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One of the great aims of Dreamland is to help us build our side of the bridge between us and what, as Anne Strieber put it, “we call the dead.” They are not dead. In fact, as she says, “we’re right here.”

This week, we talk for the first time to Lynn Rollins Stull, a Dreamland ‘find,’ who is one of the most advanced experts on building that bridge that we have ever found. Lynn wrote Whitley Strieber and email and sent him her book a few weeks ago, and the moment he read it, he knew that he was in the presence of a real expert in crossing the veil between the worlds.

The book is filled with wisdom and practical advice about how to “intentionally approach the veil between the living and the dead to be of service to your loved ones who have died.”

As Whitley says, “we are told again and again that the soul doesn’t exist. This is being drilled into us by a society that wants us to be helpless, empty-minded consumers. But that is not what we are. We are building a new mankind, and books like Wonders at the Veil are fundamental to this revolution.”

You can connect with Lynn and learn more about her work at

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  1. This was a very powerful
    This was a very powerful show. In two ways. First: My sister drowned at age 2 when I was 13. It took me til age 66 to release the grief, and I was able to let her go. During this Unknown Country session I actually reconnected with her in joy, rather than my dragging her down. And I got the sense of something we can do together. There was great excitement and love in this shared potential to create. Second: When I was 36, my father died. He was a classical music compusor with a strong spiritual connection. Not long after his death, and still, I realized he is COMPOSING a new universe–with music! With a team of others who are also creating this new universe. This is somehow related to the creation of a new life-form you and Annie are speaking of. This is SO exciting!

    1. Hello Anne, I wanted to be
      Hello Anne, I wanted to be more complete in my response to your comment. I am so grateful for your willingness to share about both your sister and your father. It is very beautiful how you are see the opportunity for co-creating. When children die – they carry spiritual gift of purity back into the spiritual world – a spiritual substance that can be used for earthly creation. I know because I have experienced those extra spiritual forces directly from my daughter. Here is a quote by Albert Steffen that I think you might find interesting: “Those dying young carry back into the spiritual world the cosmic element that lives in the unspent forces of growth — something divine that has not yet been corroded and destroyed by earthly consciousness.” Also, regarding your father and music, spirituality, and composing a new universe through symphony. There is a book, The Bridge Over The River translated from the German by Joseph Wetzl, that you might be interested in. It is a powerful recount of a young woman who has a connection with her brother who died and was a musician/composer. Also, did your interest in music change with your father’s death? “In the beginning was the Word” — well we know that it was a tone, don’t we.

      1. Hi Lynn. Thank you for your
        Hi Lynn. Thank you for your observations. You’ve given me a lot to think about. I’ll answer the easiest first: No, my interest in music didn’t change after my father died. It’s always been an important part of my life. The interesting thing was that, after his death, the person I ‘saw’ had non of the medical/ego issues Dad had during his life. He was very severely asthmatic and died in his 50’s of asthma, but he was also pretty narcissistic and difficult. Mom kept saying “It’s the medications” and after he died I was SO impressed by his honor and nobility. A medium later commented (no input from me) that she’s never before seen someone who was SO different after death and was impressed by his great being, knowing it was SO different from his ‘personality’. But my sister… I was so young and had no understanding of death at all. And also I was intensely angry at God for allowing that to happen. I kept carrying her around with me (thinking it was imagination). She’d sit in my lap in the back seat of the car and we’d carry on a mental conversation that was “See the cow?” “Cow” “There’s a big truck” “Truck” I didn’t think it was real, but now, after many other experiences, I realize it Was her. I now see how she changed my life profoundly in a way I’m so grateful for. But she morphed pretty quickly from a baby to a young woman in her late 20s, and that woman-spirit became really tired of my grieving. She doesn’t carry that burden now.

        1. Hi Anne, that is interesting
          Hi Anne, that is interesting what you say about your father’s asthma. I know that often people who are very talented/artistic sometimes have illinesses — I think the illiness somewhat lifts them out of their physical body and invites more of a spiritual connection (example extreme fevers) – I am not sure what having asthma so severely that one would die from it offers – considering it is with the lungs/rhythmic system of the body. And that he was so different after death. It might be fun to ask him – bring your interest in this question to him (see what I suggest with your sister below). Regarding your sister – I can imagine you being intensely angry at God. It is a beautiful image of you and your sister together. You mentioned her morphing into her late 20’s — my daughter did the same although I can feel her both ways – at different times/situations. I love how you, Anne, lifted your sister from your burden of grief. You mentioned in your original post about creating with her. I don’t know if you meditate, if you do you can ask her in your meditation time about the idea of creating with her. If you don’t meditate – you can bring an image of your sister to mind strongly before going to bed. See the two of you having a conversation about creating together. Carry that image into your sleep and then on awakening see if you get a message from her. Lynn

  2. Interesting conversation! I
    Interesting conversation! I am glad you both discussed ‘reincarnation’ and also how things are changing with the ‘dead’. I have been talking to them for a while, and I have a friend that also does this, and she has even worked with law enforcement agencies to solve crimes. About 3 years ago I mentioned to her that ‘they’ do not seem to be hanging around as much as they used to and she said that she had noticed the same thing.

    I feel that many of us have had a hand in this, by merely noticing their presence and assisting them in any way that we can. All healing ripples out through the universe, so maybe we have reached some critical phase in regards to healing souls. After the tsunami in the Indian Ocean back in 2004, I was meditating one afternoon a few days later, and I remember being approached by a little Asian girl of about 4 years of age. She was lost, and I reached out to her, put her in my lap and gave her comfort. The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by hundreds of people! It was astounding, and I asked them what I could do to assist them? The answer that I got was that they were just pleased that I was aware of them, and that acknowledgment of them was, in itself, important and full of meaning. They dispersed, and I was left sobbing for quite a while!

    Today is ‘National Ghost Hunting Day’, of all things! The goal should not be to hunt them, but also to do what we can to heal them, because they are spirits that need to let go and reunite with their souls. Likewise, we should not be enabling them by playing the “just give us a sign” game! If we connect to them, it’s best to do it by connecting directly to their soul, rather than the spirit that is walking around in Aunt Tillie’s attic, because that soul is most likely living other lives as well, and the spirit (ghost) that is tied to a person, place, or thing is affecting all of those other lives too. (…possibly manifesting in ways such as addiction, mental illness, etc.)

    This was a great interview, and it also validated things that I have experienced too!

    1. Cosmic Librarian, thank you
      Cosmic Librarian, thank you for sharing your (and your friends’s) personal experience of those who have died. It is moving to hear about the little child and how you gave her comfort. Yes, I find it amazing that when we open our self to serving those who died that we ‘light up’ to the dead and they can find us, seek us to support/work with them them. My personal experience is that there is a difference from those who die from a tramatic event and those those die a somewhat ‘normal’ death. Those who die from trama seem to be caught more in the astral plane close to the earth and seem to be more disoriented, or can be somewhat feeling angst. I am glad you enjoyed the interview — I think it is important we share our experiences – we can learn so much from each other.

  3. It’s true, we are living our
    It’s true, we are living our lives with the departed. Cosmic and I are friends of several years and I read her words and gained peace, now, at a time of struggle.

    We’re all both there and here. This isn’t difficult. Re-read Cosmic’s post.

    I remember the 2004 tsunami too. I posted to the UC forum under the subject ‘Anne and Whitley’s secret bunker’ at least a month in advance of the tsunami. It’s up there. We can all see the events beforehand but, remember, temporal separation has value.

    Have patience, count to ten. Seers aren’t a big deal and are rarely Brad Pitt lookalikes.

    Prophecy is easily proved. Post your dreams immediately.

    Our world is a projection within another.


  4. An old, long forgotten
    An old, long forgotten memory, that suddenly came to me while listening to this interview, led to me finding these translated words of an Inuit song from the movie, Never Cry Wolf.

    I think over again my small adventures, my fears.
    Those small ones that seemed so big.
    For all the vital things I had to get and to reach.
    And yet there is only one great thing, the only thing:
    To live to see the great day that dawns
    and the light that fills the world.

    1. Quantum Johnny, thank you for
      Quantum Johnny, thank you for sharing these Inuit words and image that they create.

  5. Beautiful, deep, personal,
    Beautiful, deep, personal, universal, as we journey together. Great show. Thank you Lynn.
    Quantum, thank you also, for sharing those words.

    1. It is quite a journey. And
      It is quite a journey. And you are most welcome ‘not so much dreamer’.

  6. You know, what I seem to be
    You know, what I seem to be hearing is that we can remain in love and in contact with other halves out of body. I have been dealing with this suggestion since last Summer but I started off not knowing who she was.

    Here I sit now, considering her voice, after quite a while now and she is me, we are free.

    I suspect that she was my wife and I know that I still love her. No, I don’t have details, and yes, this may be a strange deception but, I’ll run with this, since it feels free.

    Does anyone recognise a pattern here?

    1. Hi Von Hausenberg, yes I
      Hi Von Hausenberg, yes I believe it is critical in our time to remain in love and contact with those not in a physical body. Sometimes we just have to trust ourselves to know the next step. Taking a step in the direction that feels right (in your case it sounds like “free” is the quality that is right),and with faith – always being open to sensing the next step. Pattern – love is critical, intention, joy. Am interested in the pattern(s) you might discover. Lynn

  7. Whitley and Lynn…….I want to
    Whitley and Lynn…….I want to post this since it feels in line with today’s interview.


    Monday, June 01, 2009 8:58 AM…..A terrible dream jolts me wide awake. When I woke up and read about the AIRPLANE that went down I immediately felt connected with those on board…..Here is just a sample of the e-mails I sent out to people; way to much to post here. I was in such a panic, feeling absolutely sure the passengers were all still alive and needing help.


    DREAM: I am in a forest/jungle? There is a long Jesus type table set up there with many people sitting around it; they have papers in their hands, pencils, pens, etc. I am with them but have decided to walk away; I am feeling overwhelmed and tired. There is desperation in the dream and they are all asking me for something that I do not know if I can deliver. Now I am driving a car trying to get away and they are begging me to stay and help or maybe send for help. I am emotionally distraught.

    CHANGE: I find myself back in the jungle but alone. A female voice booms out of the ethers. She doesn’t want me to abandon them here and at the end of her speech she is starting to cry. Another woman to my right is telling me that the woman is getting too theatrical…..I wake up from this dream experience VERY upset, as though there are people out there needing help.

    Tuesday, June 02, 2009 7:57 AM (Sent an e-mail to Anne Strieber).
    (((Before going to sleep last night my intent was to try and sneak a peek into the chambers beneath the Sphinx after listening to the William Henry Revelations. I had my dreaming self wide open and perhaps why I believe I was in contact with all of those passengers))). Please Anne, no need to write back, I think I am just struggling with all of the emotion at the moment…..I wish all of those loved ones left behind could know that the most precious ones in their lives are all right and that they want them to know that…..With all my heart I wish for a miracle and that they are still alive in the physical.

    I woke up with a few more thoughts this morning. I am wondering if my SOUL was indeed traveling toward the Sphinx at the same time and going in the same general direction as the Air France Jet? Could all of our souls been out of body at almost the same moment? Did our paths collide as I was traveling from St. Louis? I know this idea probably sounds strange but now I am at the point of trying to understand how this could have happened. (((Also, does a living body with a soul doing it’s nightly thing look different then a soul that is no longer attached to the physical body? How did the passengers know that I was different?))) These are only thoughts that I am pondering and am thinking out loud. Thanks Anne…..Just needed to have someone listen.

    I have had a pretty rough day emotionally speaking but now that it is almost over I am starting to think that all of those people in the Air France Jet crash must have perished. I was so sure they were still alive then but realize now that I was probably in denial of the fact that the passengers were all lost. It all seemed so real.

    Thursday, June 04, 2009 10:04 AM
    Anne, I am sending this to you because since this whole Air France accident I am finally at a peaceful place. Part of this dream is telling me that all of those passengers are being cared for…..


    DREAM: There was more to this dream but this is what I came away with……I have gone through a series of life experiences and now there is a man dressed in scare crow clothing (straw hat and all) sitting across the table from me. He understands that I am afraid of life’s challenges. He then says, “I knew everything that was going to happen to you but you had to do it anyway.” Don’t worry about being destitute; I would never leave anyone homeless.” Then he points to a battered silver metal building that looks as though it is ready to collapse and says, “You see, I will provide something for everyone.” I look to my right and see an old man with white hair walking around its perimeter (looking more like a hologram, it has a surreal feeling about it.) Now the scare crow man gets up and a woman dressed much like him walks over to stand at his right side. She smiles but says nothing.

    Note; I believe what this is telling me is that life must be experienced even if the most probable outcome is already known by a higher mind. The concern/worry about being homeless for me would not be a physical house/home but a spiritual place/home. Even the most evil person according to our understanding of evil will somehow be cared for. MOST of all for me it is about getting past fears, doing what we know to do even if it means putting ourselves out there and at risk for criticism.

    1. Carollee, this is quite a
      Carollee, this is quite a recollection. Thank you. I just want to acknowledge your post and want to read it thoroughly again before I offer a comment. I have a full day tomorrow (Sunday) – but will try to respond. If I am not able to – I will definitely on Monday. However before I sign off for the night I must really affirm that it is getting past fears, and doing what we know to do, despite possible criticism. I look forward to re-visiting your post tomorrow. Lynn

    2. Carollee, you have quite
      Carollee, you have quite vivid experiences. Again, thank you for sharing them. I guess I would have two more comments to add to my last. I feel personal freedom also needs to be considered and I still believe that, particularly in the earthly sphere one has a choice even though our past patterns might predict a particular end result — that we can effect that pattern through one’s I consciousness. Kind regards, Lynn

  8. Fascinating comments as well!
    Fascinating comments as well! I do wish the book was available on Amazon Kindle. I know, I know, but I usually have a hard cover or paperback and the Kindle version. Orwellian or whatever, I like my Kindle Paperwhite.

    1. Badger’s Drift – you made me
      Badger’s Drift – you made me smile re: fondness for Kindle. My brother feels the same way about his Kindle.

  9. Please note that a political
    Please note that a political comment having nothing to do with this program was deleted from the top of the thread.

  10. Lynn, although it isn’t
    Lynn, although it isn’t expected for the guests to respond to posts, i am touched that you have done so for each one. Thank you for your kindness. I felt your kindness while listening to the show, and your taking time to respond to us reinforced it. I do not expect a response to this comment, just know you are appreciated.

    1. not so much Dreamer, I
      not so much Dreamer, I receive your comment fully. It feels great to be appreciated. Whitley told me you all were special … and you are. Blessings, Lynn

  11. Acording to Michael Newton
    Acording to Michael Newton who was a hypnotist and did past-life regressions and life between lives, it might be possible in some cases to communicate with a spirit who has reincarnated. he said that nobody ever brings the entirety of their energy into an incarnation so that even when they have reincarnated there would still be the energy of them in the spirit world to communicate with those who had known and loved them in their most recent life on earth.

    1. Hi Lorie, thank you for your
      Hi Lorie, thank you for your contribution. Mr. Newton’s statement makes sense to me. At this moment in our spiritual evolution our soul mediates between our physical body and our spirit. Our spirit, in most cases, enters the physical via the soul but for many of us much of our spirit hovers over us. I imagine this is the part of the spirit/energy that Mr. Newton speaks about. Its a good imagination to meditate on. Thanks again, Lynn

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