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Ardy Sixkiller Clarke is back with spectacular stories of American Indian contact experiences, and there are simply no stories in the world like these, filled with the wisdom and insight gained from many generations of contact.

The last time she was with us, she described close encounters and the long tradition of close encounter among Indians who live on reservations. (Subscribers, to listen to that terrific show in our archive, click here.)

Now Dr. Clarke brings her high level of research and her professional skills to chronicling the stories of Indians who live off the reservation, but who are still connected to the long star people tradition that exists among Native Americans. EXPECT SOME REAL SURPRISES!

And what stories they are! Be prepared for wisdom, wonder and sheer magic, but also for the darker realities. For example, we all know about cattle mutilations, but people who live in the deep wilderness see much more, and wait until you find out what that is.

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  1. Fascinating case studies from
    Fascinating case studies from a great book! Dr Ardy Sixkiller Clarke is simply spellbinding in her wealth of knowledge about Star People, various ET species, and how they have related to native American Indians.

    One account you didn’t mention is the existence of a universal highway with portals in various remote locations on earth. That reminded me of the dimensional shifts you have experienced, Whitley, as well as your guest PMH Atwater. Thank you, dear Whitley, for expanding my mind.

  2. keep going, whitley!
    keep going, whitley!

  3. Whitley and Ardy Sixkiller
    Whitley and Ardy Sixkiller Clarke. Thank you for this interview, I do wish it could have gone on for another hour.

  4. What a terrific show. There
    What a terrific show. There are several parts of this show that one can almost feel the presence of the mind/gaze of the visitors overlapping both participants.

    One thing, Ardy recounted an account of an abductee being in a mist-lined room. I think that mist may be the visible edge of a very powerful projection or stereo ‘dream-state’. They appear to be able to create an immediate environment within our consciousness that is beyond real, it can be hyper-real.

    The mist may be an indication that a small number of visitors, perhaps just two, may be working together to weave the projection within the tapestry of consciousness of the experiencer.

    Blessed Samhain everyone:


  5. Interesting response to my
    Interesting response to my attempted comment. What does it mean?

    Comment: unauthorized comment submitted or comment submitted to a closed post Here’s a fascinating video.

  6. Someone mentioned in last
    Someone mentioned in last week’s comments that they were unable to link to my fundraising site. Please try this URL:

    My most profound thanks first of all to Whitley for generously donating to my fundraising site and also having me as a guest on his show. I also want to say a heart-felt “thank you” to all of you who are helping me out during this extremely difficult time.

    God bless you all!

  7. Definitely one of the best
    Definitely one of the best shows ever.

    I will say that whatever I saw struck me as being radioactive, from the first glance.
    No question in my mind.

    Another thing that clicked with me is that the underlying assertion that — whereas we tend to associate human interaction, with the visitors, with our own progress and development as a species — these creatures most certainly have lives of their own, and must be approached with this in mind. They are astronauts, they are scientists, they are doctors, and so forth. They are parents and grandparents. And, while they may have the capacity for compassionate intervention within our culture, they may also be limited to a certain level of engagement, according to protocol.

    Greetings from the Sonoran Desert. There is a white owl among us, in the camp, where I am currently wintering.

    1. Mab,
      I think that sometimes


      I think that sometimes we totally lose sight of the fact that our interactions with humans and ‘visitors’ are not one-sided. There is teaching and learning going back and forth, and the growth of all beings is being affected. Our thoughts, deeds, and actions ripple out into the Greater Consciousness adding to the vast library of information that is always available to all beings. ‘Families’ are everywhere too, through soul connection, as well as in the more mundane concept of family within the ‘physical’ and cultural definitions.

      If one truly believes that All is connected, then protocols for intervention would have to take this into account. If one aspect of your soul is being played out here on Earth, and another aspect in an alternate dimension or planet in another part of our galaxy, there must be limits in order to maximize the overall growth of that soul. (Even as humans, our growth is often driven by what we perceive as negative events in our lives. If you are one of those that ‘remembers’ other lives, you come to realize that both those good and bad aspects are a factor in who you are in this moment, and vice versa!)

      Very interesting interview and conversation, and very timely one for me personally!

      P.S. What timing… I just happened across this…Here is an example of how humans view ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ aspects, even within our environment and on a strictly global level. It’s about perception and the greater good…

      1. Re: Cosmic Librarian
        I tend

        Re: Cosmic Librarian

        I tend to be fairly no-bones about my perceptions of “positive” and ” negative” energies. By definition, neither are inherently good or evil. It’s more of a balancing act.

        Incidentally, I was thinking about the idea of attracting the attention from the sky, from where I sat tonight, in an old abandoned church that has been kept up over the years, by the eco-community with whom I live.

        I had a singing bowl and an end blown flute of a Semitic scale I’ve been using to meditate and pray with. Found myself staring at an off center area in the sky, as the daylight began to fade, rather than the stone effigy of the Virgin I had been focusing on. As it grew darker, I realized that the seemingly blank area was actually glimmering like the Pleiades.

        As I finished my meditation, I found myself wondering if they were listening, watching at all, and I thought I noticed a peculiar pinpoint of light dance outward, from the center of the glimmer, travel to the right, in an impossibly wavy, up and down sort of fashion. (You know how your eyes play tricks on you, when you try to focus on a point of light in the sky, against the backdrop of all the rest. It’s not as static a layout as it appears on a map.)

        But, then, the point of light grew a bit brighter, to the point where there was no question in my mind I was actually seeing this happening. As the brightness of the object reached a peak, it shot up and out, like a shooting star, but much much slower, disappearing into the night sky.

        I was pleased.

        Thanks for the reply.

  8. Indeed.

  9. Particularly touching is the
    Particularly touching is the story of the entities returning to the dead patch, assumedly for sentimental reasons. Might sentimentality be a more important ingredient of human culture than is ordinarily thought?

    Could it be that it holds a higher place in the natural order of things than might be commonly thought? Although it can certainly seem that might – and math – often makes right, might it be that the universe ultimately favors societies with deep hearts? Might sentimentality somehow be the key to unlocking doors to deeper levels of being?

    Perhaps I’m just in an odd frame of mind. But, then again, what other ingredient singularly defines what it is to be human as opposed to robotic than the formidable “s” word?

    What a superb Dreamland, Ardie and Whitley!

  10. Wonderful interview!
    Wonderful interview!

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