Think Tantra, Think Sex, Right? Nope, Think Again: Discover the TRUE Power of Tantra

December 7, 2015
Think tantra, think sex, right? Wrong! In fact, tantra is a powerful, eminently practical yoga that has been marginalized in the west by our obsession with sex. But tantra has a great deal to offer the searcher, and as a... continued

Lives After Death: Erik Medus Channeled by Jamie Butler…Anne Strieber by Her Husband

December 3, 2015
PLEASE NOTE: FILE ISSUES REPAIRED. ALL STREAMS NORMAL. I've just had the surprise of my life. This show is about a book written by a boy who died in 2009, Erik Medhus, and his mother, Dr. Elisa Medhus. In the... continued

“Here, Chupacabra, C’Mon Fella” Nick Redfern is on the Hunt!

November 21, 2015
Let's take a break from high intensity Dreamlands and go on a road trip this week. But—whoa—it's with Nick Redfern, and isn't he, well, a monster hunter? He is indeed, and fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride... continued

Presidents and UFOs

November 20, 2015
This is bar none one of the best UFO shows ever to appear on Dreamland or anywhere. Larry Holcombe's the Presidents and UFOs has already been optioned for the movies by Sony Pictures, and for good reasons: it is a... continued

We Have Souls and We MUST Get Back in Touch!

November 11, 2015
We live in a world that tells us every day and in thousands of ways that we are just meat, that we don't have souls, that there is no afterlife and materialism is all that matters. This is a mistake... continued

Everyone Carries a Shadow: the Secrets of Aleister Crowley, UFO Encounters PLUS a Surprise Visit from Anne Strieber!

October 31, 2015
Brilliant and innovative researcher Laurence Galian returns with a stunning new vision of Aleister Crowley, known in his time as "the most evil man in the world." But was he really? Maybe that was just media hype and Crowley's own... continued

Alien Human Communication: We Need to Talk!

October 29, 2015
Nancy du Tertre asks, can aliens speak our languages, can we understand them? We need new discoveries about communication between us and this provocative unknown. Could it be that there is a single, powerful message being communicated across the whole... continued

An Unknown Abuction Event Skillfully Researched

October 24, 2015
You have probably never heard of the Mojave Incident--until now. An hours long, conscious abduction event researched at a very high level. One of the most amazing shows in Dreamland's history. Some years ago Elise and Tom Gifford had a... continued

Sure, We’re Trapped in the Matrix. So Let’s Get Out!

October 14, 2015
Sonia Barrett has been on Dreamland and Revelations a number of times because of her articulate advocacy of the idea that universe is holographic. Now, this outlier of an idea is entering the mainstream as scientists begin to seriously consider... continued

Erotic Christianity

October 7, 2015
A very long time ago, Christian leaders decided two things: 1, that sexuality was an unwanted necessary evil; and 2, that women were by their very natures an occasion of sin. These two ideas have affected the religion ever since.... continued