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First, we spend a few minutes with spiritual master Laurence Galian, who reacts in a deeply inspiring way to the total loss of everything he owned. An amazing and inspiring journey. To explore Laurence’s music and work and consider his fundraiser, click here.

Then PMH Atwater joins us for a spectacular exploration of the world of the soul. As the show starts, Whitley Strieber describes a very weird deja-vue experience involving the program. PMH has been studying the near-death experience for 38 years, and has used her skills at analysis to bring deep understanding to its inner workings and inner reality.

She is also an expert in a very unusual area—childhood near death experiences, and she tells of some research she has done that shows that really extraordinary things happen to children not only during an NDE, but after as well.

Don’t miss PMH Atwater’s return to Dreamland. She is one of the few guests with whom Whitley can share stories of witnessed journeys into parallel worlds, and when they share them here, you are going to find your mind opening to some very unexpected possibilities.

PMH Atwater’s website is

Get her new book, Dying to Know You: Proof of God.

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  1. PMH is always a great guest.
    PMH is always a great guest. Her enthusiasm to “tell us” is so wonderful. Looking forward to reading her new book. Great show, Whitley.

    From where she is now, does Anne give you guidance on “where/what/who to bring on here? It is good to have her “with us.” Thank you both. Is Anne concerned for the future of our planet and people? If so, can you elaborate why.

    1. Anne has expressed some
      Anne has expressed some beautiful thoughts about the planet, but also in the past commented that it is just one of many, and its loss, while sad, will just be one of many in our huge universe. She said, “there’s millions of them” and implied that extinction events are simply part of nature, here and elsewhere. But she also said “Earth is a genius.”

  2. Remarkable show. Every word
    Remarkable show. Every word for me was an impossible synchronicity. A beautiful symphony that has left me speechless. Thank you, both of you.

  3. Being a musician myself, I
    Being a musician myself, I tried to donate a small amount to Laurence Gallian’s fund raising efforts. But none of the links on his fund raising page (linked above) worked for me, and I was unable to. Perhaps if somebody reading this (Whitely?) knows him they could advise him of this….

  4. Here are two readings from
    Here are two readings from Edgar Cayce that seem to incorporate both interviews. (Together Laurence Gallian on Love beyond Loss, then PMH Atwater on the Mysteries of the Soul.)

    Laurence Gallian’s gift of MUSIC as well as PMH Atwater’s BREATH OF GOD.

    1. GC: You will have before you the enquiring minds, the purposes of all those who have signified their desire to join Edgar Cayce a few minutes each day in prayer for divine guidance. You will advise these individuals what their attitude should be in the present world turmoil and how they should proceed in order to be of the greater service, as a group and as individuals. You will also advise the best time for meditation and the affirmation or prayer that should be used.

    2. EC: Let all those who have signified their willingness to look to God for guidance know that God has remembered them. That they are conscious of being alive, with the abilities to hate and love, should indicate this to them.

    3. Let each individual know that it came into life with a purpose from God. Let each individual know that it is as a (((harp upon which the breath of God would play.)))
    5749-1 Page 2

    12. They sing the ninety-first Psalm – “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.”

    13. (((He, ‘INDICATING JESUS,’ is the musician as well, for He uses the HARP.)))

    14. They leave for the garden.

  5. Your guest Ms. Dr. PMH
    Your guest Ms. Dr. PMH Atwater, her laugh  was impossible, for a moment  I  was afraid  that neighbors  would  call 911, when I  had my tablet  on and window open.
    Was it worth  for  you to resurrect  this interview , knowing that she is hard for everybody’s  ears when she’s  excited ? Maybe this interview  should  have been heavily  edited first.
    I suggest that in future  she should concentrate  more on writing, and less on screaming to the microphone when she’s  excited .
    Whitley, you kind and sweet  men, I  know your life is hard now .
     I, as your subscriber , am asking you to be more choosy  with the audio tones of  your  guests , be more considering, and remember  :    we listen to your radio at night, when people, even birds are suppose to be quiet.
    Other than that, my heart is always  close to yours, you are a brave men.
    Blanka Page

    1. Blankpage, she is a lovely
      Blankpage, she is a lovely guest and has a particularly wonderful and infectious laugh. This isn’t a resurrected interview. It is new, and was recorded a week ago.

    2. Gotta say, I agree. I was so
      Gotta say, I agree. I was so distracted by her hysterical laughter that I couldn’t really focus on WHAT she was saying. I somehow got through the interview without losing permanent hearing in my ears.

  6. I too will send poor Laurence
    I too will send poor Laurence a donation, but if I had so many valuables in my home I would have insurance on at least the most valuable. So sorry Lawerence, I hope they catch the feens.

  7. Crazy tune going through my
    Crazy tune going through my head, and I am not sure why…’Getting to know you’ from ‘The King and I’, only replace the words ‘Getting to know you’ with ‘Dying to know you.’ Oddly enough if you do that, the rest of the song works,but on a different level…

    Note the young children …cool, and oddly, making me emotional too.

    Dying to know you, dying to know all about you.
    Dying to like you, dying to hope you like me.
    Dying to know you, putting it my way,
    But nicely,
    You are precisely,
    My cup of tea.

    Dying to know you,
    Dying to feel free and easy
    When I am with you,
    Dying to know what to say
    Haven’t you noticed
    Suddenly I’m bright and breezy
    Because of all the beautiful and new
    Things I’m learning about you
    Day by day.

    Sharing your spirit,
    Sharing your tears and your laughter
    Hoping it goes on,
    Hoping it lasts endlessly
    Dying to know you, putting it my way,
    But sweetly,
    You are completely,
    My friend you see.

    Telling you my dreams,
    Dying to feel that you’re with me
    Making our own fun,
    Knowing we know how to play
    Now that I’ve met you
    Suddenly I’m mostly happy
    I’ve found a new pal, beautiful and true
    Yes I’m talking about you
    Friends today

  8. In response to the comments
    In response to the comments about the sound of her voice…

    Perhaps it is just that i have been extraordinarily blessed this lifetime… i have come to know a lot of people. Each has their own idiosyncrasies, as do i. I have come to know that the first impression doesn’t matter.

    What matters is my patience and willingness to be present to the other. It can be work to do so… but that doesn’t matter either.

    I have known people with all kinds of difficulties like hearing loss, visual problems, brain injuries, emotional traumas, psychological struggles..etc. I suspect every one of us “fits” into categories of limitation. ALL THAT DOESN’T MATTER.

    What matters is “being with” the other person. This can be on the phone, in a meeting, on a bus, anywhere including here on UC. Although PMH is in an active conversation with Whitley while she speaks… she and Whitley’s conversation is active with us when we listen.

    When we listen we can be caught up in the “sound” and have to work a bit more to “be present” with the person, words and work of the speaker. The fact that you listened to the entire program, despite the sound of her voice… maybe it means she VOICES important things.

    PMH has done so much for so many, and has had some huge difficulties in her life. Yet, she still reaches out to help others. I not only respect her, but find her amazing. The sound of her voice does not make her words and work less valuable. We all “grate” on others’ in one way or another, at one time or another. Do we ask others to listen when our voice is easy but the words are harsh?

    Who knows if their hearing will be so greatly diminished in age, such that we cannot hear others or ourselves unless we yell? Who knows if we will lose our breath through illness, such that we cannot speak save a couple words? Who knows the effect a brain injury or illness will create in our ability to communicate? Who knows when they are entertaining angels? Who hasn’t made mistakes? Best to be aware of our kindness rather than criticism toward others… as it matters a great deal. We do not know when our words will cause another to stop doing something good, beautiful, or true.

  9. PMH Atwater is a genius, and
    PMH Atwater is a genius, and I personally enjoyed her infectious laughter! She has given me much to think about regarding the Void, the larger creation, dimensional doors (Ardy Clarke helped me realize those are real), and the amazing power of Love. Thank you, Whitley and PMH, for a memorable interview I will long treasure and mull over. 🙂

  10. I had the pleasure of meeting
    I had the pleasure of meeting PMH Awater back in 1993. She gave a talk at our Interfaith church in New York City. I then met her again in November 1994 at the Whole Life Expo in New York City. She is a very nice woman.
    She mentioned Dr.Marcel Vogel who I heard him give a lecture on Illusions Versus Reality back in May 1976.(I still have his paper on his talk). I then heard him lecture again around 1980. At that talk he demonstrated energy by grasping a crystal with his hands and projecting energy with his mind into the crystal and then projecting that energy into the audience and let me say that he certainly projected a lot of energy into the audience.

  11. Someone mentioned that they
    Someone mentioned that they were unable to link to my fundraising site. Please try this URL:

    My most profound thanks first of all to Whitley for generously donating to my fundraising site and also having me as a guest on his show. I also want to say a heart-felt “thank you” to all of you who are helping me out during this extremely difficult time.

    God bless you all!

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