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Mike Clelland appeared most recently on Dreamland on December 16 to tell us about the connection between owls, owl symbolism and close encounters.

Mike is among the most articulate of witnesses, and now he returns with the single most profound, powerful and incisive discussion of close encounter that we have ever produced. You will never have heard anything like this unforgettable journey into the truth about the experience, its connection to so many other occult experiences, and its immense power to change not only witnesses, but also people who explore it with an open mind.

What is the relationship between close encounters and visions of the dead? Why do so many close encounter witnesses find themselves challenged to the core of their beings, even, as both Mike and Whitley know all too well, to the point of suicide?

This will open your heart and change your mind, leaving you empowered in a completely new way, with new understanding.

Next week,  Whitley will continue the discussion by turning to the therapist who was responsible for the hypnosis session that led to this interview, Lorraine Flaherty.

Don’t miss this two-week special. It will open your eyes and your mind as never before.

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  1. A storyteller told me once
    A storyteller told me once that “Humans have been sitting around fires telling stories for 100s of 1000s of years because humans are the only species who has forgotten why we are here. Stories remember who we are and why we forgot”.

  2. Whitley–the possibility that
    Whitley–the possibility that your alien lover was Anne in another incarnation occurred to me years ago, when you first revealed your experience to us.

    We help our soul-mates and soul-group members to progress through multiple incarnations and multiple venues.

  3. Berkeley philosopher/educator
    Berkeley philosopher/educator Joseph Tussman used to teach that, “The basic unit of human understanding is the story.” Perhaps stories — living them, writing them, sharing them — are the most effective way of undertaking the primordial quest for knowledge that drives existence. They are certainly the most efficient (and painful, and joyful) way to learn. Thank you for another moving and insightful show!

  4. About 3 weeks after 911, I
    About 3 weeks after 911, I was cleaning up the kitchen and listening to a piece of music when, out of the blue, I began sobbing uncontrollably. In a flash, I connected with all of the ‘victims’ on the planes, in the towers, and at the Pentagon. The victims included the terrorists as well. In hundreds of voices as one, I was told that they had all made an agreement before this life to be part of 911. I asked why did they make this agreement.? The answer was to help everyone to wake up and become better people. Keep in mind, that this communication included the terrorists. They were playing a role that they had agreed to in order to be a part in awakening humanity. On a personal level, this little revelation was so profound that I did feel something shift within myself. As things unfold now, I must continue to remind myself that even the so-called ‘bad guys’ have a roll to play in improving humanity, and I won’t lie about the fact that this is a difficult concept for me to understand at times.

    I also remember many, many other lives (and I am reluctant to call them ‘past’ lives.) Once I remembered another life in detail the first time, the others began coming into my awareness too. I still occasionally have new ‘memories’ pour forth at often odd times, or when something in this life triggers the memories…And I occasionally feel healing going on and rippling out to other lives, both ways, and all directions! ( The last life that came to me a couple of years ago, oddly enough, came to me as I was looking at a photo taken from above of Tibetan monks building a sand mandala.) I do have several memories that include spiritual ’technology’ and at least one very clear memory of a being that came down from the sky and entrusted something sacred with me.

    I applaud Mike Clelland for coming forward with his story— I needed to hear this interview right now and I look forward to part II next week! Great interview!

      COSMIC, I REALLY LIKE YOUR STATEMENT…. (and I am reluctant to call them ‘past’ lives.)

  5. Whitley and Mike Clelland, I
    Whitley and Mike Clelland, I just listened to this interview and my mind/thoughts are on fire. BUT for now I only want to post two separate things. The first is subscriber Von Hausenberg had two VERY interesting posts in regard to OWLS. The other is 3 quotes from the interview; they brought back to mind the dream I had recorded in November of 2015.

    Also, I believe depression can put one into an altered state of consciousness.

    Later or even next week I want to ask some ‘WHAT IF QUESTIONS’ that came to mind while listening to the interview today.

    Two posts copied over from news stories, ‘SETI is Investigating a New Radio Burst from a Distant Star’ Tuesday, September 13, 2016…….

    The night air was full of Owls last night. I’ve never heard them saturate the air like that in the dead of night, as I lay there unable to dream.

    Then, suddenly rough voices were close, louder.

    Posted by Von Hausenberg on 14 Sep 2016 at 02:48
    Read the original source:

    Sure Mike. It’s been hot here in the UK. Yesterday was packed with energy. I think there was some kind of solar or galactic wave that (((opened some kind of door))) around us.

    I saw this news story and it made sense when I was reading it this morning, before work. I live in a small village in the English countryside and around midnight the night air was filled with Owls hooting loudly to one another. This is not a common occurrence, not like that. It was quite remarkable.

    This went on for a few minutes, and some of those hoots were very close to my bedroom window. Suddenly, I heard a rough froggy little voice, a man’s voice, inside my mind. It was slightly distorted but close to me, almost touching my mind somehow. Then a female voice. They seemed to be speaking to me in short bursts but I forget what they said.

    They felt so close that I can’t describe it. It was like they touched my mind with theirs.

    Just to be clear, I was wide awake and had no alcohol or drugs. I took codeine for dental pain earlier in the day but other than that retired to bed expecting a stuffy night’s sleep; though it took several hours to come.

    Posted by Von Hausenberg on 14 Sep 2016 at 16:54
    Read the original source:

    QUOTES from the interview:
    1. Face puffed up and swollen,
    2. I am so hungry,
    3. Quentar-alien being.


    McA……. and Owl

    DREAM: I am in a house I do not recognize and talking with a man I used to date in the 1980s. My dad is here listening to our conversation as is my mom. Dad is sitting on a couch. I am at one end and he is at the other end. Mom is sitting in a chair next to a door at her left; my friend is sitting in a chair next to my mom at her right.

    Dad stands up and tells us that he is going to bed. I look at mom and she has fallen asleep in the chair, so, I go over to her and gently give her a little shake; she wakes up and I tell her to go on to bed.

    I tell my friend he should go, this is where my parents live and if we want to talk/visit then he can come over to my apartment if he so chooses.

    (This is what is strange; it feels like I live in two different places. My parent’s house (that I do not recognize) as well as the apartment. In reality, I moved out of that apartment 20 plus years ago and BOTH OF MY PARENTS HAVE PASSED OVER).

    Now I am at my old apartment on McA…… The phone rings and it is my friend Barbara. At the same time I am aware that something has entered my living room. I put the phone down and go to check it out and tell her to hold on.

    I am standing in the middle of the living room when a large OWL lands on the top of my head. It has its talons embedded in my scalp and I can feel the pressure. The talons also cover both sides of my face. How did it get into my apartment? I must have left the door open?

    WHAT NEXT? I am at the mercy of this creature with its deadly talons and am thinking, stay calm, it is only doing what owls know to do, this is the nature of an owl. Now I find myself talking to it in a quiet voice. It does not answer back but I am sure it understands me; perhaps it is only my calm voice? It jumps off my head and is standing on the floor. VERY slowly (((we both walk to the door,))) I slowly open it and the owl walks away. I shut the door and give my gratitude that I was not injured.

    Another knock at the door and it is my kids; they have brought lunch to share. My daughter-in-law is a vegetarian, what is she going to eat? Perhaps I have something in the refrigerator?????

    They leave and I go back to the phone. It has been too long and my friend Barb has hung up……I will have to call her back.

  6. When Mike first mentioned the
    When Mike first mentioned the name Quentar and said he was embarrassed that it sounded like such a scifi cliche, my first thought was that it also sounded like something out of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Elvish languages. Since there are multiple Elvish translation sites I quickly discovered that there is a word in Tolkien’s “invented” language of Quenya (note the similar root to Quentar) that is almost identical. That word is _quentaro_ and means a speaker or narrator:

    Perhaps that’s “just” a synchronicity, but I have long felt that Tolkien was plugged into something that he himself may not have understood the vastness and profundity of.

  7. After many hypnotic
    After many hypnotic regressions uncovering contact experiences, I had a past life regression to the time between my last life and my current life. I saw the struggle my in-between self was going through regarding the contract that would allow contact experiences, but I signed.
    Most of the time I’m glad that wise part of me did the right thing.

  8. I have always avoided past
    I have always avoided past life explorations, but I have had past life dreams, and once under hypnosis, described what I think must have been another life. I write this only because I have also had some very serious problems in my abdomen, including gangrene that the doctors said I should not have survived, and a surgery wound that did not heal for over a year, and kept opening. Anyway, in that past life under hypnosis, I was both hanging on a cross being disemboweled by a soldier – and at the same time, I was the soldier. What perplexes me about this is not the past life thing – I have known of it since early childhood – but that this gaping abdominal hole was also in dreams of my mother in a very different way. In early childhood, I had a recurring nightmare of my mother climbing down a manhole in the middle of the street. I am begging her not to go, I am in terrible anguish, but she goes, and always leaves me a wrapped candy at the edge of the hole. Much later, I dreamed that she was twirling around in a dance, a crazy dance, and disemboweling herself, throwing guts and stuff out around her. I have always felt that these holes, including the abdominal hole is more than just a past life memory, an expression of something that I have never figured out, with psychic/spiritualism symbolism. I became even more certain last year when I got a really bad case of shingles at my abdomen that caused minor but lasting neurological damage. Why I mention that is because the day before that, I ‘saw’ (yes, saw) a male figure in a blue robe with a blue turban, and he reached out and touched my abdomen with his finger. I thought, Wonderful, He’s healing me! Instead, I got that very painful shingles. Why, what did that mean? I don’t know. When you described your experiences, Whitley, I thought that perhaps you might have some clue as to the significance of this damage to the abdomen.

  9. Beautiful, just
    Beautiful, just Beautiful~flow~ here, Whitley & Mike. Love to you both!

  10. It’s clear that we all
    It’s clear that we all enjoyed this interview with Mike.

    Remember, this week we have seen the harvest Moon. Here also, in Mike’s own words, we have seen the reference to what sounded like Quintar.

    Maybe it’s worth recalling that the Apollo missions used QUINDAR TONES:

    Just to add to my post about the Owls, I was also hearing short faint whistles, or beeps, outside occaisionally.

    Eighteen months ago, something major happened involving Owls and, oddly, Turkey gobbles in the dead of night.

    Thanksgiving symbolism?

    They are M.A.S.T.E.R.S…

  11. very interesting show
    very interesting show

  12. Great week! Love the Stories
    Great week! Love the Stories from a Life. Where do you suppose these past life memories stored? Are they in some super-structure called a soul, moving with that soul from life to life, or are they in some library bank called the Akashic Records cataloged under soul1, soul2, soul3…? Or perhaps there is no memory but just one vast experience happening in a single instant across all time; the experience of other lives simply bleeding through into the live that ‘remembers’ them. On a deeper level, experience or memory is just form: bits of data: smells, fears, images, thoughts. Form is vulnerable and subject to change/destruction. Perhaps we need to learn that form really doesn’t matter; history is simply ‘one damn thing after another’. What is beneath all this form? Can you sense the canvas upon which all the forms are painted? We live in form and can certainly try to enjoy and perfect form, but let’s not lose sight of the canvas. It is consciousness itself. It is alive, infinite, perfect–what we truly are.

  13. Not is sync with the rest of
    Not is sync with the rest of these posts but want to share anyway.

    So, yesterday afternoon there is a small family wedding followed by dinner at a restaurant. I came home from this event TOTALLY drained/exhausted. I was thinking, “Does everyone have an opinion on everything that has ever happened or will happen on this planet?”

    Then thinking that what most of us do not understand is we all need silence/quiet time without so many voices around us. (I did have ONE glass of Merlot) was that my downfall? OR perhaps just that I am getting old and have less tolerance for most conversation.


    Today during meditation this song came into my thoughts. This is why I simply had to share the experience from yesterday. GOD/THE UNIVERSE does have a sense of humor.

    Everybody’s talking at me.

  14. I could hear you listening to
    I could hear you listening to Run just then. I hope that you enjoyed the song. Isn’t it great?


  15. In my, Silver plane.
    In my, Silver plane.

  16. You are the best work you do!
    You are the best work you do! Thank you for this gem.

  17. What a wonderful show – and
    What a wonderful show – and what a small band we are – I’ve had my own past life – most recent was in London, during the blitz – I was dancing with this wonderful very cute man – he was a pilot. The sirens went off,the lights went out – I clung to him – and that was the end. I woke in my crib in this life, asking what in hell was going on! – very aware (to this day of that past life). There is much more but we all have our experience here in this tiny band of brothers and sisters. We volunteered for this – we really did. I volunteered to help others when they awake from their slumber. And to bear witness. This evolution of the human experiment was a step toward making “something” work. As you say Whitley, this “human experiment” has about run its course, and it will not end well. But I have learned something too – in an ancient past life I was a gray, (“future” human? I do not know) and lacked compassion. We (and I) simply “terminated” an experiment – that was humanity – it was already starting to go sideways. This experiment started on Mars, and a few samples were saved to seed the Earth…. just an experiment – a what if. The recent revelations of Mars being terminated from space, ring true. It was done without compassion – just cleaning out the petri dish. But what I have learned this final time around is to feel – and have compassion – that its not simply a petri dish, and that we are all part of a greater whole – a magnificent all that is. ~ By the way, I am a singer- songwriter-musician – that is how I tell my stories.

  18. I’ve been sensing a deeper
    I’ve been sensing a deeper understanding and an emanate ending coming my way. Here it is. I’m at peace.

  19. Great Show.
    Great Show.

  20. At a loss for words, Whitley.
    At a loss for words, Whitley. Amazing, thought provoking show. And a big thank you to Mike for sharing something so deeply personal.

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