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What is thought? What is time? Who are we? Why is there a striking contrast between the Western mind and the First Peoples mind asking these same questions? We’ll discuss it with Lakota activist Tiokasin Ghosthorse before delving into the deeper reality of Mother Earth. Star Nations, and what it means to be common.

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  1. I got home late but I am
    I got home late but I am synching the downloaded mp3 right now and will savor it tomorrow!

  2. Thank you Jeremy, we are
    Thank you Jeremy, we are truly fortunate to have your “podcasts”/mp3s! Not only are you “World Class” but you also have that edge of perception which is a very, very, very special gift all your own! Bless you brother!

  3. Wow. What an amazing
    Wow. What an amazing interview. Thank you for introducing us to Tiokasin Ghosthorse. He speaks a higher truth that we all feel in our hearts.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity
    What a wonderful opportunity to “think about our thinking.” Language reflects thinking and attitudes beautifully put by Tiokasin.

    Perhaps now is the “time” we are moving from to inclusive wholeness /one “people” of this one planet.

    Learning from our errors is built into the system- outcomes make it clear to us. If we don’t like the results, then we need to change. It is not always easy… giving up that which we thought was “right.”
    Seems our beautiful home, this school of life, is changing. From every level, within and without our choices are going to determine our individual and perhaps group outcome. Another opportunity to grow anew.

    (i removed much of my comment as unnecessary. A wonderful interview, Jer.)

  5. Good stuff found using UC’s
    Good stuff found using UC’s search box:

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  6. Thank you Jeremy and Tiokasin
    Thank you Jeremy and Tiokasin Ghosthorse for this interview. What will it take to wake us up and shake most of humanity out of ignorance? How do we find balance and greater understanding with the (Western mind and the First Peoples mind)?

    These PEOPLE have their own language too. They are accomplished musicians that sing their own songs/music on our little blue planet, on our own Sweet Mother Earth…..


  7. Not being able to put it into
    Not being able to put it into words…This is Truth. Our reality truly is a Great Web that vibrates on feeling and is indescribable. I have experienced White Buffalo Calf Woman, but I cannot explain her in a way that others would understand. I’ve tried, but I had to settle for setting it down from thought via a journal. She is the spirit that runs through all, and also the definition of what it means to be truly human, as well as an expression of the appreciation for the abundance and gifts that surround us.

    Great interview, and you are right, Jeremy: Discussing it as a topic of conversation and attempting to define it all with our brains is fruitless, because it comes through the Heart and gets lost in translation once it makes it into the brain. The two must work together, which is why time in Nature and meditation is so important.

    1. My thoughts on words. I
      My thoughts on words. I posted this some time back on Reddit.

      I awoke from nightmares at an odd time of night for waking and popped on the television, which I rarely use, and a movie called “A Night to Remember” was playing–A 1958 adaptation of the Titanic disaster. The film prodded me to think about the word Titanic itself and more specifically about how the sinking of an unsinkable ship actually changed the connotation of the word, forever! Few of us think of the word for its true definition:
      ti·tan·ic tīˈtanik adjective of exceptional strength, size, or power. “a series of titanic explosions”
      We are more likely to think of the word with the connotation of the irony of the events surrounding the sinking of the infamous ship. This twisted my thoughts into rethinking how I perceive words and how they may be nothing but useless representations of reality.
      Let me give you another example. It would appear the meanings of words shift with time as the reality of the objects they represent change.
      Let’s take Down Syndrome for instance; it was once referred to as Mongolism which is now considered offensive. Later, people with Down Syndrome were referred to as “special”. With best intentions not to offend anyone when referring to a person with Down Syndrome, the “Special Olympics” were created. In common parlance, people started to say “Well, isn’t that special?”–see the Church Lady of Saturday Night Live fame. The word special carried with it the negative implications of having Down Syndrome. The word first tries to soften the concept but the concept is not soft so the word follows it into context. And thus, special has never really been used in its proper context since it became latched onto the concept of a genetic disorder.
      When you are thinking with your ‘monkey mind’ the words you are using to run the scripts in your head are tags for concepts. The words themselves are tainted with the connotation you give them and may well be so separated the concept they are trying to represent one might be best off to stop trying to think in words and seek another path. We are in, however, a word prison from which it appears there is no escape.
      If you are seeking Enlightenment, you must find It by the use of words in your mind without thinking in words. You can never really know what Enlightenment actually is unless you experience it–until that time it is like a star in space which can only be observed from a great distance.

  8. One thing that is basically
    One thing that is basically detached and separated from nature is our technology. Technology, as it currently is implemented, is an island in a physical ocean. The separation of technology from nature may contribute to our notions of time dealing exclusively with discrete or semi-discrete ( like with frequencies) events. In order to become an Agrarian society, we might decide to connect our technology to nature. Quantum computers, with their nature dependent functions, may be the first step in this process.

    Maybe we can connect clocks as well to the fabric of our world. This would lead to more integrated perceptions of time.

  9. From first glance, events
    From first glance, events appear to be discrete, disconnected, separated. However, I believe that there is another reality that operates in the background. Here, everything is connected. All events commingle, influencing each other, in a gigantic symphony of interaction. There is no arrow of time, and events can affect other events retroactively.

    There is simultaneity in that place, instant communication between entities, information. Have you heard the expression time is the way nature insures that everything does not happen at once? Well, in the void where everything is connected, everything does happen at once. We separate ourselves from nature by the use of the clock. Getting connected is the way to come closer to the void, the realm of oneness.

    Higher dimensions may reflect the connection to the void, with coincidences being more commonplace as one moves up the ladder. There is also an energy increase, energy accretes as one moves up the ladder.

  10. The void lies at intersection
    The void lies at intersection of light and dark, at the interface of the two. The silver or “grey” area, the place of absolute connection. Expanding one’s connection to both the light and darkness is the way to increase one’s overall consciousness while sustaining equilibrium. Forces such as the Yin and Yang require balance, not over emphasis upon one or the other.

    Too much Light creates destruction.

    Too much Darkness creates stagnation.

    Balance is very much the key. Bringing balance to the energy forces of light and darkness will enable psychic abilities as one begins to connect to the shining void. Coincidences will become more frequent as well.

    Exploring the light and darkness concurrently is the best approach. The void is the mirror that reflects reality in relationship with everything.

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