Anneke Koreman: Akhenaten, Jesus and the Cathars

March 20, 2015
Who—and what—was Akhenaten? Was he human, or entirely human, this enigmatic man who brought the idea of the single god to mankind? And what was the toolkit that he used in his spiritual quest, and that was still in use... continued

The Government Backs into Disclosure

March 13, 2015
UPDATE: CIA medical officer Christopher "Kit" Greene has posted an extensive comment on the Above Top Secret website about his efforts to obtain John Burroughs' records. He makes specific statements about what caused John's injuries that confirm that the source was... continued

General Arthur Exon and the Roswell Incident

March 5, 2015
General Arthur Exon, former commanding officer of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, spoke to Whitley Strieber about the Roswell Incident. It turns out that he also gave a rare interview to Ralph Steiner. Listen as they compare notes for the first... continued

The Keys of Enoch and Beyond with JJ and Desiree Hurtak. Host: William Henry

February 27, 2015
Founder and President of The Academy for Future Science, an international NGO (non-government organization). He is a social scientist, futurist, remote sensing and space law specialist. He is author of twenty books, his best-seller is The Keys of Enoch®.  Among his... continued

Killing Moses: History’s Oldest, Coldest Cold Case

February 19, 2015
The death of the greatest prophet in the Old Testament is shrouded in mystery. Why, and what does this mean to us today? Listen as researcher Rand Flem-Ath, famed for his discoveries about Earth's crustal shift, uncovers the truth about... continued

William Henry Returns with New Secrets of Egypt

February 11, 2015
William Henry reports on his recent quest for the secrets of the Essenes in Egypt. The presence of this secretive Jewish sect in Egypt is little known, but, in fact, a group of them went to Heliopolis in Egypt in 180BC... continued

John Hogue: 2015–Will It be a Year of Destiny?

February 5, 2015
From the escalating threat of terrorism to environmental change and dramatic shifts in climate, 2015 is likely to be a year of great drama. What's the worst and best we can expect? John Hogue predicts. He gives us insight into... continued

2nd Week with Linda Howe: the Bizarre 1st 12 Days of January

January 29, 2015
Unexplained booms, bizarre earthquakes--the first 12 days of January are almost beyond explanation. Learn more in this special 1 hour Dreamland. The second half hour is the section normally reserved for subscribers. Please enjoy it, and consider subscribing to continued

Quakes, Booms and Pole Shift

January 23, 2015
Earth's magnetic pole is shifting much faster than predicted. Could this be the reason for unusual earthquake clusters and unexplained booms? Linda Moulton Howe reports. 1st of a 2 part series. Earthquakes are being recorded in eastern Connecticut for the... continued

The Dark Face of Heaven

January 13, 2015
Human beings are deeply sensitive. You are. As a result, we are all traumatized. Janet Collie brings her great wisdom and wealth of experience treating every kind of trauma to this deeply freeing interview. You can transcend your trauma. Janet... continued