Remarkable Cases of People who were Born Aware

April 21, 2018
Diane Brandon is an intuitive counselor who discovered during the course of her practice that there are people who are born remembering their spiritual origins and, often, entering and being in the womb. In this edition of Dreamland she describes... continued

Challenging the Matrix: Can We Escape?

April 14, 2018
Sonia Barrett is a visionary. In this show she offers her wisdom and insight about how life actually works and how to make it work for you. It's not so much self-help as insight into the hidden realities that govern... continued

Magic as It is Used in the Modern World (Yes, Really!)

April 6, 2018
Normally, magic and the occult are presented in the media either as something to be snickered at or as a supernatural wonder and, often, danger. But there’s more to it than that, much more, and in this searching interview with... continued

Easter Special: Crop Circles and an Excerpt from Afterlife Revolution

March 31, 2018
Remember crop circles? We Americans have been cleverly misled by expert social manipulators into dismissing them all as man made. Starting with the absurd "Doug and Dave" explanation (two men created them with boards on their feet) to the modern... continued

Life After Death: An Analysis of the Evidence

March 24, 2018
Join Whitley and neuroscientist Robert Davis as they explore the latest experimental evidence and theories of our continued existence after death--and the fascinating, provocative connection between the visitors and the dead that was such an important part of Anne Strieber's... continued

Journeys in the Kali Yuga

March 16, 2018
Come on a journey of discovery with a true pilgrim who crossed India and Nepal in search of his own soul and meaning, then returned to Europe where he found powerful connections between the gods of India and the gods... continued

New Energy for a World Just Being Born

March 10, 2018
Energy is changing. You can see it in the #MeToo movement and in so many other areas of modern life. Women are stepping up and demanding more equality, more respect and more space for themselves and their ideas. They want... continued

Finding the Treasure in Your Own Life and Soul

March 2, 2018
Are we drifting randomly through life or is there a way of living that enables us to find clues about where we might be able to go and what adventures we were meant to be on? In this provocative interview,... continued

Erich von Daniken: The Gods are Still Here!

February 17, 2018
Erich von Daniken's new book, the Gods Never Left Us is the sequel, 50 years in the making, to his powerful and controversial bestseller, Chariots of the Gods. It goes FAR BEYOND Chariots. Listen as Whitley asks Eric the kinds of questions... continued

How to Live with a Psychic: Your Guide for Maintaining a Happy Relationship when Someone You Love Gets Weird

February 17, 2018
Crystal Hope Reed is a mental health educator. Shortly after she got married, her husband had a profound paranormal experience and psychic awakening that changed both of their lives. Listen as Marla Frees interviews Crystal about not only what happened,... continued