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We’ve asked a lot of questions about the connection between fear and Visitor phenomena these past few weeks. This week, we’ll hear from Lee, a lifelong experiencer who confronted his fears and actually spent a night alone in the woods near Whitley’s old cabin in Upstate NY until he got what he came for: freedom from fear.
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  1. They are an enigma to us, but
    They are an enigma to us, but I wonder sometimes if we aren’t an enigma to them. I think they want to interact with us but maybe they’re not sure what kind of games we are playing. So they try to find out what is important to us and are merely living up to our own expectations.

  2. So… 2 thoughts:
    1- i was

    So… 2 thoughts:
    1- i was taken by the similarity of human behavior to unknown & unexplained lights in the sky… “look… over here…then …over there…” to what we do with those laser? pointers and watch our pets chasing the dot of light as we move it around. I tried it once with a dog we had, because i didn’t believe that would happen. When it did happen, i stopped because it wasn’t fair to the dog.
    I have been told that eventually a pet will stop bothering to do so. I don’t if that is true. I didn’t do it for more than a minute.

    I don’t think it has reached the 100th monkey point where all the dogs don’t chase the dots anymore. Will that happen?

    Kinda makes me wonder… if we can communicate more easily with each other… then why haven’t we reached the 100th monkey point yet? (lights in the sky)
    and – if we do/did what would that mean? How would we change?

    2 – about “Oneness.”

    Just as a cue ball hits other balls on the table, and they hit each other and walls,etc… the experience of Oneness causes effects within the experiencer. These effects may not be immediately obvious. I think they grow over time, and like the secondary balls which move into and bounce of pool table walls, the changes from experiencing Oneness interact within us to effect more changes. Unlike the pool balls which stop moving eventually, the effects within a person of Oneness may never stop…

    Not sure, but maybe how and why a person comes to a “Oneness” experience, directly correlates to specific changes or the person’s attributes directly correlate to specific changes, or both of the above, or none of the above.

    Of course changes would be internal, emotional, spiritual, and /or mental. Probably because the experience causes one to “come to oneself” …

    Oooh i am trying to be clear, but it isn’t easy to explain what i think.

  3. Great show Jeremy. Excellent
    Great show Jeremy. Excellent focus on the liminal aspect of these things…I’ll be re-listening again.–Stephen

  4. Yes, this was a very good
    Yes, this was a very good show. I was particularly interested because some of the phenomena described by Lee were things I’ve experienced but hadn’t heard talked about before. The cat and mouse game and the flash of light from behind. I had this happen walking down a deserted road in Alaska one evening. I was walking about 2 miles down the road to a cabin that my (now) husband was staying in. There weren’t any other houses along the way, just woods. I saw this bright, slowly moving “star” in the sky but every time I would stop to look at it, it would move behind a bit of cloud. A short ways down the road I saw a flash of light about 50 yards further on at a curve in the road. I expected to see some kind of man-made electrical source when I got to the curve but there were just trees. As I neared the cabin, it was nearly dark. Suddenly there was a flash of light from behind me. I spun around expecting to see a car coming down the road (though there was no sound). There was nothing there. I looked up and there was the star again and again it moved behind a cloud. I ran the rest of the way to the cabin. I didn’t feel super afraid but on some level I must have felt there was danger…

  5. Great show
    Reminds me ofy own

    Great show
    Reminds me ofy own journey to get over the fear of my medicine animal–the grizzly bear. Understanding what we are afraid of and facing it always gives us a deeper understanding who we are and our place in the world. Thanks for doing such a great job Jeremy putting this fear thing in perspective!

  6. Another great show.
    Another great show.

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