a terrible week for you. Although most of us were steeled for Anne’s departure, when it does come it feels pretty damn devastating. And we are with you! You have our support in any manner that you desire.
    Carol Fong, THANK YOU for the link to that Paratopia episode with Anne! It is ALWAYS wonderful to hear not only her voice, but her intelligence, her often wicked sense of humor, and her vast knowledge about paranormal happenings. I know that I will greatly miss her interviews with experiencers…
    Chandler? Like Chandler Bing? Like, “Could it BE… more sad?” (and joyful).
    Have joy, all!

  18. The full episode is up now. A
    The full episode is up now. A really interesting interview with Deb. A fascinating life and metamorphosis not only from her experiences with “the other” ,but also the adversities of everyday existence she’s overcome.
    My sincere condolences to you and your family Whitley.
    Rest in Peace Anne.

  19. What a fun interview! Deb is
    What a fun interview! Deb is full of life, and has also acquired wisdom and healing on her journey, plus she has kept the questions open and continues to explore.

    Regarding her body image: The woman in the photo has a very pretty face, a lovely smile, and a wonderful spirit. I hope that she has come to realize how truly beautiful she is!

    I would love to chat with her myself—For a spontaneous interview, this one was a keeper! Jeremy, she brought out a different, warmer side to you as well.

  20. The story of experiencers is
    The story of experiencers is important but a UFO report wouldn’t do it justice; what is so important is hearing their voice and their own impressions. Deb’s voice contains so much information about her and her spirit and what she’s been through. That was a great interview. I was painting a friends house all day and listening to a back-to-back Dreamland and Experience made the time sail by. Thanks.

  21. Great interview. Thanks Jer
    Great interview. Thanks Jer and Deb x

  22. Loved that interview between
    Loved that interview between you and debs im feeling alot of what she said does make sense hopefully each piece of the jigsaw will start to connect soon. What you like Jeremy asking debs to call them in again

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