Sensing the Future

January 14, 2017
  Trish and Rob MacGregor are frequent and eagerly anticipated guests on Dreamland and they're back with Sensing the Future: How to Tap into Your Intuition and Read Signs from the Universe to Predict What's to Come. In the first... continued

First, Leslie Kean on the Chilean UFO, then Under Spiritual Siege

January 8, 2017
First, famed UFO journalist Leslie Kean offers insight into the extraordinary UFO video just released by the Chilean Navy and why the claim that it is a jet contrail cannot be true. Leslie can be reached on FaceBook, and be sure... continued

High Strangeness Researched with High Skill: Enjoy the Adventure!

December 28, 2016
Paul Sinclair's first Dreamland on August 14, 2015 was a real marvel, one of the best and most well-documented stories of a UFO encounter (his own) ever put on the record anywhere. During that show, he promised us that he'd... continued

Year End Show: Joseph Farrell on the Future, Plus Dreamland’s 2017 Theme is Announced

December 22, 2016
Joseph Farrell joins Whitley Strieber to close out 2016 and welcome 2017 with a show that speculates about why Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, US Secretary of State John Kerry and astronaut and Mason Buzz Aldrin might have... continued

Spells, Energies and Dark Wisdom

December 16, 2016
Judika Illes is an explorer in the world of spells and energies, and has great wisdom to offer about how to use the energies all around us to make our lives more productive and more true to our own aspirations.... continued

Mind-Bending New Linda Moulton Howe Report. Don’t Miss This One!

December 8, 2016
Linda Moulton Howe brings us an electrifying interview with a lawyer who had one of the most extraordinary close encounter of all time. Then Whitley and Linda engage in a brain-bending discussion of good and evil visitors that will... continued

Lee Speigel of Huff Post on Disclosure

December 1, 2016
Is disclosure finally coming? We know what Hillary Clinton has said and John Podesta has tweeted, that an effort will be made to find out what's going on behind the scenes. But Hillary Clinton wasn't elected and Donald Trump hasn't... continued

Thanksgiving Special Dreamland

November 22, 2016
Over Thanksgiving we present a great show from our archive for our free Dreamland listeners and an exclusive vintage Dreamland from October of 2002 for our subscribers. The vintage Dreamland is not present in our archive. For free Dreamlanders, we... continued

The Purpose and Power of Your Soul

November 16, 2016
This week Marla Frees interviews Michael and Raphaelle Tamura about their work in spiritual self-healing and empowerment. How do we bring our lives into harmony, especially when we are suffering? How do we grieve when disappointment and tragedy strike, but... continued

Dreaming Wide Awake

November 4, 2016
Lucid dreaming expert David Jay Brown joins Whitley Strieber for an in-depth discussion of that mysterious and magical state known as lucid dreaming. Don't lucid dream but want to? Listen up and get started as David describes not only the... continued