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A truly shocking and astonishing show on extremely strange events in the Antarctic. A naval officer tells us what he remembers, including seeing a huge opening in the ice in a no-fly area they were crossing with a medical emergency on board. Then he ferried a group of scientists who had disappeared for two weeks, and has specifically been warned not to refer again to this subject. As he put it, “they looked scared.” When they returned to McMurdo, their gear was isolated and they were flown back to Christchurch, New Zealand in a special plane.

He discusses what he saw and experienced in detail.

This is the most provocative story about what is going on in Antarctica ever presented anywhere.

From Whitley Strieber: “When I was in New Zealand in 1988, there was a public outcry about a massive US Air Force air lift to Antarctica. It was going on 24 hours a day and disturbing residents who lived around the airport in Auckland. That was over 25 years ago. When you listen to this incredible show, think about that.”

Anne Strieber unexpectedly enters the second half of the show with an extraordinary and deeply informative comment about these strange events, from her new and much broader perspective.

Linda and Whitley respond to her comment with one of the most exciting, enlightening discussions ever heard on this program.

What I learned from Anne Strieber during and after this show is discussed in Awakening 18, 19 and 20. The show was recorded prior to those episodes.

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This week for Unknowncountry subscribers, I begin a new series called “Stories from a Life,” a complete narrative of my life starting with past life memories, going through childhood and up to the present.

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  1. we live from our center so
    we live from our center so that neither the light (masculine/physical) nor dark (feminine/soul world) can claim us.

    1. Also, please upload the add
      Also, please upload the add to notices!
      I just read a FABULOUS thriller based on Real UFO info and details, and REAL new archeological connections between Egyptian monuments, Mayan ruins, and the Mars sites… and the secrecy and loss of Mars and Moon explorers and photographs. AND the McMurdo Antarctica story. ALL real stuff and a fabulous read. The book: The Orion Protocal by Gary Tigerman.

      I was able to reply, but unable to post.

  2. Can you put the down load
    Can you put the down load link for subscribers, please.

    Ron Jackson

    1. I’m sorry about the delay
      I’m sorry about the delay posting the subscriber downloads. The audio files were located here, and a local internet outage prevented them from being uploaded.

  3. Thank you. 🙂
    Thank you. 🙂

  4. Classic good cop bad cop
    Classic good cop bad cop story.

  5. So this guy says he got a
    So this guy says he got a “phone call” and Linda just believes him. She seems to do that an awful lot. People tell her stuff and she believes it, then she repeats it. Not a lot of research or attempt at verification.

    1. Trouble is ALL this stuff is
      Trouble is ALL this stuff is ultimately unverifiable. Beyond the basic checks it’s a rabbit hole of smoke and mirrors. I guess you just have to use intuition/experience to decide if people are either, telling the truth, insane, or peddling disinformation. It’s a tough job and I think she does it well.

      1. I just apply the Law of
        I just apply the Law of Confusion principle to any unverifiable information, ant try to use my discernment. Read or listen to “The Law of One”, the RA material. It is one of the best sources to help me keep my perspective on this confusing environment we find ourselves in. We have to not have absolute answers to keep us learning and growing.

    2. I would like to speak to
      I would like to speak to Linda’s skill as a reporter here. She works at the extreme edge, and does so with a high degree of professional skill and exemplary integrity. What you do hear are great stories. What you do not hear is the effort, the cross checking and double checking, the confirmation of claims of identity, etc., that went into producing them.

    3. That’s not true.
      Mrs Howe

      That’s not true.

      Mrs Howe listens to interesting accounts then uses discernment to isolate phenomena that stand out from the overwhelming majority of information offered to her. She then interviews the subject, allowing the listener to form an opinion.

      In my opinion, based on fourteen years of listening to both Dreamland and Earthfiles that she is one of the most deserving people to have received awards for true journalism. There aren’t many sincere journalists around anymore, at least it seems that way.

      Please give her a chance, I honestly feel that she deserves it.

      Peace, friend.

  6. I listened to this show or
    I listened to this show or one similar to it a couple of months ago on Earthfiles – but I’ve listened again and I love it. Any time Linda gives a report it’s gonna be interesting, informative and just plain good.

  7. The download link fell down
    The download link fell down in to the ice crack of the Larson Ice Shelf of Antarctica!

    1. This was due to a local
      This was due to a local internet outage that happened while I was posting the show. It has just been fixed as of Sunday morning, and both downloads are now available.

  8. Amazing show, Whitley. One
    Amazing show, Whitley. One of my all time favorite episodes of Dreamland.

  9. Dreamland at its best.
    Dreamland at its best.

  10. Love Linda !
    Love Linda !

  11. Great show. Thank you and
    Great show. Thank you and Linda.

  12. Another mind bending episode
    Another mind bending episode of Dreamland. What an incredible account of Antarctica and what this might mean.

  13. As I said, Dreamland at its
    As I said, Dreamland at its best. So much is hidden from us but we frequently get glimpses.

  14. Just a few months ago, there
    Just a few months ago, there was situation where two people (Employees of Lockheed-Martin) had to be evacuated due to ‘medical reasons’ from Antartica. This was a big story in the news back in June, since it was winter down there, and very treacherous for flying, but the mission was accomplished. I contacted Linda shortly thereafter, since this story immediately fell off of the radar, with no clues about who the people were, or even where they ended up for their medical care. While I understand the whole ‘privacy’ thing, it seemed like more might have been going on.

    Linda’s response was, “I have same questions, but there’s no one to get a reality check with – really bottled up.”

    To jog your memories, or in case you missed the story:

  15. Whitley, I have to report
    Whitley, I have to report that I experienced a bizarre synchronicity while listening to this episode of Dreamland. My iPhone reacted just as yours did, with Siri chiming in and speaking. My phone was not on silent as yours was, but it was inactive, just sitting next to me on my desk. Just a very short time after you “channeled” (for lack of a better term) Anne’s message, at the 35:55 minute mark, you were saying “the planet’s in trouble and we need to act on our own behalf”, Siri spontaneously spoke up and said “OK here’s what I can help you with, I can set the timer for 19 minutes”. I’m not claiming that there’s any significance to that particular message. Almost daily I do set the timer for 19 minutes, although I’ve always done it manually, without Siri’s help. It just struck me as so weird that only a dozen minutes or so after that happened to you during the interview, that my phone did the same thing! As any iPhone user will know, to access Siri, you have to press and hold the home button. Just thought I’d pass this on, as you can imagine I had a big cartoon question mark and exclamation mark above my head! All that said, what an incredible show indeed, no hyperbole that this will be an all-time classic. Thanks Whitley, Anne and Linda!

  16. Linda & Whitley & Anne

    Linda & Whitley & Anne
    Thank you so much for this – so much truth. So much…….
    When George Lucas wrote “Star Wars” he really does discuss this “force” the two sides, of the light side and the dark side – it is about seeking and restoring balance. The human race is currently out of balance with itself , and all of nature – the soul mission is I believe to restore “Balance to the Force”

    A short comment re: Ms Howe’s professionalism and veracity. Ms. Howe is a consummate professional. I can tell you from personal experience that there is an AFOSI gentleman, central and germane to her research, and my background that has lead to a tremendous respect for her courageous pursuit.

  17. Great to hear Linda back on
    Great to hear Linda back on the show. Very interesting show.

  18. My subscription lapsed a
    My subscription lapsed a while ago, and I have not been in a financial position to renew it. However, this interview is so good, so informative, so worth listening to that I have just subscribed again, regardless. I do not want to miss a single word of what you provide for us. Thank you, Whitley, for making this whole interview available, and thank you all – Linda as well – for continuing with your important work.
    By the way, as interesting as this interview is, to me the most important statement made here is the one by Anne, that if we don’t care for our planet, someone else will take it. This fits in with a very deep spiritual teaching that can be found within every tradition: that we are given souls, but if we do not tend to them, grow them, they will be taken from us. It is up to us, individually and collectively.

    And regarding the dark and light, be careful, Whitley, because the dark is like quicksand … not easily identified, deceptive, and if we step into it, it can suck us in, regardless of our intention. Keep centred in the Light, and whatever darkness you need to encounter will come to you on its own as you need it, but will not engulf you. God bless.

  19. It is in this level of
    It is in this level of vibration we all seek the truth, it is where the dark envelops the light in our quest for knowledge. Dark v light has been the case since inception. We are an ancient species, as are the other life forms that interact with us. Our memories of our past have been erased by other entities to keep us weak, the gov’t keeps this veil in place for its own agenda…

  20. In the Michael Palin TV show,
    In the Michael Palin TV show, Pole to Pole. He travels to the South Pole, and arrives first at an American base there. They give him an ‘icey’ reception, and he has to sleep outside of the compound, in the tent or something he has. He quickly goes to the place where the South Pole might be for the TV show, and feels that he is not welcome to stay long at the base.

  21. Glad I re-upped…
    Glad I re-upped…

  22. Linda keeps repeating the
    Linda keeps repeating the same lie over and over, JFK was NOT killed about UFOs, there is ZERO evidence that it happened. I even wrote her about it and she comes up with some lamebrain excuse. That alone makes the rest of her so-called research suspect. She DOES believe anything anyone tells her, thus she is fed a ton of mis-info. She is now what I call an entertainer, not a real researcher. Although she is entertaining, nothing she says now can be taken seriously. I plan to write her again, but she is as back as debunkers, her mind is made up already. Kind of sad really to see how her standards have fallen.

  23. I hope writing her helps your
    I hope writing her helps your ego Richard. And please add more capitol letters to your next posts. That really helps you make your point. POINTS. See?

  24. Whitley – my wife and I both
    Whitley – my wife and I both spent 5 seasons at various stations in Antarctica, including the South Pole. Look – I subscribe to Unknown Country because I’m prone to believe in the truth of what you and your guests discuss. I have seen the ice around the South Pole both up close, and from 15,000 feet. My wife (in her younger days) lay on the open rear deck of a flying C131 to photograph the base from various altitudes. I have personally done deployments to remote stations for extended lengths of time. And I interacted with scientists and support workers from 100s of projects.

    I’d be the first guy to say something unusual was going on down there (other than the traditional weekend Disco parties). Really. And I was there in 2002, and nobody mentioned a missing TV crew. And there really aren’t too many secrets in the USAP programs. It’s weird enough without aliens.

  25. When I was about 4 years old,
    When I was about 4 years old, I had what I thought was a nightmare at the time or a vision where I saw the Antarctic region explode violently. I saw huge plumes of fire emanating from the Antarctic continent. I saw this from the vantage point of space, where I could see the entire Earth before me. I feel sure that I was being shown this as a warning of a future event. To whom it may concern.

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