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A fantastic show about preparing for the afterlife, the nature of the soul and OBEs hosted by Marla Frees and featuring William and Susan Buhlman. In the last half hour of the program, Whitley Strieber talks to OBE master William Buhlman about the witnessed OBE he had at a conference a few weeks ago.

This extraordinary show, packed with valuable and unique information, will be broadcast in full on both our free and subscriber feeds.

As science and the media continue to hammer us with the idea that we are only physical bodies, a fundamental revolution of consciousness is going on that says that we are much, much more.

William and Susan Buhlman are right at the center of this revolution, and in this week’s electrifying interview, host Marla Frees finds out from them just what that means, and how incredibly exciting it is.

We are more than our physical bodies, and the Buhlmans are experts in understanding just what that means and how to communicate about it.

Then, in the second half of the show, Whitley joins the Buhlmans and describes the witnessed and verified out-of-body experience he had over the labor day weekend. William offer his expert insights about what happened and what it means.

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  1. Trish, move up to
    Trish, move up to Tallahassee/North Florida/South Georgia area. We have seasons, hills, and magical springs

  2. Deeply confirming and amazing
    Deeply confirming and amazing show Marla, William and Susan… a very beautiful & real part of our Experience…thank you.

  3. Whitley, I have felt
    Whitley, I have felt seemingly solid hands pull me out or push and roll me out. Usually accompanied by a presence. I have a hard time believing that it is always “just us.” Especially after having physical encounters with “non humans” in a normal state of consciousness while wide awake. BUT I am merely an amateur when it comes to OBEs. But didn’t Robert Monroe feel he was at times being helped by outside beings? I’ve only read his first book though. Anyway, I understand your strong feeling that you were being helped by someone. Thank you all for the great show, very important to me this topic.

  4. fisch26, you should
    fisch26, you should absolutely read Robert Monroe’s second and third books. You’re right, in the beginning of his travels he didn’t “feel” he was helped at times, he didn’t even suspect it. But he eventually came to “know” he had always been helped. But it is by whom he had been and still was helped/guided that was the real kicker.

  5. Thanks Michel, I’ll make
    Thanks Michel, I’ll make those my next books to read.

  6. I find myself wondering how
    I find myself wondering how to relate classic NDEs with OBEs. In both the cases of NDEs reported by Dr George Ritchie and Prof Howard Storm, they called on Jesus, and he came and showed them many realities in the astral, hellish, and seemingly mental planes, and explained many things to them about the nature of life, the universe, and God. Yet it seems that most OBEs do not feature Jesus as a figure. Why is that? Is it because we often are not aware of him unless we call on him? Why would there be a disconnect between OBEs and NDEs?

  7. Michael, one of Whitley’s
    Michael, one of Whitley’s guests said that in NDEs you were actually leaving your body but that an OBE was a projection of or that a “copy” of the Astral body was made. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the guest. I certainly have no idea but I’m sure there are plenty of theories out there. I did receive a written message about Jesus during one OBE. It’s all a huge question and I hope to find answers through experience.

  8. Thank you for your supportive
    Thank you for your supportive comments on this show. I’d scanned the message board and found a request to have William on the show, and Voila! He had a new book! What a gift to have people like Bill and Susan share their experience and knowledge to help us all transform, before and after death.

  9. Great show with Marla Frees
    Great show with Marla Frees and William and Susan. I have been to Gateway at TMI. It was a great experience, however I was told that only ~10% of those attending experience OBE’s, and not to go to TMI with great expectations.
    I hope that Bill’s class & techniques would increase that percentage.

    Great Show!


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