Steven Halpern’s Amazing Discoveries about the Healing Power of Music

June 14, 2017
Composer Steven Halpern returns to Dreamland and takes us on a wonderful journey into the world of music of power. We go from a profound experience deep in the redwood forest of California to his amazing discoveries about the power... continued

Close Encounter: Its Deepest Secrets Explored

May 27, 2017
Laurie McDonald is a hypnotherapist, an abduction researcher and an experiencer—and the only experiencer known whose mother remembers being abducted while pregnant with the child she became. Laurie is also a consultant for the experiencer support group FREE and mentor... continued

Ayahuasca, Gateway to the Inner Self…or Another World?

May 27, 2017
Every day,  more studies are published showing that psychedelic substances and plant medicine like Ayahuasca can have powerful health benefits such as the relief of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. But there are other studies that suggest that there may... continued

Final Words–Their Beauty, Their Power, Their Mystery

May 18, 2017
This beautiful, amazing show about dying and the afterlife is not to be missed. This wonderful, empowering program begins with Whitley's description of the most incredible contact he has so far had with Anne, one so powerful that it has... continued

DO NOT PASS on the Mystery of Skara Brae

May 12, 2017
I'm Unknowncountry's Out There editor and I also often write these show descriptions, and I've just listened to one of the most incredible Dreamlands that I've heard in my 10 years of doing this. As Whitley puts it in the... continued

Abduction: Insights and Help for Experiencers

May 5, 2017
Rey Hernandez of the FREE organization joins us for a phenomenal edition of Dreamland! FREE, founded by Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Dr. Rudy Schild, offers experiencers a wealth of support as well as carrying out research into the close encounter... continued

Inside UFOs

April 28, 2017
One of the all time great UFO researchers, Preston Dennett, returns to Dreamland to tell us about his research into contact experiences. In his new book, he discusses ten new cases that he has researched, ranging from a friendly meeting... continued

Can You Foretell the Future and Make Money Doing It?

April 21, 2017
Does precognition work? Well, some folks use it in things like the stock market, so it's measurable, and that's where Marty Rosenblatt comes in. He not only teaches it, he monitors the success of precog programs. So, are they successful?... continued

The Magical Power of Herbs

April 8, 2017
In this remarkable interview, a man deeply involved with the use of magical herbs describes what they mean to him and why they are part of his spiritual life. He tells us how he was initiated by the spirit of... continued

Our Hidden Past: Did Mankind START in Australia?

April 7, 2017
Conventional scientific wisdom has it that mankind originated in Africa and migrated from that continent throughout the world. This week on Dreamland we explore the competing theory that the origin of Homo Sapiens actually took place in Australia, not Africa.... continued