Ancient America: Our Lost Legacy

May 7, 2015
Not only did Columbus not discover America, you cannot understand the modern world unless you understood who came here before and why, and why it was that Columbus came, and what secrets he sought. Carl Lehrburger has spent the past... continued

The Solari Report: The Big Picture

May 1, 2015
First Half Hour of Dreamland (Free) This week on Dreamland, we turn the tables. Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report interviews Whitley Strieber on what the future holds. Whitley explains the significance of such things as the warming pattern now... continued

Great Energies are Returning: Tricia McCannon Explains

April 22, 2015
First Half of Dreamland (Free) Tricia McCannon is one of the great wisdom teachers of our time, and this week she brings her knowledge to Dreamland in this powerful discussion of her book the Return of the Divine Sophia: Healing... continued

Possession, but NOT the Way You Think

April 17, 2015
Dreamland First Half When we think of possession, we think of demons, but that is not all there is to it, not by a long shot. Diana Paxson says that we can choose who we want to let in, and... continued

Easter Special: Convincing New Information on the Turin Shroud

April 4, 2015
1st Half (Free Dreamland) The Shroud of Turin has been debunked as a medieval forgery. The blood marks on it have been called paint. But more sophisticated research has shown that the origins of the cloth and the image on... continued

George Noory on Flight 370: Someone is Hiding Something

March 28, 2015
Part One: Free Dreamland What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? That’s the question we ask George Noory today, as we get into the book he has just published with Richard Belzer and David Wayne. George, Richard and David have... continued

Edgar Cayce: the Story BEHIND the Story

March 24, 2015
1st Half (Free Dreamland) Edgar Cayce was the first person ever to describe himself as a 'channel,' and he was one of the greatest channels of all time. His medical readings are legendary, his prophecies amazing. But who was he,... continued

Anneke Koreman: Akhenaten, Jesus and the Cathars

March 20, 2015
Who—and what—was Akhenaten? Was he human, or entirely human, this enigmatic man who brought the idea of the single god to mankind? And what was the toolkit that he used in his spiritual quest, and that was still in use... continued

The Government Backs into Disclosure

March 13, 2015
UPDATE: CIA medical officer Christopher "Kit" Greene has posted an extensive comment on the Above Top Secret website about his efforts to obtain John Burroughs' records. He makes specific statements about what caused John's injuries that confirm that the source was... continued

General Arthur Exon and the Roswell Incident

March 5, 2015
General Arthur Exon, former commanding officer of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, spoke to Whitley Strieber about the Roswell Incident. It turns out that he also gave a rare interview to Ralph Steiner. Listen as they compare notes for the first... continued