Year of the UFO: A Forgotten Incident of Great Importance

January 27, 2018
Now that the New York Times has reported that there are unknown objects being tracked in our skies, it's time to take a fresh look at what is happening to people who come close to them, or even enter them.... continued

Who are We and Why are We Here?

January 13, 2018
What is consciousness and why does it matter whether or not we know? The truth is that our most basic understanding of who we are and what our fate may be depends on the answers to those two questions, and... continued

Year of the UFO: Encounter in the Desert

January 13, 2018
Remember the Socorro UFO event, when patrolman Lonnie Zamora had a close encounter with a UFO and its two occupants on a roadside in rural New Mexico? It happened back in 1964 and was a worldwide sensation at the time.... continued

John Hogue on 2108: Weather Changes, Alien Discoveries, Disclosure and MORE!

January 5, 2018
From weather changes to the future of America to an axial shift in civilization as China expands and the US withdraws from the world, John Hogue discusses the changes that are coming in 2018. Using a combination of his predictive... continued

Year End Extravaganza: 12 Guests on Afterlife, the New Disclosure Process and Much More!

December 23, 2017
A four hour 2-week Dreamland extravaganza. The show is posted in full for both subscribers and non-subscribers. This is a huge program covering many topics. It is divided into two parts and all the guests appear at the times listed... continued

Things that Couldn’t Happen–But DID!

December 15, 2017
Dr. John Alexander returns to Dreamland with mind-opening stories of his adventures into the unknown. Formerly head of the US Army's famed non-lethal weapons program, John has traveled the world in search of answers to the mysteries of such things as... continued

Hidden Symbolism in the Movies, and What It Wants to do to You

December 7, 2017
Robert W. Sullivan has done some super popular Dreamlands in the past, but this one completely knocks it out of the park! He's here talking about the hidden symbolism of movies, and there's a lot of it, mostly intentionally put... continued

The Ghost Studies: We’re Starting to REALLY UNDERSTAND!

November 28, 2017
In this remarkable edition of Dreamland, researcher Brandon Massullo describes all the latest ghost research, and it turns out that ghosts are even more common and STRANGER than we've ever thought! What causes us to see ghosts? In what way... continued

The Mystery of the White Spirit Animals

November 17, 2017
Thanksgiving: Dreamland is on hiatus this week. Have a happy Thanksgiving! We return next week with a great new show. In the meantime, big news: Whitley and Anne's new book the Afterlife Revolution is available for preorder for Kindle and will be... continued

John Hogue on 2017 and Beyond

November 11, 2017
John Hogue returns to Dreamland with a deeply beautiful, enlightening show. If you listen closely, Whitley and John are talking about explosive ideas, new abilities to move between the stars, a whole new way of looking at the universe and being human. They discuss current... continued