After a 30 Year Silence, a Sheriff Tells the Truth About Cattle Mutilations

September 27, 2013
Linda Moulton Howe has made a breakthrough--she has finally, after more than thirty years of trying, gotten one of the Montana sheriffs most involved in the cattle mutilation investigations to tell the truth about what he saw and how he... continued

UPDATED 4PM Friday–Alien Viruses, Crashed UFOs, MJ-12, Biowarfare (And the Bizarre JFK Connection.)

September 19, 2013
UPDATE 4PM Friday September 20: Linda Moulton Howe leads with a breaking story about elk suddenly dropping dead in Montana and deer dying of hemmorhagic fever over the past few days in New Mexico. Dr. Robert Wood and Nick Redfern report  during their... continued

Two of the World’s Greatest Experts Tell us about the REAL Area 51

September 12, 2013
Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have just published a groundbreaking and definitive book about the Roswell Incident that—incredibly—is full of new revelations and new research of the very highest order. For example, they have solved the mystery of "Hangar 18"... continued

The Danger of Fukushima: What does John Hogue See?

September 6, 2013
John Hogue uses his prophetic and analytical skills to talk about the growing danger of radiation from Fukushima, then Whitley asks him about details of his track record, which is unusually accurate. One example he cites is that he profiled... continued

Cattle Mutilations are Back and the Strangeness is EXTREME

August 21, 2013
AS OF 12:45 PDT 08/23/13, DREAMLAND STREAM REPAIRED. Cattle mutilations are back with a frightening vengeance, and the strangeness is so high that it is literally off the charts. Animals dropped from a height, entire brains missing and these bizarre findings are just... continued

The Lost Word of a Master Mason Recovered

August 15, 2013
32nd Degree Mason Robert W. Sullivan IV explains how the Royal Arch of Enoch, a high degree Masonic Ritual developed in France in the 1700s, has had a huge hidden influence on our world. Whitley Strieber calls the Royal Arch... continued

The Secret History of the Supernatural

August 8, 2013
Nostradamus...channeling...Atlantis...divination. Most serious people consider such topics nonsense. But look again. In this exciting interview, Richard Smoley shows us why the supernatural should be taken seriously--very seriously. Richard explains to us just why ignored magical and Hermetic traditions are so... continued

PMH Atwater: Our Strange, Wonderful New Children

August 1, 2013
Compared to the average child who was 10 years old in 1930, the average child who is 10 years old today is a genius. The past 30 years have seen a quantum leap in the intuitive, creative and abstract thinking... continued

What Lurks Beyond–The Paranormal in YOUR Backyard

July 25, 2013
First Jason Offutt thrilled the Dreamland audience with stories of the shadow people. Now he's back with a chilling discovery: the paranormal is getting stronger and it is SPREADING. Listen to the chilling reasons that Jason knows this. It all... continued

The Surviving Nazi Underground in Asia

July 18, 2013
Master Nazi hunter Peter Levenda is with us to bring us up to date on his latest research into where leading Nazis REALLY hid out--in Asia! We connect with Peter in Singapore, where he is researching an update to his... continued