New Year’s Special: Positive Thinking–What Works and What Doesn’t

December 27, 2013
Begin the new year on a positive note with Dreamland and Whitley Strieber! We've all tried positive thinking techniques, and have all discovered the same thing--they often don't work. But what DOES work? Find out on Dreamland's New Year's special... continued

Dreamland Christmas Special: Aliens in the Bible–the TRUTH!

December 20, 2013
Does the Bible include references to alien contact? If so, what were they doing here and how did they change our history? Rev. Michael J.S. Carter explodes the myths and the denial, and reveals the truth, in this powerful interview... continued

Nature Seen Fresh, through the Mind of The Tracker

December 13, 2013
Most of us have drifted far from the embrace of nature, but not everybody, and Tamarack Song is one of those people who has found the truth path of consciousness that is on offer everywhere in the natural world. This... continued

A Desperate Close Encounter Witness and USAF Stonewalling

December 5, 2013
Bentwaters UFO witness John Burroughs is facing open heart surgery for a heart problem believed to be related to some sort of unusual radiation, and he cannot get the Air Force to release his medical records. Burroughs was extremely close... continued

The Growing Presence from Another Dimension

November 22, 2013
Dreamland is on hiatus this week. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy last week's program: Last year, David Weatherly caused a sensation on Dreamland with his tales of the Black-Eyed Children. The program remains one of the most popular we have ever produced,... continued

Sonia Barrett and Close Encounters

November 14, 2013
Sonia Barrett has now appeared on Dreamland 3 times, and both the last time and this, Whitley Strieber has had a close encounter immediately prior to interviewing her. This time, we explore why that might be. Sonia has her own... continued

Aliens and Nuclear Warheads

November 8, 2013
Linda Moulton Howe has been waiting almost her entire career to be able to tell this incredible story. A firsthand witness from Ellsberg Air Force Base finally speaks out, revealing that long-heard rumors are true: UFOs used to regularly shut down... continued

Halloween Special: Government Documented Monsters

October 31, 2013
Nick Redfern is one of the best researchers in the field of the unknown and--incredibly--he has found official documentation that many different cryptids that are generally dismissed in the press are taken seriously at an official level. In this interview,... continued

Secret Journey to Planet Serpo

October 24, 2013
Did a delegation of US military personnel really visit another planet back in the 1960? Was this journey the secret inspiration for the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind? This week on Dreamland, we explore these questions with UFO... continued

The Vipers of High Finance

October 18, 2013
Who controls your life? Who decides your future—and whether or not you're going to have one? Not you. Who do your kids depend on for the food on the table and the education—such as it is—that they receive? Not you... continued